16 Most Effective Bed Bug Home Remedies

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Updated: Jun 13, 2024


Bed bugs are hazardous. They are common household pests. Don’t be surprised if you see bed bugs in your home. “They were not prevalent even a century ago”, some say. Nowadays, bed bugs have become notorious. They hide in mattresses.

Now, you may want a pest control in your house. But, there are some natural remedies. Hear them out first. Because, pest controls are quite expensive.

However, using some natural and home ingredients can remove bed bugs easily. Let’s check them out.

Wash The Bedding

This is a permanent step. Remove bed bugs by washing your bedding properly. Use hot water to wash them. Dry the bedding in the sun [or at high heat]. Is your bedding made of linen? Wash it with mild hot water. Use a blow dryer to dry it. Or you may use a vacuum cleaner. While remaking the bed, sprinkle baking soda. Be very careful with this process.

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Use Cloves To Remove Bed Bugs

Acid kills bed bugs. They can’t tolerate acidic qualities. Also, they can’t live with the clove oil. Take clove oil [1 teaspoon]. Mix it with water [1 cup]. Spray the mixture on your bed. The strong smell of clove oil works as a repellant. Steam up bedding, mattresses, and other infected areas.

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Dryer Sheets Remove Bugs

Dryer sheets keep bed bugs away. But, they can’t kill bugs. Wondering when it will work the best? Well, if you have multiple sheets, it works the best. You need to have stuffed sheets behind the headboard. Also, you can have them under the sheets and between the box and mattress. You may stuff sheets in cabinets, drawers, and inside pillowcases.

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Use Silica Beads

Silica beads include silica gel. It is silicon dioxide in the form of a powder. Bed bugs can’t cope with this gel. Because silica beads work as a drying component. It absorbs their body moisture. “Just in 24 hours, silica beads can kill 98% of bed bugs”. Research shows.

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Rubbing Alcohol

It’s another popular home remedy. However, it can’t kill bed bugs in a large number. You need to sprinkle the alcohol directly on the bed bugs, or on their eggs. It’s actually quite tricky. Bugs hide in small crevices and cracks. Thus, bugs are hard to find. However, you can spray them directly on the bedding. Do it before laundering and bagging.

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Black Walnut Tea

Killing bed bugs requires black walnut tea. Put some tea bags in small cracks and crevices. Replace them after 2 to 3 days. The walnut tea bags should be fresh enough. Unfortunately, walnut tea bags can’t kill bed bugs entirely. You may also use kidney bean leaves. They include trichomes [small plant hairs]. They trap bed bugs when they walk on the leaves. Keep the leaves underneath the bed.

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Baking Soda

Spread baking soda everywhere on the bed. It has antimicrobial components. It includes drying agents as well. Sprinkle some baking soda for a few days. After that, vacuum it up. Spread fresh soda again.

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Bed Bug Tape Trap

A double-sided bed bug tape trap will help. Just keep the tape as a perimeter. It keeps the bugs out of the enclosed area. Also, it will trap them right away. This method may be a wonderful technique. But, it can't kill the bed bugs entirely.

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Vacuum Them Away

A vacuum cleaner can help remove the bed bugs. Pass the machine over the mattress, carpets, buildings, and other infected areas. The machine will suck up the bugs. Once done, empty the vacuum cleaner right away. Wash its parts with mild detergent.

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Use Hair Dryer

Using a hair dryer is a high-heat treatment. Bed bugs cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. So blow the dryer on the bedding, mattresses, and carpets directly. Keep the dryer in its highest settings. Blow the dryer for at least half an hour. High heat will kill adult bed bugs and their eggs. After that, vacuum them away.

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Use Cayenne Pepper Treatment

Cayenne Pepper is available in most kitchens. Take grated Ginger, cayenne pepper, and oregano [1 tablespoon each]. Mix the ingredients with water. Keep the mixture in a spray bottle. spray it on the infested areas. This mixture works as a repellent. Bed bugs will move out. Because they can't cope with its smell.

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Use Mint Leaves

The mint leaves are an herbal remedy for bed bugs. Take some dried mint leaves. Mix it with water. Spray it on the infested areas. You can spread it on bedding, carpets, and mattresses. You may add baking soda to the mixture. The repellent will work more effectively.

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Extreme Cold Kills Bugs

Just like extreme heat, extreme cold will also kill bed bugs. So you may keep the bedding in a freezer. Keep it at least for 4 days. However, according to some people,“Extreme cold is not a very practical solution for bugs”, Because, you keep food in the freezer. So you may not want to keep the infested wedding in it.

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Use Mothballs

Mothballs will work in two ways. It can repell the bugs. On the other hand, it can kill bugs. Therefore, you can keep mothballs under the bed. You may keep them between two mattresses. However, according to some studies, using mothballs is not that effective. Especially, when it comes to large infestations, mothballs will not work.

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Natural Oils

Some essential oils will also help. These oils include lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil. They are quite popular in the pest control industry. These oils have a potent Aroma. It works as a natural obstacle against bed bugs. However, just like mothballs, they are not that effective for large infestations. You may use essential oils as a prevention.

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Diatomaceous Earth

This ingredient is not available in many kitchens. However, it can remove bed bugs. Spread the diatomaceous earth around the bedding. Spread it in crevices and cracks. Keep it for 2 weeks.

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