If you are waiting for a new member of the family and looking for the perfect name, this article is only for you. Now is the time you should consider some Slavic names. There are many strong Slavic boy names you can consider. Here are some of the most famous ones. Check it out. 

Given names originating from the Slavic languages are most common in Slavic countries. There are the following types of Slavic names available. 1. Two basic names, 2. Names from Flora and fauna, 3. Names in order of birth,4. Names according to human qualities, 5. Name containing the root of the name of pagan deities.

Slavic Baby Names

Traditional names remained dominant until the Slavic nations converted to Christianity. since then, baptismal names came into use, which was given after the patron saint of the newly baptized.  

Names ConnoisseurSlavic DollNames WeightSlavic Calm
Names LighthouseSlavic ReviveNampadSlavic Airball
NamzoidNames HillNames MomentoNames Dynamo
Names SashikoSlavic TastingsSlavic WildSlavzen
Slavic StackedNamaraSlavic LineNames Rocky
Names PredatorSlavsterSlavic ResetNames Fantastic
Names VibeNames BombSlavic SelectorNames Hybrid
Slavic WildNames ProjectNames GrindSlavic Station
Slavic EmporiumSlavocityNamologySlavic Network
Names CatcherSlavic MagentaNames KidsNames Namah
Names HarmonySlavic YawlSlavic BlessedSlavoont
Names PulseSlavic YokeNames OutletNames Daisy
Slavic EquitySlavic FrostNames SurgeNames Chic
Names CrummySlavic ShotgunSlavdeckSlavbes
Names GraspSlavic LogicSlavic IgnitionNames Focus
Names RawNamadilSlavic HydrateSlavlada
Names ObserverSlavic SavvySlavic ExchangeNamtastic
Slavic PopSlavic AngelNames ViewNames Purify
Slavic CrestSlavic PlantopiaNames FlourishNamx
SlavnestNamocityNamryNames Program
Slavic TemplarNames AdornSlavic A1Names Dash
Names FairSlavic TurboSlavic MarksmanNames Rise
SlavporiumSlavic InfamousSlavic InfiniteNames Curiosity
Slavic BlurredNames AwryNames MasterSlavic Orchid
Names StockNames LifestyleNames ArouseSlavic Politics

Slavic Boy Names

Slavic Boy Names

After the ban on native non-christian names imposed by the Council of Trent, the polish nobility attempted to preserve traditional names. 

Slavic MotherNames OutrightNames RegenerateSlavic Fiesta
Names Half TimeNames CollectorSlavic ScribeSlavic Spartan
Slavic ExposeSlavic HyperNames CommandSlavic Patrol
Slavic GardensSlavic StopSlavic GrowthNames Crooks
Names RadicalNames FoamSlavic GrownSlavic Khan
Names ProgressNames RemedySlavic LabNames Lit
Slavic GrazeNames SocialNames MaxingSlavic Options
Slavic SellsNames FriendlyNames AchalaSlavic Clarity
Names SlimNames FuseNames ScannerNames Tunnel
Slavic MaxNames ShineNames EnlightenedSlavic Hi-Res
Slavic ProspectSlavic MadonnaNames BlendsNames Hand
Slavic EternitySlavic SigmaNames PetaSlavic Culture
Slavic RichSlavic MortalSlavic MagnaSlavic Atom
Slavic VirtualSlavic BisonSlavic FlightSlavic Canvas
Slavic ProNames LavishNames TapSlavic Principal
Names CactusSlavic TimeslipSlavic AddictSlavic Progress
Slavic FusionSlavic GazetteerNames JoySlavic Quake
Slavic OutrightSlavic PrinceSlavic TreadNames Rover
Slavic EssenceNames ApexNames ClearSlavic Atom
Names PerformanceSlavic CoveyNames WeloveSlavic Puma
Slavic PlethoraNames InfraredNames AttractiveSlavic Source
Slavic SimpleNames EdenSlavic GlitterSlavic Anchor
Slavic CubsNames AheadNames DIYSlavic Pacific
Names NatureSlavic ExcitingNames PurrNames Paragon
Names InstituteNames PassageNames ZenSlavic Sponsor

Slavic Female Names

Slavic Names
Slavic Female Names

Old Slavic names were built with one or two lexemes. Single lexeme names were derived from ordinary or adjectival words and were usually, though not always, borne by peasants. 

Slavic AsylumSlavic EnvySlavic LoopNames Devote
Slavic ArouseSlavic EstheticNames ProtectNames Crowd
Names PostSlavic GradeNames TalesNames Forage
Slavic GitaNames PagesNames AbleNames Creed
Names CaringSlavic UniteNames SuryaNames Experience
Names GravityNames PlatformSlavic AfterNames Cloud
Names InstantNames KnowledgeNames TotalNames Hunter
Names ArkSlavic OasisNames BloomingNames Space
Slavic Bucket ListNames ApertureNames TutorNames Basics
Names ElysiumNames BlissNames WorldSlavic Seeds
Names EnlightenedSlavic AmoreSlavic PrizeNames Warmth
Slavic ElixirNames WinterNames CornerstoneSlavic Fielder
Slavic BladeNames DestinySlavic DonSlavic Young
Slavic PrimeNames CraveSlavic StellarNames Figure
Names MagicSlavic NimbleNames FireSlavic Streams
Names NimbleNames InfluenceNames MunchkinSlavic Brahma
Slavic EnchantNames IfySlavic LazerSlavic Nation
Names EvilNames AromaSlavic BreathtakingSlavic Electrifying
Names AcuityNames RefineSlavic ExcelNames Sattva
Slavic SpeedySlavic DirectionNames KasNames Milk
Slavic ConquestSlavic BluesSlavic BravoNames Bounty
Slavic JumpstartNames TemplarNames ReduxSlavic Den
Names ChoiceNames CubsNames HeadwayNames Vendor
Slavic BucketSlavic StirNames EntranceNames Shuttle
Names InvestNames LushNames ReaperNames Misfit

Slavic First Names

As many of these old names are rooted in a historic reality predating the dawn of the Christian era, they remain one of the very few traces of a once-thriving Slavic pagan civilization with its rich mythology, which encompassed much of Eastern and Central Europe. 

Names UniteSlavic VelocityNames MadamNames Ready
Slavic WisdomSlavic GitaSlavic PlushSlavic District
Slavic EssenceNames VaporNames FabNames Sip
Slavic MoraleNames CarteNames BungleSlavic Loops
Slavic BaysideNames OctaneSlavic JointNames Hilltop
Slavic PactNames MaxNames NamahSlavic Success
Names AcaryaNames HealingSlavic ToneSlavic Expand
Names ProminentSlavic ArmorySlavic AllianceNames Glaze
Slavic HotlineNames DaytimeSlavic MinutemanNames Void
Names JazzSlavic FutureSlavic PsychoSlavic Golden
Names AzureNames PostNames CherrySlavic Simple
Names EdenSlavic LyticalNames LensNames Master
Slavic FetchSlavic ShantiNames AmberSlavic Foam
Names RadiantSlavic ImperialNames GentleSlavic Area
Slavic TokenSlavic OpulentNames RevolutionSlavic Drop
Names PreciseNames ExcelNames VistaSlavic Barn
Names TourNames ValleyNames PrimedSlavic Bar
Slavic FlirtSlavic SwaySlavic SmashingSlavic Simple
Slavic ShoreSlavic CutmanSlavic FortuneSlavic Tip
Slavic RelmNames BloomNames RahSlavic Crypt
Names TotalNames ExecuteNames CrownSlavic Chakra
Slavic PedigreeSlavic KisanSlavic PivotNames Spirit
Slavic HeadwaySlavic HandcraftSlavic SplashNames Classic
Names RoseNames WispNames UnitedSlavic Neutral
Names TerraSlavic UrbanSlavic CornerstoneNames Geeks

Common Slavic Names

 Slavic Names
Common Slavic Names

By while some of these names, like Slawomir Wladyslaw, Wojciech, or Bozena, have been preserved by generations of Poles and are still in use today, others, like Msciwoj, Chociemierz, or Swietobor, seem to have perished for good. 

Slavic JunctureNames CreedNames OlympiaNames Maxing
Slavic MintySlavic FloraSlavic LoopNames Cherish
Names VestSlavic WireSlavic ScootSlavic Row
Names ClassNames ChunkNames CocoonSlavic Refresh
Names LimitlessSlavic DarkNames SheerNames League
Names GeniusSlavic SerendipityNames SmewSlavic Sensor
Names ProofSlavic MoveSlavic ChartsNames Key
Names BoulderNames MotionSlavic IdealNames Farm
Names PlatinumSlavic SakuraSlavic MaxNames Superior
Names ElevateSlavic HasteNames FroniusSlavic Life
Names BreakdownNames ObscuraNames ClubsNames Aholic
Names PassionNames Ink’dSlavic DocumentNames Vinyl
Names FemmeNames HexNames PlanetSlavic Boss
Names PublicNames BeyondSlavic HurdleNames Fanbase
Names BudSlavic WisdomSlavic ColoredNames Affair
Names PushNames ProfitSlavic ImproveSlavic Zero
Names NutNames LuxurySlavic SpartanSlavic Sonic
Slavic DapperSlavic AutomateSlavic SqueezeSlavic Bounce
Slavic DreamSlavic AmazeSlavic HowSlavic Choir
Slavic NativeNames IndicatorSlavic TotalNames Fix
Slavic UnrealSlavic StirSlavic AttitudeSlavic Control
Slavic FeverNames FitNames MagSlavic Sentinel
Names SolutionsSlavic BrilliantNames PlethoraNames Jelly
Slavic GripNames SugarSlavic PraiseSlavic Splash
Names MagnificenceNames HumbleSlavic RailSlavic Valley

Old Slavic Names

As these etymologies show, these names testify to the existence of a culture boasting the heroic ideals of masculine prowess, a need for fame and respect, and physical struggle. So prepare for a lot of names with slaw, mir, and bor. 

Slavic Names Generator

Discover a fresh world of amazing monikers with Slavic boy names. Hailing from Eastern Europe, these names are a melting pot of cultures, much like the region. Explore them with us below. 

Names TreasuryNames AmberNames FosterSlavic Street
Slavic IndicatorNames WonderfulSlavic UncommonNames Genius
Slavic DoSlavic JumboNames RadiantNames Target
Slavic VedasSlavic BeanNames LiveNames Clove
Slavic RexSlavic RunwaySlavic JacksNames Destiny
Slavic UniteSlavic OutlookNames AmityNames Scrap
Slavic ChallengeNames For LessSlavic KeyNames Elite
Names SioNames ScribeNames ObjectiveSlavic Basket
Slavic MicroSlavic DugSlavic BrawnSlavic Vision
Slavic MotivateSlavic ClassySlavic CreativeNames Trophy
Names PointSlavic MunchkinSlavic TempeanSlavic Trip
Slavic HackelSlavic PhoenixSlavic SpeedySlavic Sharp
Slavic FusionNames AplentyNames LoudSlavic Elixir
Slavic JockeySlavic SwishNames HutNames Form
Slavic DetailSlavic CoreSlavic BloomSlavic Advocate
Slavic ResortSlavic PortNames ButterflyNames Zealous
Slavic DigiNames OperatorSlavic EthicalNames Instant
Names BroadcastNames OutcastSlavic BuddySlavic Own
Names AuraSlavic MindSlavic BiggerNames Metro
Names GrabberSlavic BudSlavic KindSlavic Aesthetic
Names SerendipityNames ClutchSlavic OpSlavic Pulse
Names CuddlyNames FortressNames TenorSlavic Exciting
Slavic GroomSlavic PushNames DripNames Master
Names FreakSlavic LuringSlavic DriftSlavic Mist
Slavic AllianceSlavic JerseyNames StructureSlavic Savvy

Slavic Surnames

Slavic boy names are not all that common in the U.S. but that does not mean that they don’t work well with our current top baby names. 

Ivan, for instance, is a handsome variant of John with an in-demand vowel start. He is an unexpected way to honor a John in your life and your heritage. There is also Kole, a variant of Cole who can honor Nicholas with ease. 

Not only is he stylish in sound and meaning, but his victory of the people meaning is outstanding. 

Mariana- the seaMisha- who is like GodAdmetos- wildDragon- beloved
Oksana- praise be to godOleg- holy, blessedDusan- soulGavrail- god is my strength, a form of Gabriel
Rurik- noted rulerYakov- a form of JacobJadran- the Adriatic seaJasenka- clear and sharp
Yevgeniy, Yevgeniya- noble aristocratZoya- lifeJovan- like Jove, majesticLala- tulip
Agnieszka- pure, holyBarska- travelerMirce- peaceRadoslav- happy glory
Casimir, Casimira- proclamationCzeslav, Czeslava- glorySlavica- gloryStanislav- who has achieved glory
Dagmara- day maidenIdania- hardworkingBozic- a little godJarilo- the Slavic god of the Spring
Jan- god is graciousJaromir, Jaromira- spring peace or great springKoleda- a Slavic goddess of the new yearMarta- a mythological being from Bulgarian folklore
Katarina- a polish form of the popular baby name KatherineMiroslaw, Miroslawa- peace and gloryMarzanna- the polish name of the ancient Slavic goddess of winterPerun- thunder
Sagan- kettle, a surnameWieslaw- great glorySvantovic- a blessed sightVolos- the god of cattle
Zaria- rose in Arabic and princess in HebrewZiva- livingNina- a form of many namesOlga- blessed
Alla- belong to a saintCyril- lordlyTaras- a son of PoseidonTomislav- Thirty seconds to mars guitarist Tomislav Milicevic
Fedor- a gift of godKseniya- hospitalityAthanasi- immortalBlaz- blessed, happy
Gorazd- man of the mountainsIvan, Ivana- God is graciousDobrogost- a good guestDesislava- to seek glory
Matrona- a modern saintNaum- comfortMislav- my glorySamo- told by god
Piotr- rockRadim- great joyVeceslav- more gloryVladimeru-great ruler
Sergius- a monk and hermitVasily, Vasilisa- kindlyIvica- a pet name of popular Slavic babyKaja- manly
Goran- a mountain manIrina- peaceMira- peaceNikola- a victory of the people
Ivo- God is graciousLudmilla- loved by the peopleSasa- defender of mankindValera- healthy and cheerful
Mila- graciousNatalia- nativityValya- strong and healthyVanya- God is gracious
Borka- fighterBozidar- divine giftDanil- god is my judgeDarko- gift
Branislav- gloryBranko- glory, and protectionDementia- subdueDmitri- devoted to Demeter
Bratumil- love of a brotherBurian- nearby the weedsDobrogost- a good guestDobromir- good peace
Casimir- a proclamation of peaceChryzant- golden flowerDonat- given or giftDragan- dear or beloved
Damek- red earth’s sonDamir- ironDusan- spirit or soulFadey- brave or bold

Badass Slavic Names

Meanings, as always, is the first palace we look for inspiration with a new origin, and Slavic boy names deliver some of the best that we have seen. Vladimir’s renowned prince is out of this world on a baby boy. Seriously, how do you top that? It is a home run in our eyes. 

Picking a Slavic baby 

Ancient Slavic Names

Picking a Slavic baby name can mean a wide range of things. The term Sav represents so many cultures under one tree and serves as an easy way to consolidate all of these captivating names in one place. 

A Slavic name could mean a name influenced by Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, or any of the other 12 or so regions that fall into the category. So how do you narrow down such a large choice? 

Slavic Family Names

Slavic Names
Slavic Family Names

We suggest saying these names out loud and choosing a name for baby by its significance in meaning. If you are in need of a Slavic name with a religious enthronement, consider Ivan or Ivana, meaning God is gracious. 

Agneza- chaste and pureAlyona- lightNiklaus- the people’s victoryPyotr- rock or stone
Anastasia- resurrectionAnca- favor or graceOleg- blessedStanislav- one who achieves fame
Ania- gracious and mercifulBeyla- by godVaclav- a wreath of gloryVladimir- glory or rule
Bojana- battleBronia- protector of gloryYakov- supplanterYasha- one who defends man and supplanter
Calina- snowball treeChesna- to bring tranquillity and peaceZander- defender of manZelimir- wish for peace
Gavril- one who worships godGektor- steadfast and anchorSlavic ApexNames Lift
Ivan- God is graciousJadran- from AdiraNames GarnishNames Cheer
Jaka- supplanterJaromir- peaceNames FantasySlavic Elevate
Jovan- God is graciousLazlo- rule of gloryNames RatingsNames Check
Milos- dear or graciousNicholai- one who conquers the peopleNames FeastNames Radiant
Names BlueprintNames HazeNames VirtueNames Gusto
Slavic MillSlavic LeadNames DoozyNames Hail
Names FrameNames OmegaNames TrailSlavic Shout
Slavic ArsenalSlavic DigitalNames HeavenSlavic Floral
Names MajestyNames TasticSlavic CitadelSlavic Revive
Names ComplexSlavic AestheticsSlavic InteractiveSlavic For Life
Names JulietSlavic PaperNames TasteNames Clash
Slavic EnforcerNames FederationSlavic TouchNames Pace
Slavic HaulNames FortitudeNames CuddlyNames Lavish
Slavic JungleSlavic TopiaNames AddictSlavic Crop
Slavic UnitySlavic AnchorNames TribeNames Ink’d
Slavic JuggernautNames ViewSlavic PlayfulNames Palm
Slavic ViewSlavic ThrillSlavic IshNames Breezy
Slavic MeetupNames AntaresSlavic ChangeNames Sightsee
Names DigitalNames SingleSlavic ActionSlavic Genuine
Names OrchardNames 100Slavic CosmoSlavic Wander

Maybe, if you are hoping for a name imbued with the elegance of your surroundings, consider names like Zora and Leena, meaning dawn and light. Picking a Slavic name for your child can serve as a way to honor your homeland and family history. These names showcase strength and refined grace that can be a lovely tribute to your ancestry and loved ones in one fell swoop.

By picking your favorites from this Slavic baby names list, you will be a huge step closer to finding the best name for your baby.   


Most of the Slavic names from Slavic roots showed as translations of Greek names. We hope that you liked the given Slavic name list for your little. Let us know which name you have ended up with for your baby. 

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