How Old Do You Have To Be To Have a Youtube Channel?

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Updated: Mar 12, 2024


Online Video stardom has replaced the big screen fame for the younger generation. Do you want to become a YouTube star and therefore need to know “how old do you have to be to have a youtube channel?”. In recent times becoming a YouTube sensation is a far more accessible and safer option.

YouTube is one of the favorite websites of the kids and it is not surprising that many parents and teachers are supporting and encouraging their kids to start up their channel and create content.

The only question concerning them is “is youtube safe for kids to post videos”. The answer to this question has been provided further in the article.

The eligibility criteria, the pros and cons of posting a video on YouTube, and many other factors which influence the decision of the parents to let their children use social media are discussed in the article.


The minimum age requirement to have a YouTube channel is one question that has seen many different responses from all around the world. If you are thinking Can an 11 year old have a YouTube channel? then the answer is no.

The minimum age intended for YouTube users is at least 13. This is because the parent company Google and its makers have been rigorously filtering out the channels and have enforced the Children’s Online Privacy Act.

Children under 13 years of age are legally not allowed to create Google or youtube profiles and are allowed to collect data only with the permission of their parents.

The child can use their parent’s account to collect any necessary data and all the needed uploads are made through their account. This was aimed to make parental supervision a prerequisite but is also cumbersome for the parents.

If the parents permit their child to set up a youtube channel and post content online, then there are many ways to make it safe and enjoyable.

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When the parents allow their children to make a channel, one of their aims is to make the channel successful. Many points are to be considered while dealing with how to make a successful youtube channel as a kid. The basic points which are to be considered are-

  • Creating a plan
    The parents should make their child write an outline for the proposed plan which would describe all the offers, target audience, and the duration to post the videos. Looking through the business channel, many kinds of advertising and endorsements are to be considered.

  • Dealing with fame
    One of the main aims when making a YouTube channel is to gain fame and recognition. Kids get super excited with the concept of getting fame and making money but this should not be the sole outcome they should rely on. Talk to the child about the difference between achieving fame and getting satisfied.

    They should be taught about the several influencing factors and the amazing things which can be done to be known among a small group of people.

  • Launch with the training wheels
    Before posting all of the videos should be properly reviewed and the potential risks of sharing them should be discussed beforehand. All the videos are listed as private, public and the ones which are shared with immediate family and close friends.

    Creating a family account and sharing them while considering the privacy settings is also very important. Constructive criticism can also work wonders while making a youtube channel.

  • Turn off the comments
    There are a lot of people who have a lot of time and prefer putting up comments. Many of these comments are negative and the children may feel demotivated after reading such comments. Therefore, a lot of people ask “Is YouTube appropriate for 8 year olds?”.

    This is one of the negatives of making a youtube channel and for elementary school-age kids, the feedback isn’t authentic or helpful. It is considered inappropriate or harmful and the kids overlook the positive comments in such cases.

    In the case of the high school, sturdier students, turning on the comments is still appropriate as they have the skin to deal with the harassment or the inappropriate comments.

    As the child becomes a little famous, the number of comments increases, and the audience starts trolling. Public negativity is a huge part of making a channel and gaining fame.

  • Keep open conversation
    Continue supporting the child, even after their channel is set up, and check regularly to ensure the removal of any problems or issues that the child might face. Approach all the problems with an open mind so that they can count on you for advice and support.

    Videos are a fun way to interact and encouraging the kids to learn by looking and uploading videos can be a good experience. Maintaining a private archive can be a great way to encourage and induce creativity in them.

    As a lot of parents ask about how to become a YouTuber as a kid, the above-mentioned points should be kept in mind. All of these factors together contribute to the making of a successful channel and help in providing a good experience to the children.
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Other than the good content, there is a ton of bad content on youtube. It is harmful not only for the kids who post videos but also for the kids who watch videos online.

There are many dangers of posting videos on youtube that are easily accessible to the kids.

Some of these dangers include profanity, sexual content, drugs, and alcohol and one of the most emotionally upsetting things is the violent stunts and pranks which are uploaded regularly. There is a need to keep an eye on what the child streams online.

The site contains many kinds of music, content, and other TV shows along with certain educational videos. There are many kid friendly youtube videos that are colorful, have silly sounds, easy picture-based navigation, and funny visuals.

It has parental control features which have a time limit option controlled by the parents. This controls the time up to which the child can stream content online. Child searches are also an option that can be controlled by the parents.

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There are many YouTube-related faq asked by both parents and children who stream and upload videos on social media. Some of the most common questions asked are-

1. Can a 10-year-old stream on YouTube?
The legal age to use youtube as decided by the parent company google is, 13 years. If a younger child wants to stream or upload videos, they have to use their parent’s account for the same. This ensures that the account is safe and handled by the parents themselves.

2. Who is the youngest Youtuber ever?
A nine-year-old child, Ryan Kaji is the youngest ever YouTuber who has managed to top the list and earned the highest in the year 2020. According to the Forbes list, he made $29.5 from his youtube channel Ryan’s world.



Since every other person prefers to make money and get fame by starting an online channel and youtube is one of the biggest websites that make it possible. ‘How old do you have to be to have a youtube channel?’ is a question asked by parents and children before starting a youtube channel.

Along with this, many other questions concerning the safety of using the channel, the dangers, benefits, ease, and understanding of the interface are the most commonly raised topics all of which are discussed in the article above.


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