Toddlers love dressing up games and what could be better than gifting them or their children a dressing up wardrobe where you’ll be able to store all the necessary and basic dress-up clothes and supplies.

Not only will it help you have your place organized but it will also encourage your child to play more dress-up games. Dressing up games are also good for building imaginative power which will further sharpen the mind of the little ones. 

A dress-up trunk for toddlers in Canada should not have to be very luxurious but should have all the necessities that dress-up games call for.  

Here we have discussed some of the importance and necessities that you shouldn’t miss including in the dress-up trunk for three years old.

Necessary Items In Dress Up Trunks

Necessary Items In Dress Up Trunks
Necessary Items In Dress Up Trunks

If you’re thinking of arranging a kids dress-up trunk for your child, you need to know about what are the basic things that you have to include in the trunk. If you’re hunting to know about the mandatory dress-up games items, here you go with the list.

  • Jewelry: Arranging a dress up trunk for a toddler needs you to include all kinds of basic dress up jewelry in it. These jewelry are worn by kids when they try to dress up as Disney characters or simply as someone close to them, whom they love and see every day.
  • Dress-up costumes: It’s mandatory to add their favorite Disney character dress or any other cartoon character dress in the dress-up chest. You can also add sarees and other garments that are worn by adults in the size of your toddler as they love dressing up as adults.
  • A mirror is another important addition to a kids dress up trunk. Children dressing up wardrobe is incomplete without a mirror in it. The mirror should be medium length so that after your kid gets all dressed up he or she can look at themself.
  • Watches and sunglasses: Another important thing to add to your kids dress up trunk is watches and sunglasses. They’re the little details that make a kid happy. You can add watches that look similar to the ones worn by your kid’s favorite heroes.
  • The Shoe section is a must. It needs to have socks to be included too.

DIY Dress Up Trunk Ideas

You don’t need to buy a whole new storage chest to arrange a dress-up trunk for your kid. You can make a DIY dress-up in the trunk at your home for your little one using other old and secondary items in your house.

You can color these items and arrange them beautifully to make them attractive and appealing to your child.

To store your child’s dress-up games collection you can take out some time, use your creative ideas and prepare a nice dress-up chest for your little one.

Here we have prepared you a list of DIY dress-up trunk ideas that you can make from the old items at your home.

  • An old briefcase or suitcase can store your child’s dress-up costumes.
  • A regular chest or trunk can be made into a dress-up trunk after decorating it.
  • Take out an old Mary chest from your garage and paint and decorate it to convert it to a themed dress-up closet.
  • You can even take out a lonely corner of your room, use stand coat racks and decorate it choosing your child’s favorite theme or paint it once again to use it as a costume trunk.
  • You can use a classy and unused bench and paint it to convert it to costume storage.
  • You can also convert a shelf and use the drawers to store the costumes, shoes, and jewelry.

What To Store In A Dress Up Trunk? 

If you’re a toddler at home and you’re thinking of arranging a dress-up trunk for him or her, you can consider some role-playing situations and role models that your toddler likes to dress up like.

You’ve to add all types of fancy clothes, formal wear, attire suited for a particular role, dresses of different superheroes, and cartoon characters. Keeping in mind the types of clothes you’ve added, add matching pairs of shoes and other details like gloves, scarfs, sleeves, jackets, ties, belts, etc.

Key Tips For Arranging Dress Up Trunks

While you’re arranging a dress-up trunk for your kids, you need to consider some of the key points to get it right. When organizing and preparing your kid’s pretend-to-play dress-up clothes trunk, you need to think of all the required items your child would need when playing dress-up. Here are some tips that you can follow to do it perfectly.

  • Know your child’s favorite costume.
  • Know about all his favorite dress-up games.
  • Ask about his role model and then add costumes based on it.
  • Add costumes after knowing about your child’s favorite heroes, Disney characters, etc.
  • You’ve to select the garments keeping in mind that it’s for kids. So they’ve to be easy to put on and get off or else your kid won’t be interested in wearing it.
  • You can add pullover tops as it opens on the shoulders that allows the garments to be slipped on easily.
  • You can choose items that don’t have too tight elastics.
  • Avoid clothes that can have an uncomfortable neckline and armholes as they can’t be worn easily.
  • All the costumes and stuff don’t have to be new but you can use your old items too.
  • Keep in mind the age of your child before selecting the dress-up trunk items.

Benefits Of Having Dress Up Trunks

Benefits Of Having Dress Up Trunks
Benefits Of Having Dress Up Trunks

Dress-up trunks are quite interesting. It not only helps in making your child’s time more fun but helps them develop strong literacy skills. Here are some of the benefits of having dress-up trunks.

  • Keep your child’s stuff organized.
  • Your kids learn, pretend and play at the same time.
  • Dressing up trunks is another way to encourage a child to play role-playing games.

Boys Dress Up Trunk Necessities

Not only girls but boys do play dress-up games too. They often dress up like their favorite superheroes or cartoon characters to play with friends.

They also need their own arranged trunks so that all their necessary costumes, toys, and other details can be kept organized in a place.

If you’re planning to make a toddler dress-up trunk boy, you need to know about the necessary items that you’ve to add to it.

  • The most common role-playing costume boys prefer to wear is the superhero costume.
  • Cowboy costume is another all-time favorite-themed dress.
  • You can also get a spiderman costume, batman costume, according to your child’s favorite one.
  • Make sure you add all the necessary supplements and details that go with the costume or else your child won’t be interested in using it.
  •  Shields and swords, stuffed animals, and stuffed toys for vet and clinic games.
  • Toys like calculators, mobiles, empty boxes, etc.
  • Scrap paper, pencils, writing pads for restaurant games.

Girls Dress Up Trunk Necessities

If you’re organizing a dress-up trunk for your toddler girl, you need to add all kinds of dress-up costumes that your toddler likes to play with. You’ve to keep their favorite characters and then choose a collection for her.

  • Store the costume of her favorite Disney character.
  • For horror themes, you can select witch costumes.
  • Add matching pair of earrings, shoes, hair bands, or other hair accessories with it
  • Fairy tales and Princess costumes are common dress-up costumes girls prefer to wear.
  • You can also add dupattas and kids saree for teaching games.
  • Arrange the shoe sections separately, store socks and slippers too.
  • Keep the jewelry section different from the costume section.
  • You can also add some stuff toys to it.

Benefits Of Playing Dress Up

Benefits Of Playing Dress Up
Benefits Of Playing Dress Up

Dress-up games are good for a child’s development. Toddlers tend to dress up as their favorite characters to express their feelings. Even children often like to dress up as their father and mother to pretend like them.

These role-playing games are not only fun but they get to express themselves through it. Several other benefits of playing dress-up games are listed below.

  • Increases their imaginative power.
  • It encourages kids to wear their creations.
  • Helps them manage stress and build positive relationships with others.
  • Helps them interact with other kids in social situations.
  • Learn about teamwork and cooperation by playing.

How To Organise Dress Up Trunks?

Wondering about how to organize your child’s dress-up closet, here are some tips you can follow.

  • Fold and keep them in sections.
  • Make different sections for clothes, jewelry, and shoes.
  • You can hand them on racks.
  • Keep the toys separated in the toy chest.

Supplementary Items For Dress Up Trunks

  • Hair Bands, clips. You can add details like a tiara, hair bands, and themed clips to make the trunk more special as it would contain all of his or her favorite dress-up items.
  • Imaginative role play stuff. Binoculars, toys, magical sticks, etc. are some other items that you can consider adding to your childrens dressing up storage.
  • You can also keep paper towels and napkins for use in your kids dress up trunk.
  • Boxes and paper bags are some other supplementary items that you can store for your child’s playtime essentials.
  • Toys like swords, shields, wigs, capes should also be included in a dress-up trunk.
  • Blankets and towels should also be kept.
  • Hats, mittens, gloves, and other winter essentials need to be included in childrens dress up storage.
  • Dance costumes, and other old costumes can be kept in it. 


Arranging a dress-up trunk for 3years old can be a little confusing. But you can make it on your own using unused old trunks, racks, and chests. You can keep all your child’s dress-up game costumes and other accessories there to keep it organized.

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