40+ School Assembly Thought For The Day For Kids

Find the best school assembly thought for the day for kids that are filled with daily motivation, and wisdom to make everyone’s day.

Inspirational School Assembly Thought For The Day For Kids

  •  If you are not ready for the risk, then be prepared to live a normal life.
  • It takes courage to stand alone.
  • Believe you can and you’re halfway there
  • The beauty of their dreams, our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time.
  • Without life without good Knowledge: life looks like cremation.
  • Every day is a second chance for you.
  • Mistakes are proof that you are trying, paint is only wasted when it is in the tube.
  • Aim for the moon, you miss, so you may hit the star.
  • A warm smile is the universal age language of kindness.
  • Every day you have to put in the hard work.
  • Smile and relax because it kills negativity.
  • Every day may not be good but there is something good every day.
  • The Good and most beautiful things in the world cannot be felt with the heart. 
  • Developing our talent depends on us and how we utilize the time to work on our skills.

Interesting Thought For The Day For School Assembly

  •  In the morning wake up with determination and at night go to bed with satisfaction.
  •  The person who never made a mistake and never tried anything new.
  •  If you work hard you can be comfortable. But if you are comfortable you can not work hard, in this world.
  •  No one can help you. If you are not willing to learn, if you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.
  •  Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together, make this world a beautiful garden.
  •  Your dreams can come true but you must have the courage to chase them.
  •  Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift.
  •  A very thirsty person can only understand the value of a drop of water.
  •  Don’t regret on past. Instead, concentrate on the new beginning.
  •  A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but because of its persistence
  •  We always get a new chance to change our life. 
  • every new day is a new chance for us to do better.
  • The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.
  •  You are right if you think you can’t. If you think you can, then you are right.
  • The only difference between a good and bad day is your attitude.
  • Wisdom prepares for the worst, however, folly leaves the worst for the day once it comes.
  •  When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.
  •  Don’t keep your dreams in your eyes; they may fall as tears. Keep them in your heart so that every heartbeat may remind you to convert them into reality.

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Top 10 School Assembly Thoughts For The Day For Kids

 1. “There Are No Secrets To Success”

Success comes after all the preparations, hard work, learning from failure, perseverance, sacrifice, and most importantly loving what you are doing. So yes, success does not get served on a plate and it is not accidental in nature.

 2. “Positive Self-Talk Is Food For Our Soul”

Eating healthy food refreshes our body, doesn’t it? Then a positive thought refreshes our mind. And believe us, nothing is better than starting a day with positive vibes and positive self-talk.

 3. “Imagination Is The Beginning Of Creation”

The goal is achieved when you desire. And to get to that stage, one needs to imagine and think of the bigger picture. You will sooner begin to create and bring the imagination into action. In the end, you will create a world that you had imagined.

4. “A Human’s Mind Conceives What He Or She Believes To Achieve”

To reach that stage you need to inculcate various good habits. And after practicing these habits, you need to repeat them so that you remember them thoroughly.

5. “The Only Way Of Finding The Limits Is By Going Beyond The Impossible And Making Them Possible”

You cannot achieve anything unless and until you push yourself. Nobody is going to do that for you. It is you who has to work on yourself and find your own limits. Once you achieve the impossible, you are going to look at your journey as supremely satisfied at the end.

6. “Failure Leads To Success”

We all have failed at least once in our lives. But the taste of success is something different when we fail over and over again, but we still don’t lose hope. This is not everyone’s cup of tea. To keep on trying even after failing miserably, you need an undying spark from within. And a healthy mind is much needed too. 

7.Our Happiness Comes From Our Actions”

Happiness is not something that is readily available. You have to do something (action) to make yourself happy. The sun will rise again tomorrow, but we don’t know what the next morning will bring.

So train yourself to become the master of your own happiness and do what your love to do. Moreover, never be afraid to take a stand for what you believe in.

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school assembly thought for the day for kids

 8. “A Good Habit Is A Better Life”

Remember, when our parents used to make us new habits when we were kids? What happened to that kid who was always up for new things? Maybe that kid is all grown up now and has a lot of responsibilities.

But there are still many ways to learn new habits. How do you ask? Try to learn and follow at least one good habit. We are sure that this will keep you going and make you more successful in your life.

 9. “Words Are Not Only The Vehicles In Which Thoughts Are Delivered, They Are Part Of A Thinking”

Words are not only a part but also a tool of thinking. And thought is the main cause of the actions. Whatever we think, it gets converted into action. So we can say that our thoughts are the key to success.

And we use words to deliver our thoughts. This is why we should always choose our words wisely by positively influencing other people.

 10. “Do Not Be Afraid To Give Up The Good To Seek Excellence”

Just a mere thought precedes our outcomes, events, thoughts, and actions of ours. And with a good thought in your mind, do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because such a deed can lead you to excellence. So don’t be afraid of giving up and let the good thoughts lead you to excellence.

 So these were some of our ten best-handpicked thoughts. If you wish to read more like these then continue reading.

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Our thoughts decide our actions and that further determines whether we will be successful in life or not. And positive thoughts lead to positive action, which later leads to a successful life.

So as the title suggests, this blog is a compilation of school assembly thought for the day for kids which will help you to learn how to be the best version of yourself.

The thoughts we have shared are proven to be quite useful to many people. So we hope our words help you to achieve the success that you wish for in every area of your life

How old Are Kids In The 8th Grade (Table Included)

Quite a number of people want to know, “How old are kids in the 8th grade?” Curious much?

 Well, this eagerness to know the answer could be due to many reasons such as – wanting to know if their kid is of the right age to be in the 8th grade and so on.

 Many school-going students also ask this question just out of concern, being afraid of being judged, to gain more knowledge, or for some other reasons. So without further ado, let us know how old are kids in the 8th grade and go over some reasons for the exceptions.

 Age Of A Child In 8th Grade

 For many reasons, people ask this question: How old are kids in the 8th grade?

 Well, when the kids are in 8th grade, their age should be around 13 to 14 years old. In most of the scenarios, the child starts his or her academic year at 13 years of age, and at the end of the year, they turn 14 years old. Generally, this rule is followed in the US education system and this happens under normal circumstances.

 Do you want to know the easiest way to calculate your child’s age as per their grade? It is really easy! All you have to do is add 5 to 6 years to estimate your kid’s age. For example, 8th grade + 5/6years = 13/14 years old.

 Not rocket science, right?

 In the United States, adolescents who are in their 13 to 14 years of age are called middle school students. Sometimes, they are also considered junior high school students. 

 In very rare cases, kids in the United States fall back by a year or three on average in their 8th grade. Yes, the year gap is shocking but we have a valid explanation for this. So here is the gist for all of you, not all kids in 8 grades fall in the 13 or 14 years of age category.

 In normal situations, these kids enter middle school at the age of 13 and leave at 14. But in certain scenarios, they either fail and repeat another year or their academic year gets wasted when they are shifting with their parents.

8th grade age

Though this isn’t a big deal because an age gap between 1 and 2 years is hardly noticeable. This is especially if the child has been with his peer group for a longer period. Thus, the major concern here is not the age gap, but aching all the subjects because 8th grade is the 3rd year of middle school and 2nd year of junior high school.

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Still a little confused about the age of a child in the 8th grade? Then know how old 8th graders are and other grade kids in school in the table explained below:

Grade Level Age
Kindergarten 5-6
1st 6-7
2nd 7-8
3rd 8-9
4th 9-10
5th 10-11
6th 11-12
7th 12-13
8th 13-14
9th (high school freshman) 14-15
10th (high school sophomore) 15-16
11th (high school junior) 16-17
12th (high school senior) 17-18


We are sure that this table must have helped you to understand the age order of the grade levels from Kindergarten to 8th grade and from school freshman year to high school year in the United States. 

In the United States, junior high schools and middle schools are normally 6th, 7th, and 8th grades or only 7th and 8th grades. However, some schools follow different rules as per the school district and state. Besides, studies who complete their 8th grade move to high school freshman year. 9th, 10th, 11, as well as 12th fall in the high school year category.

Now, you must have seen some 8th graders who are quite younger or older than their age and wonder about their story. So in the next section, let’s discuss more about it.

Common Reasons Why Some 8th Graders May Be Of Lower Or Higher Age

8th grade age

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Reason 1: Cut-off Date In A State In The United States

Many kids attend public schools. So suppose you are born in December and your current age is 12 years old. The cut-off date begins for the schools in your state in between October to November. So this means that you will be 12 years old in the 8th grade and by the end of your academic year, you will be 13.

 In most US states, the schools resume after September. But in other states, the school resumption dates in September are not mandatory. So there will be only a few 12 years old kids as students in their 8th grades.

Thus, as long as the child is born after September 1, they will be celebrating their 13th birthday during the academic year in school and turn 14 during the summer break or before the school year ends.

 But what if your birthday is before September?

If this is so, then you will enter 8th grade when you are 12 years old and not turn 13 until the next school year begins. And an adolescent child who falls behind his academic year or repeats the same grade due to some other reasons might be 14 years old in the 8th grade.

 Reason 2: Child’s Brain Capabilities

8th grade age

You might have seen some 8 graders are younger and some are older. Many parents decide to send their kids early or late as per the child’s capabilities. Sometimes, their kids are slow learners and need time, so parents send them to preschool for extra training before enrolling them in school.

 Reason 3: Every Country’s Education Systems Are Different

Rules for age groups as per grade are different in various countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, as well as China.

 Reason 4: Students Are Moving To A Different State

One of many reasons why the kids are older in their 8th grade is because they are moving to a different country, place, or a state. Due to that, they repeat their school year.

 So these were some reasons why some 8th graders are younger or older. But it ain’t a big deal as long as it is not affecting their studies.

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101 Would You Rather Questions Middle School (Printable)

“Would you rather…?” questions for small children and middle schoolers are fun and quick ways to get the kids to get their brains running. Aren’t they? So in this read, we exclusively have brought to you 101 good, funny and kid-friendly would you rather questions middle school games.

101 Would You Rather Questions Middle School

  1. We have scorched the internet and found the best 101 would you rather questions middle school you can ask. These questions will help you to have more fun conversations with kids and understand them more. 
    1. Would you rather love to read minds or teleport as a superpower?
    2. Would you rather host a show in front of 1000 unknown people or 50 close ones?
    3. Would you rather hear your favorite song or a new song daily?
    4. Would you rather win a Grammy award or an Oscar award?
    5. Would you rather eat unhealthy food or healthy food always?
    6. Would you rather live in an isolated city or a crowded city?
    7. Would you rather prefer fruit juices or aerated beverages?
    8. Would you rather have dog babies or your children after you get married?
    9. Would you rather have a dog-sized elephant or an elephant-sized dog?
    10. Would you rather be a sports player or scientist?
    11. Would you rather visit your favorite place or visit new places every year?
    12. Would you rather always be tired or sleepy?
    13. Would you rather be in an argument or a debate?
    14. Would you rather watch a new movie or a favorite movie?
    15. Would you rather like to live on a mountain or an island alone?
    16. Would you rather not eat chocolates or eat them daily?
    17. Would you rather prefer winter break or spring break?
    18. Would you rather have a talking a Pegasus or a talking dog as your friend?
    19. Would you rather smell a foul smell or hear loud noises?
    20. Would you rather have a pet or a tv?
    21. Would you rather be a musician or a painter?
    22. Would you rather get bitten by a shark or stung by jellyfish?
    23. Would you rather do rapping or rhyme every time you talk?
    24. Would you rather be the most good-looking person or the most intelligent person on the planet?
    25. Would you rather like to live in the Amazon or Antarctica?
    26. Would you rather do a workout daily or do yoga daily?
    27. Would you rather drive a car or ride a motorbike?
    28. Would you rather have a porcupine or a skunk as a pet?
    29. Would you rather have tiny feet or big feet?
    30. Would you rather have a pet dog or a pet or cat as a pet?
    31. Would you rather become a singer or a dancer?
    32. Would you rather have an elephant’s nose or ear?
    33. Would you rather wear socks inside out or socks with holes?
    34. Would you rather eat home-cooked meals or food from the school cafeteria?
    35. Would you rather stop streaming movies or tv shows?
    36. Would you rather use a computer or mobile phone?
    37. Would you rather study late at night or study in the morning?
    38. Would you rather have a train journey or a road journey?
    39. Would you rather eat a burger or pizza?
    40. Would you rather be a sports player or a science nerd?
    41. Would you rather watch the ending or the beginning of the movie?
    42. Would you rather go to a jungle safari or a museum?
    43. Would you rather not take a shower or not brush for a week?
    44. Would you rather get your phone stolen or your wallet stolen?
    45. Would you rather stay without a computer for a month or a phone without a month?
    46. Would you rather have a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion?
    47. Would you rather be a captain of a ship or fly a plane?
    48. Would love to have one sibling or three siblings?
    49. Would you rather travel through the sea or travel through the air?
    50. Would you rather be the youngest child or the first child?
    51. Would you rather eat from Mcdonald’s or Domino’s for a year?
    52. Would you rather drink hot tea or ice tea?
    53. Would you rather spend time with childhood friends or school friends?
    54. Would you rather go fishing or hunting?
    55. Would you rather ditch fruits or vegetables for a week?
    56. Would you rather read a newspaper or a magazine?
    57. Would you rather live alone or with 100 people in a big palace?
    58. Would you rather be late or early for everything?
    59. Would you rather have sticky hands or dirty hands?
    60. Would you rather have a phone or no phone?
    61. Would you rather be friends with negative people or stay away from them?
    62. Would you rather visit your dream location or meet your favorite person?
    63. Would you rather drop your phone in a big hole full of snakes or water?
    64. Would you rather work at a shopping center or in a hospital?
    65. Would you rather drink cold water or warm water for life?
    66. Would you rather eat non-veg food or vegan food for life?
    67. Would you rather be a dentist or a dermatologist?
    68. Would you rather become successful for things that you did not make or create something useful?
    69. Would you rather spend the whole day on your favorite subject or the whole day watching the tv?
    70. Would you rather put salt on your wound or eat a whole lemon?
    71. Would you rather write 10 pages or a 10-minute presentation?
    72. Would you rather wear smaller shoes or bigger shoes?
    73. Would you rather go to be a night owl or an early riser?
    74. Would you rather get free travel expenses for life or get free food and drinks?
    75. Would you rather have a phone that always has 100% charge or a car that is loaded with fuel?
    76. Would you rather know the past or the future?
    77. Would you rather be a videographer or a photographer?
    78. Would you rather lick a wall or eat your unfavorite food?
    79. Would you rather be the best sports player or the best cook?
    80. Would you rather have continuous sneezes or hiccups?
    81. Would you rather sing or yell to talk?
    82. Would you rather have hair or no hair?
    83. Would you rather love to dance or not dance every time you walk?
    84. Would you rather wear a new outfit or your favorite clothes daily?
    85. Would you rather prefer to be shorter or taller?
    86. Would you rather steer a ship or fly a plane?
    87. Would you rather put mixed fruit jam or peanut butter on bread?
    88. Would you rather hop on two legs or one leg while walking?
    89. Would you rather celebrate Christmas or Halloween daily?
    90. Would you rather enjoy winter or summer?
    91. Would you rather go to a library or visit a zoo?
    92. Would you rather eat salty or sugary food?
    93. Would you rather have strong teeth or strong hair?
    94. Would you rather have strong smelling senses hearing senses?
    95. Would you rather love dance or do Zumba?
    96. Would you rather live in a spaceship or a submarine?
    97. Would you rather play outdoor games or indoor games?
    98. Would you rather watch a happy ending movie or a sad ending movie?
    99. Would you rather turn into a lion or a crocodile?
    100. Would you rather go water diving or skydiving?
    101. Would you rather have a farm full of cows or chickens?

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Steps On How To Play Would You Rather Games With Kids

  1. Get a printed copy of the list of questions.
  2. Cut each question into slips.
  3. Break the class into small teams.
  4. Share different question slips in each group and select one representative for the answer.

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  • What are good questions for Would You Rather for middle school kids?

You can ask a certain list of good questions related to if they want more money or more time, get a pause button or a rewind button in life, and whether they want to talk in foreign languages or speak to animals and birds of all kinds.

  • What’s the hardest would you rather question for middle schoolers?

There are various tough questions for middle school-going kids such as whether they want superpowers or want to live forever and would they want to be an untidy person or ugly individual.

  • What are the would you rather questions about food for middle school?

You can ask countless food questions to middle schools such as preferences between ice cream or pizza for the rest of their lives, would prefer to smell like garlic or onions every day, and would prefer candy or ice cream all the time.

  • Would you rather questions about bugs?

You can ask a lot of questions related to bugs such as would they rather swallow a bee or a wasp, get the power to kill the entire race of spiders or stinging insects, and touch 20 spiders for $10,000 or 15 cockroaches for $5,000.

  • What are the best would you rather questions for middle school?

The best would you rather questions for middle schools are: Would you rather eat your favorite food or eat a new dish daily, would you rather sleep late or wake up early, would you rather have a small group of good friends or a big group of good and bad friends and would you rather take revenge on your own or take someone’s help to get justice. 

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