Understanding Galactic Kids Next Door

Have you also thought of galactic kids next door as a light-hearted game because of its name? The galactic kids next door is also referred to as Galactic KND and is an intergalactic organization in which all the children fight a universal war again evil tyranny.

This article will talk about the petition that was put up for the game, the code words used in the game, and what the different code numbers of the game mean.

On the whole, this article will help in an in-depth understanding of the organization and its functioning.

This will help the readers to register in the organization and know about all the pros and cons. It also gives a better vision of the aim and goal of the organization.


The Galactic Kids next door was launched three years back and recently the possible upcoming of the show was also announced since it was rejected by Cartoon Network. This is a great project which involves the passion and dedication of a lot of people.

Many talented people like the voice actors, editors, scriptwriters, and the creator of the show Tom Warburton have collaborated for the making of the show.


The revival of the show has spooked curiosity and interest from the fans and a gknd petition was set up which received more than 90,000 signatures.

The old petition has been locked and it is estimated and a new one may be started soon in which the idea of the show would be greenlit. This petition demands support to the effort of the creators who believe that this creative and quality TV show deserves another chance.

The galactic kids next door petition is a way of generating interest and gaining the support of the audience for the revival of the show. This includes making sure that the show is given a second chance and the efforts of the people behind the show are not wasted.


Since a lot of people have been looking through the content available online to understand the meaning of the code name: kids next door, this article provides a codename: kids next door wiki which deals with the history of the branch of the organization.

The gknd wiki helps in knowing about the highest branch of the Kids next door organization and its existence is yet to be discovered.

Only a single KND operative plant may be chosen to join the Galactic ranks and a decision can then be made which is very selective and elaborate.

During the final season of the codename, Number 1 is chosen to be the Earth’s galactic KND operative. At the end of this operation, as the player passes his test and confronts number 74.239, the existence of the galactic KND is revealed to the player and the viewer.

At the end of the movie, the number 5 welcomes number 1 to earth by the time of the interview and in the trailer, it is revealed that the galactic KND is very similar to the splinter cell cover-up. This is a corrupt and adult-hating organization that is very genocidal and delusional.

These hypocrites believe that destroying all the existing life forms over the age of thirteen from the universe is beneficial as adulthood is a disease and needs to be finished from the roots.

Number 74.239 is informing number 1 about the half-truths and lies which are used to cover up the evil deeds and motives of the organization.

The audience can understand the entire show by the codename: kids next door full episodes as these will take them through the entire journey right from the start.

 kids next door full episodes
kids next door full episodes

In the new series that is the spin-off of the original, it is implied that it is much more sinister than the previous edition and the KND are much more inclined towards destroying the adults and teenagers.

The splinter cell which is their cover coincides with the original thought and they too believe in the eradication of all the adults in the world.

This further expands the operations through interviews and is the main antagonists of the sequel series. Number 1 is corrupted and is manipulated by the Galactic KND and eventually becomes their pawn or servant.


The codename: kids next door number 5 is Abigail “Abby” Lincoln aka Number 5 is the intelligent, relaxed girl in the second class community in the spy in Sector 5. She is a KND operative as shown in the Maurice operation.

Trained by her elder sister, Cree, and joined by the sister and then Numbers 8,9 and after Cree 5 betrayed and was defected from KND and Number 5 becomes the leader of sector 5. It later becomes the Supreme leader after Number 362 retired.

Number 5 is a very intelligent, laid-back, cool, calm, and responsible, book smart, and the agent of Sector 5 and the only one with true common sense. She is one of the serious members of the team and takes her missions seriously.

The kid next door number 4 Wallabee Beetles is the brash and impulsive hand-to-hand combatant Australian boy or Kids Next door Sector 5. He is a very close friend of Hoagie and has a crush on his teammate who returns his feelings. He ends up marrying her,

In hand-to-hand combat and few can compete for his bravery and even fewer can compete with bravery. This number is also known for Number 4 for his lack of intelligence, and simply beat up any of the obstacles in his way.

Wallabee is recognizable by his blond hair in a low cut. He wears an orange hooded sweater, blue jeans, and white sneakers, and his eye color is green. He is the shortest sector 5 member and is picked on a lot and called a sport.



1. What is the galactic kids next door website?

The galactic kids next door website is also known as Rainbow Monkey Website is real life and is created recently as the announcement of the sequel.

It appeared to be an innocent Rainbow Monkey website and is a secret database for the GKND. The data will be according to the domain and the website has been developing since 2014.

2. What is the galactic kid’s next door release date?

The galactic kids next door release date was on July 20, 2001, and the original release was between 2002 and 2008.


The galactic kids next door or the greenlight galactically is an organization that works on killing adults and teenagers as they believe all of the evil.

The GKND petition is signed by a lot of people and it deals with the revival of the creative and original show. All the above-mentioned topics deal with the aim and working of the show.

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