Are you the parent that gets worried way too easily when it comes to your child’s health?

Well, then don’t consider yourself alone as there are millions in the same boat. Even a minimal cough makes you panic, no wonder what baby fake coughing can do!

Because of all the panicking, people tend to form misconceptions regarding this whole concept and make their baby indulge in many unnecessary treatments.

But after reading this article, all your doubts would be gone! Let’s get a look over what you would get briefed with!

  • What is fake coughing?
  • Reasons behind fake coughing
  • Recognising real cough from fake cough
  • How to put a stop on fake coughing
  • Frequently asked questions

Let’s not waste any further time and get right into it!

Fake Cough Meaning

Fake Cough Meaning
Fake Cough Meaning

Have you ever come across a situation where you were casually spending quality time with your baby and then suddenly, out of nowhere, they start coughing?

That is exactly what fake coughing looks like. 

Yes, that’s it! And there is absolutely no need to worry since babies have this tendency to communicate with their attachment figure through making such noises and gestures.

Another thing that might concern you is why do babies gag themselves?

Rather than considering it something bad, believe it as the next breakthrough for your child! Now you will see how his issue is not really worth the panic it has created.

  1. Gagging is considered as symbolic of choking or retching and hence, many tend to confuse gagging with choking. Instead, gagging is a positive sign for a baby’s growth.
  2. All babies gag, whether while attempting eating solids, while feeding, weaning them, and lastly if you feed the little one something beyond his liking.
  3. Gagging is a sign to indicate that your baby is active when food is fed to him. As the baby’s tongue will be newly exposed to food items, gagging will come as a normal reflex.

The only time you need to worry is when your baby gags with no reason stated above. At that time, you will feel that the baby is genuinely feeling displeasure.

At that point of time, rush immediately to your pediatrician as that is the only cause that can lead to something serious affecting your child’s overall development.

Besides this, fake cough remains the majority concern among the population!

 Let’s get a sneak peek as to why babies fake coughs?

Reasons Behind The Fake Cough

It’s understandable that babies try to communicate with you through their fake coughs but the real question that arises here is what do they want to convey through such actions.

You will get the desired answer by looking at the following reasons responsible for the baby fake cough:

  • Teething

The onset of teething in babies can be seen around 4 to 6 months and can be very stressful, both for the parent as well as the baby.

Due to this teething process, salivary glands tend to produce more saliva which drools to the back of the mouth, resulting in the baby teething cough. This can be one of the possible reasons to why do babies fake coughs at 4 months?

  • Attention Seeking

Babies can be the biggest attention seekers. They demand 24*7 attention, especially from the main guardians.

And sometimes, all that fake cough wants to convey is for the parent to lift the baby up, to play with him, and the love and affection a parent provides.

  • Playing And Having Fun

Kids get amused by the stupidest things possible, and yes that’s one of the reasons why babies indulge in fake coughing. It gives some babies joy and fun.

These little ones live in their world where anything and everything is fun and since they don’t realize that they are freaking out their parents, the fake coughing goes on and on.

  • Recognising Noises

Baby ears are very sensitive and attentive to sounds. This is the most primary reason why babies fake laugh as the sound might excite them.

No wonder why every baby toy has various sounds in it! Through this, the baby’s knowledge of different sounds develops at a faster rate.

All these reasons vary between babies, what might be someone’s reason would not be another baby’s reason and it’s completely normal.

Now, next time you hear a fake cough, you will know what your little one wants to convey to you!

Nevertheless, things can go unpredictable real fast in the case of a baby. So, you should be acquainted with the methods as to how to differentiate real cough from fake cough if needed in the future. Let’s brief you regarding what needs to be done!

Differentiating Real Cough And Fake Cough

Differentiating Real Cough And Fake Cough
Differentiating Real Cough And Fake Cough

The turmoil between baby fake cough vs real cough can be a little challenging, but with the right approach, you will get to know the difference very easily!

Here are some tips to check whether your baby is really in the problem of a cough, or is just fake coughing sitting back there:

  • The easiest way to know whether it’s a real cough is by checking your child’s temperature. If the temperature readings are normal or slightly up, then no need to panic as your baby is just doing a mischief or it’s the teething that’s causing that cough.
  • But if the readings are above 100°c, then you should definitely contact the doctor and take the appropriate medications.
  • Another way to determine real cough is by analysing how the baby’s nose is doing. If your child has difficulty breathing and has a runny nose, it’s a symptom of a cold.
  • Besides coughing, focus on the fact if the baby is having other problems too. If a cough is escorted with difficulty in eating, sleeping, constantly getting annoyed, then it’s probably something to worry about and immediately seek treatment.
  • Babies can get allergies too! Constant coughing around a particular thing can be an indication that your baby has developed an allergy through that product. So prevent your baby from coming in contact with that item.

As a parent, stressing out is normal when it comes to your baby’s health and it’s always better to land on the safe side by keeping a regular check on their activities and why it’s happening!

Also important is to get an overview regarding how you can put a stop to this constant source of tension. Let’s gain some insights regarding that!

Putting A Stop On Fake Coughing

Putting A Stop On Fake Coughing
Putting A Stop On Fake Coughing

It’s okay to have fun and indulge in your baby’s pranks, but everything has its own limits and you need to be aware when it’s the time to put a full stop to such things.

In the earlier stage, when a baby fake coughs 6 months of age, it appears normal and then you become familiar with that pattern, but it’s important to get past this phase too!

Hence, to stop all this, firstly you can try telling your baby gently to not fake cough or indicate it as a bad habit.

Secondly, stop reacting! The main purpose of fake coughing is to gain attention, so stop providing it to them and ignore this behavior. They would gradually step back from doing this, and it would be a win-win for you!

These tips would work wonders to get rid of those annoying coughs! It’s funny to see how from a little age, your baby wants to become social with you and have fun doing such things, but no mischief should cost the child’s health. Thus, it’s absolutely fine to get rid of such behavior!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Babies Fake Cough?

Yes, Baby Fake Coughing when they get around 4 to 6 months old. Babies see how coughing can gain attention and that’s why they do it. If you ever revert back to that cough in the form of any response, you will see the billion-dollar expression on the baby’s face of laughter!

Is Coughing A Symptom Of Teething?

Yes, you are very right in identifying coughing as a symptom of teething. Teething can be the most painful journey for a toddler since it’s the first body transformation they undergo! While teething salivary glands tend to produce more saliva which drools to the back of the mouth, then causes the baby to cough!

How Do You Fake A Cough?

To produce a convincing cough, follow these simple steps:

  • Inhale deep air and breath in for as long as you can and gather enough air needed to throw out the cough.
  • Now, it’s time to expel the air with full force. Try to cough from your diaphragm from good results!
  • Cover your mouth and pat your back for realistic expectations.

Is It Normal For Babies To Cough A Little Bit?

Yes, babies fake their coughs or sneezes which is completely normal unless it doesn’t count on the symptoms of real cough stated in the above sections.

On the other hand, age needs to be considered too. If you see 4-year-old fake coughing, that wouldn’t seem normal like that of a 6-month baby fake coughing.

Final Words

In the final analysis, baby fake coughing is a simple reflex of a baby when something is placed in his mouth and his tongue gets stimulated. Babies often do these techniques sometimes to gain attention, doing fun or sometimes teething too causes it.

As long as the cough doesn’t resonate with any of the symptoms of a real cough, your baby is safe to play such pranks! Keep in mind all the tips stated regarding fake coughing and you are good to go! Hope this article fulfills your purpose.

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