Many times, understanding Baby ear infection vs teething can get a little perplexing. The signs and symptoms of teething and ear infection in babies might be overlapping. It is very confusing to understand whether an ear infection or teething process is disrupting your baby’s normal and calm life.

But do not worry anymore. We have in store some great remedy which would really be helpful to you in the process of understanding that it’s a baby ear infection or a minor teething procedure is disturbing your little one.

Signs Of Ear Infection In Baby

Every sort of illness has got some symptoms which help in the process of understanding the type of illness in a better and clear way.

Ear infection in babies also has some signs and symptoms which helps in easy understanding of the infection. Let us look into the signs and symptoms of ear infections in little babies.

  • The ear of your little baby would be filled with puss
  • Your child would be experiencing a lot of pain in the year
  • Your child would experience trouble in hearing
  • The fluids can drain out of the ears of your child
  • Your child would experience tugging or pulling of ear
  • Your child would be having difficulty in sleeping
  • Your child would experience loss of balance and it can get severe
  • Your child would have difficulty in responding or listening to cues that are solely related to the functioning of the auditory system
  • Ear infections are brought by cold
  • The babies who are older and can express their difficulty would indicate their ears in case of an ear infection which they are able to identify
  • A fever of 101-degree Fahrenheit to 102-degree Fahrenheit can be the symptoms of an ear infection
  • Blood draining from your baby’s ears can also be the symptom of an ear infection
  • Your baby is experiencing the loss of his or her appetite

This might help you with the question How do I know if my baby has an ear infection or teething?

Baby Ear Infection VS Teething
Baby Ear Infection VS Teething

Baby Ear Infection VS Teething

Can baby’s ears hurt when teething? Yes, the teeth of babies do hurt when there is teething. You can keep your baby hydrated to eliminate the pain caused due to teething. You can also use a warm compress to soothe your child.

Ear Infection And Soothing

How can I soothe my baby’s ear infection? There are a number of ways that are available that would soothe your baby’s ear infection. These ways are all remedies that are practiced at the home.

We have been instrumental in listing some of these home remedies for helping you out in this stressful situation.

  • Warm Compress- You can try placing a warm, moist compress over your child’s ear for a time span of ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Acetaminophen- If the age of your baby is older than three months, acetaminophen or Tylenol has help reducing the pain and fever that might be experienced by your child when he or she is suffering from an ear infection.
  • You can try placing few drops of warm olive oil or sesame oil in your child’s ear
  • You must keep your child hydrated
  • Elevate your baby’s bad by placing a few pillows your child’s mattress of the bed
  • You can use homeopathic ear drops which contain extracts of  garlic, lavender, mullein, and calendula which helps in the process of soothing inflammation and pain

Why Ear Infection Is So Frequent In The Lives Of The Children?

Ear infections are caused when there is inflammation usually from trapped bacteria in the middle ear. The middle ear is the part of the ear that connects to the back of the nose and throat.

The most popular ear type of ear infection is otitis media in which fluids build up behind the middle ear and parts of the middle ear become infected and swollen.

  • The immune system of the little children is very underdeveloped
  • The immune system of the children is less infected to fight off infections
  • The eustachian tubes of little children are very small and more horizontal which makes it more difficult for fluid to drain out of the ear

How Long Do Ear Infections Last In Babies?

Without the use of any specific treatment, middle ear infections can go away on their own within 2- 3 days. In some rare cases, an ear infection might last longer.

In those cases, the fluid in the middle ear can last up to six weeks that is around forty-two days.

Pacifiers And Ear Infection

Do pacifiers cause ear infections? Yes, sometimes pacifiers can be a cause of ear infections.

If your child continuously sucks on a pacifier, it causes the auditory tubes of your child to be open in an abnormal way which allows secretions from the throat to seep into the middle ear. The transmission of bacteria in these secretions can cause middle ear infections.

Teething And Its Symptoms

What are the teething symptoms? Let us explore some of the symptoms of teething. We have listed some symptoms of teething that would help you to understand your child’s way and the signs and symptoms of teething in a better way.

  • Your child might experience irritability
  • Your child might experience diarrhoea
  • Your child might experience coughing
  • Your child might experience low grade fever
  • Your child might experience of skin rashes
  • Your child might experience biting and gnawing 

Teething And Fever

Does teething cause fever? Well, it is a myth that fever is being caused in your child by the process of teething. The process of teething can result in gum pain and fussiness in babies but it won’t cause fever.

Your baby’s body temperature may climb up a little, but that is not at all a fever in any sense. So, we do hope that this answers your question which says do babies get fevers when teething?

Baby Ear Infection VS Teething
Baby Ear Infection VS Teething

Teething Time

You might have a question which says that when do babies start teething? In exceptional cases, babies are born with their first teeth.

Other in some babies the process of teething starts when they are four months old and some babies start teething when they are twelve months old. But in an average sense, in most babies, the process of teething starts when they are six months of age. So this is the average Teethning age.

Teething and Soothing

Have you ever thought about how to relieve ear pain from teething? Teething is a very tiring procedure and it’s really painful. Seeing the pain of your child, you might feel the urge to help your, child, by soothing him or her with their teething pain.

  • You can use olive oil to soothe your baby’s ear pain due to teething
  • You need to improve your baby’s sleep positioning child who is suffering from ear pain due to teething
  • You can let your little one to breathe warm, moist air child who is suffering from ear pain due to teething
  • You can use herbal drops to soothe your child who is suffering from ear pain due to teething
  • You can use hair dryer to soothe your child who is suffering from ear pain due to teething
  • You can even call your doctor to soothe your child who is suffering from ear pain due to teething

This was our answer to your question which says, how do you soothe an earache when teething?

How Long Does Teething Last For?

The process of teething can be painful for your child and even for you. Usually teething begins around six to twelve months in the average sense and it usually lasts up to when your baby is as old as twenty-three to twenty-five months.

Ear Infection And Causes

What causes ear infections in babies? An ear infection is caused by some sort of bacteria.

  • Ear infection is caused by sore throat
  • Ear infection is caused by upper respiratory infection
  • Ear infection is also caused by cold

Baby’s Ear Infection And Treatment

We are sure that you are being disturbed by your baby ear infection treatment. Ear infections are caused by bacteria or in some cases by viruses.

Doctors, in some cases, try to treat the bacteria with antibiotics. Antibiotics are very strong medicines that help in the process of killing bacteria and viruses.

In Which Cases The Antibiotic Would Not Work?

Antibiotics would fail to work in some cases. What are those cases? Let us find out more about them in the following points.

  • Antibiotics do not work when the ear infection that are caused by viruses
  • Antibiotics do not work when they do not help the pain
  • Antibiotics do not work when the ear infection is a minor one and they ear infection ceases after two to three days

Baby tugging at ear can be a symptom of an ear infection.

Baby Ear Infection VS Teething
Baby Ear Infection VS Teething

The Same Symptoms Of Teething And Ear Infection

Many times, it is seen that the symptoms are teething and ear infections are intermixed.

  • Ear infection is caused by cold whereas teething is not caused by cold
  • Blood of puss draining from your ear can be a cause of ear infection whereas teething does not cause any sort of bleeding or drain of puss from the ear

Ear Infection And Prevention

How to prevent ear infections in babies? Here are some tips for you which would help you in the process of preventing ear infections in young babies and toddlers.

You must read these tips in a very dedicated manner so that you are able to prevent ear infection that is the cause of disturbance in your little one’s life.

  • Try to vaccinate your child- You must make sure of the fact that your child’s vaccination is up to date. It is found by studies that vaccinated children have fewer number of infections that are related to the ear. For example, the flu vaccine helps to eliminate dear infections.
  • Try breastfeeding your baby- You can try to breastfeed your baby. The breast milk is full of antibodies. The paediatrics recommend to keep the baby breastfeeding as long as the baby and his or her mother is willing to breastfeed.
  •  Try to ensure that you wash your hands- Washing your hands is a very important aspect of dealing with a baby. It is also a very good habit. The process of washing hand ensures that no germs can escape but are eliminated. Eliminating the germs would ensure less virus or bacterial infection in small babies.
  • Avoid feeding your baby with bottles in your bed- Try to avoid bottle feeding your baby when he or she is lying down on bed. This is because of the fact that milk may pull in their throat and enter the Eustachian tubes that creates a medium for the growth of the bacteria.
  • Try to avoid exposures of smoking around your baby- Try not to smoke around your baby. Smoking causes a rise in ear infections of children. The eustachian tubes are inflamed because of smoke. Try to eliminate the chance of anyone smoking near your child.
  • Try to decrease the use of pacifier- You must try to decrease the use of pacifier. The sucking of the pacifier may inhibit the proper functioning of the eustachian tubes. Many people suggest weaning children from pacifiers in the second six months of the life of your baby to prevent infection in the middle ear.
  • Try to choose a smaller day care centre for your child- When your child is placed at a bigger day care, it exposes your child to more respiratory viruses that might be harmful for your baby in the matter relating to infection in the ear.

These were some baby ear infection home remedy.


Baby Ear Infection
Baby Ear Infection
  • Can teething cause pain in the ear?

Yes, teething can cause pain in the ear. Sometimes it can be very disturbing for your child and you.

  • What can I do for my child’s ear infection?

You can contact your child’s doctor or try some home remedies for your child.

  • How do you know if your baby has an ear infection?

There are various signs and symptoms like irritability which would help you to understand that your child is suffering from an ear infection.

  • Should I take my child to the doctor for an ear infection?

After trying the home remedies, if you feel the ear infection of your child is not ceasing then you must take your child to the doctor’s chamber.

  • What are the baby ear infection symptoms?

There are various symptoms that indicate that your baby is suffering from an ear infection. Symptoms like irritation, loss of appetite do indicate that your baby is suffering from an ear infection.


As you have seen, an ear infection is a very important aspect of your child’s life. It can disrupt their daily routine and the normal mood of your child.

It might be also confused with teething. So after you get hold of the signs and symptoms try the home remedies and get hold of the doctors.

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