At present, Oceans are covering almost 70% surface of the planet and it plays a huge role in the overall health of our planet. But our oceans are getting polluted with the findings of a huge amount of trash and other pollutants. So, here are some Ocean Pollution Facts For Kids to learn about.

1. Ocean Pollution Harming Animals

Plastic is the most common thing that we can easily find in every ocean. It doesn’t break down easily and that’s why it harms the whole ocean. The animals eat that plastic as food which causes them severe diseases or they might die.

Ocean Pollution Harming Animals
Ocean Pollution Facts For Kids

2. More than 8 million tonnes of pollutants are found in the ocean every year

There is a plethora of plastic and other substances, found every year in the ocean. As per some reports, we found that we generate more than 350 million tonnes of waste every year and 8 million tonnes enter the ocean.

3. Plastic Stays in Ocean for long years

In General, we have heard that plastic disappears after some time but the actual thing is that it takes almost 450 years to complete the decomposition process. That’s why it is essential to stop using plastic and stop polluting our environment and oceans.

Plastic Stays in Ocean for long years
Plastic Stays in Ocean for long years

4. An increase in CO2 levels in the water invites Ocean Acidification and Thermal Pollution

The ocean dissolves the natural carbon-di-oxide and increases heat levels in the water. It increases CO2 levels in the water just because of global warming and the water of the ocean became acidic.

5. Land Runoff due to floods also pollutes the ocean

Land Runoff happens when the water infiltrates the soil to the maximum intent and the flood brings the melting soil into the ocean. All the manmade and harmful substances like petroleum, pesticides, and fertilizers, enter the ocean.

6. Toxic Chemicals from the Industries pollutes the ocean too much

The residue and chemicals from the industries can also be said the biggest reason for ocean Pollution. It is believed that the oxygen level will be reduced till 2040 if the current amount of chemical residues enter the ocean.

Toxic Chemicals from the Industries pollutes the ocean too much
Toxic Chemicals from the Industries pollutes the ocean too much

7. More than 80% of trash in the Ocean is coming from land-based resources

There is a huge amount of pollution coming to the ocean from land-based sources like industrial waste and individuals also. Only 20% of plastic waste is coming from fishing, cruise ships, and other shipping.

8. The microplastic breakdown is harmful same as normal plastic

The plastic in the ocean breaks down into smaller pieces called microplastics. Well, we can reduce the pollution by removing the plastic pieces but microplastic is very small, and cannot be seen with the human eye but it remains harmful as normal plastic.

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9. Manufacturing plants release some real toxic items into the ocean

There is a huge amount of waste released by manufacturing plants every year and the biggest thing is that it happens intentionally where sewage also contributes to ocean pollution.

10. Ocean Pollution kills more than 1 million sea birds every year

The sea birds under the water always look for something to eat and many times they eat the plastic waste in the water, which causes immediate death. One million sea birds are dying every year because of ocean Pollution.

Ocean Pollution kills more than 1 million sea birds every year
Ocean Pollution kills more than 1 million sea birds every year

11. We are eating fish that has swallowed waste

In the world, there are more than 3 billion people who eat fish and we are eating that fish, which has already swallowed a huge amount of waste from the polluted ocean. Today, we don’t know how that waste can harm our health but there is genuinely some loss that we are bearing.

12. Oceans with deep water levels have more pollution

As per the report, we got to know that oceans with a depth of more than 2000 feet water have more pollution. The most common things that remain under the water are plastic cans, fishing equipment, tires, plastic bags, bottles, etc.

13. Ocean Mining brings up different substances, which pollute the whole ocean

The deep sea mining of the ocean causes a lot of pollution at the lowest level of the ocean. There is the drilling for substances like zinc, copper, gold, cobalt, etc are very dangerous to pollute the ocean.

14. Change in the Atmosphere drives pollution to the ocean

Change in the Atmosphere drives pollution to the ocean
Change in the Atmosphere drives pollution to the ocean

As we know that the atmosphere changes from time to time and sometimes the objects are carried out by the wind and enter the ocean. Various types of items such as styrofoam containers and plastic bags, which doesn’t get decompose easily.

15. Some dead zones are crested by pollution, which dangers the life of marine animals

A huge amount of pollution in the water is playing a dangerous role for marine animals. The pollution creates dead zones in the ocean, which is making life impossible for marine animals and plants.

16. Carbon Emissions harm the air and oceans

Carbon Emissions can make a huge loss to the oceans and air as well. If we have continued this behavior for a long time, the surface of the water will become more acidic than now.

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17. Sewage enters the ocean not treated properly

Everyone should know that all the sewage that enters the sea is not treated. We can say that 80% of the sewage is untreated and it can cause some severe diseases.

18. Oil Spills contribute only 12% of the total oil in Ocean

The Oil Spill is the release of hydrocarbon into the ocean due to human activity and it is considered pollution. But only 12% of oil spills contributed to the whole oil in Ocean but 36% of the oil comes from different sources from cities and companies.

19. Noise Pollution from tankers also affects fishes life

Noise Pollution is also a big issue in the Ocean, the noise of ships, tankers, and some shipping containers emits the sounds of air guns. This high-intensity noise disrupts injured fish.

20. Fish and other marine animals do know the difference been food and plastic

We humans have a sense of understanding of the basic difference while fish and other marine life don’t know the difference between food and plastic. They just eat plastic, which doesn’t get digested and they starve to death.

21. China and Indonesia are the biggest contributor of pollution to the ocean

Plastic pollution mainly comes from China and Indonesia. If we combine them, then they account for almost 1/3 of the total pollution in the ocean.

22. Oil Spills from Ships cause huge pollution to the ocean

Oil Spills from Ships cause huge pollution to the ocean
ocean pollution facts for kids

Ships are the biggest contributor to the pollution of oceans. The crude oil spill occurs from ships and it harms the whole ocean. The crude oil stays in the ocean for so long years and it cannot be clean-up easily.

23. Pollution waste takes a long time to decompose

The type of pollution that we see in the Ocean takes long-long years to decompose. Yes, if we talk about Styrofoam then it takes almost 80 years, while aluminum takes 200 years, and plastic takes almost 400 years to decompose properly.

24. The most polluted sections of the ocean outweigh plankton

There are many sections in the oceans that are more polluted and that particular portion outweighs the plankton by six times. The chemicals in the polluted water can come to us in many ways and can cause different diseases such as heart problems, kidney damage, etc. It is essential to find the best solution to this.

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