‘’ A baby is a blessing, A gift from heaven above, A precious little Angel To cherish and to Love!’’

The aforementioned quotes express it all if you are planning Rainbow decorations for a baby shower to collect all the happy wishes and blessings for your little one.

Having said that, celebrating an event with all the creative ideas would be worth the effort. Considering the same, tell us, would like to go for RAINBOW DECORATIONS FOR BABY SHOWER?

If yes, we have some awesome ideas for you today.

The joy of a new member coming brings up a lot of responsibility and excitement for its welcome. If it’s a rainbow baby then the joy is limitless. Let’s double the joy with:
Excited already? Good. Keep the excitement up and hop in.

The Rainbow Splash

To begin with, preparation, let’s find out the inside story of each of them, so you can put your heart and soul into its decoration and come up with your own creative ideas too.

The word rainbow itself sounds like hope with comes after heavy rain or storm.

Having said that, A rainbow baby is one that is conceived after the misfortune of a previously failed pregnancy.

Considering which, rainbow baby shower theme is has a symbolic meaning that suggests that, the baby is just like a rainbow baby that brings hope that all is not lost after such a sad misfortune.

Sounds like a blessing, doesn’t it?

On that note, let’s explore all about its decoration ideas

Rainbow Baby Decorations

We know, it is one of the special moments of your life. And you would definitely want to leave any stone unturned to make the moments memorable.

Rainbow Decorations For Baby Shower
Rainbow Baby Decorations

And with that, let us also get you some music to your ears!
If you are worried if the baby shower will match well your hopes, well, it will!
Because it is popular as it is gender-neutral.

The seven colors of the rainbow look stunning in various forms and these 7 colors also refresh the mood.

So, let’s figure out the ways of preparation.

Rainbow Baby Shower Preparation Requirements And Fun Ideas

If you are planning not to do it on your own then you can hire professional decorators and your work will be eased. But if not, the market is flooded with varieties of decorative materials. So, here are the ideas you can implement:

You can plan to make and install a rainbow doorway
To make sure that your guest can enjoy the theme in the best possible way, set up a rainbow photo booth where the guests can capture the beautiful moments.

Rainbow Decorations For Baby Shower
Rainbow Baby Shower Preparation Requirements And Fun Ideas

And here, you can keep different captioned props to make the party more exciting.
If it’s an in-house shower then you can decorate the walls with balloons and small rainbow cutouts which are easily available in the market.

If it’s an outdoor shower then you can set up a table and chair and can use a rainbow color cloth to cover them.

The party is no party without delicious food. And to start with fun of food, add your menu on a rainbow cutout.

Got some ideas?


But, have you not missed the most important thing for the baby shower event that is a beautiful, yummy cake?

We know, that’s the next best thing on the list. So, ready to get ideas to order the desirable cake?

Rainbow Theme Baby Shower Cake

The cake always marks the importance of an event being celebrated. All celebrations are incomplete without a cake. The sweet taste of the cake is also symbolic of joy and happiness.

Apart from the symbolic reasons a cake is also important for having something at the occasion.

  • Here are some cakes related ideas for you.
  • You can bake your own cake by following the steps given below:
  • Bake a normal sponge cake.
  • Ice it with plain white cream.
  • Once the icing is set, put skittles in semi-circles to form a rainbow.
  • Complete the rainbow by placing marshmallows at both the bases of the rainbow.
  • If you are not a good baker then you can order the rainbow cake from a nice bakery. You can choose different styles and patterns in it.
  • If you are expecting a girl then you can go for a cake which says “it’s a baby girl” with a baby girl made on it and vice-versa for the boy.
  • Oh! Are we missing something?
  • Well, are you ready to invite your guest?
  • We guess, not! Seems, you, yourself need to look presentable too.
  • How about, baby shower outfits?
  • Aha, let’s get some f ideas on this to ease your works and relax your mind.

Baby Shower Outfits

Rainbow Decorations For Baby Shower
Baby Shower Outfits

Well, just like preparation for the party, you should take out time to work on your glam side too.

After all, you are the host and the center of attraction.

Having said that, let us get you some interesting ideas!

Rainbow Themed

If you have finally selected a rainbow theme for the event, you would;t mind playing around the same when it comes to your own outfit.

And hence, here is what you can do:

  • The mother can wear some colorful floral maxi dress with is comfortable and easy to walk in.
  • The father can also twin with the mother by wearing some vibrant color t-shirt.
  • For the guest, you can plan free-size rainbow print t-shirts to follow the theme and create asymmetry for all.
  • They can be customized as per your requirements.

Interesting right, perfect theme-based party!
But, in case you are not yet sure about the theme, yet want to do something really cool with the outfit, here are some things to consider:


  • The mother can go for a stretchable plain bodycon dress which will look stylish too. She can wear her preferred color.
  • The father can go for something semi-formal.
  • For the guest, there is no dress code and they can dress according to their will.

That completes the planning for your rainbow-themed baby shower.
So, ready to invite your guests?
Well, when everything is on the lines of creativity, how can we skip some great ideas for the invitation.
Check out the information right here!

Rainbow Baby Shower Invitations

The significance of invites is that your happiness gets double when it is celebrated with loved ones.
The other importance of invitation is that it makes the guests feel more connected and invited and it also gives the host an idea of the number of people coming to the party.
Moreover, the host can make proper arrangements for their guests.

Rainbow Decorations For Baby Shower
Rainbow Decorations For Baby Shower

The invites also contain the RSVP which helps some guests to communicate the non-availability.
With that, you must be excited to know the best of ideas to make innovative and creative invitations.

So, here we go:

  • First thing first you invite must contain the theme which is planned and should be clearly depicted by the invitation card.
  • The occasion should be nicely highlighted on the card.
  • The content does not matter much but the clarity of basic information must be there.
  • You can add a picture of yourself showing off the baby bump on the card with a rainbow over your head.
  • Or can add a picture of animated babysitting on a rainbow, smiling.
  • For the designing and making of your invites, you can hire an agency or a particular person for the task.

Now if you don’t want to spend on the making of invites due to your own reasons then too, we got your back.

We are bringing to you a new and more innovative way of invites which will save your pocket and will also give a very warm message to your guests.

You can make your own pastel rainbow baby shower invitations.
Wondering, what’s that?

So basically, pastel invites are such invites in which the figures and pictures are painted with pastel crayons.

The most authentic pastel rainbow invitation is the one in which you personally paint the rainbow on the card.

This method of making cards gives a personal touch and also builds an emotional connects between you and the guests. This also shows your excitement and hard work for the coming of new members.

So, now you have choices. We suggest, make a choice that can double your happiness in no time.

Let’s do that then.

Now it might be possible that you may not like the rainbow theme for some personal reasons.

If that is so, then take a look at the following trendy ideas on baby showers.

Other Ideas Baby Shower Themes

The general idea behind deciding the theme is that the theme should have something to do with the season in which the baby is estimated to come.

Rainbow Decorations For Baby Shower
Other Ideas Baby Shower Themes

So, if your baby is supposed to be coming in the spring season then you can see them,
It’s time to invite guests!

Spring Baby Shower Theme

The spring season is that time of the year when new life blooms. The warm environment after the cold season feels very inviting. The spring themes have a lot of variations.

We got you some themes related to the spring baby shower:

  • the tropical theme
  • the life blooms
  • the floral theme
  • woodland wonder
  • Baby to bee and many more.

These were some of the popular themes. As the name suggests they are related to the spring season. You can plan your decoration accordingly by their names.

Moving on to the next which is gender-based decoration. If you got to know the gender of your child through ultrasonography and you decided to do a decoration gender specifically then this will help you out.

Baby Girl Shower Decoration Ideas

Thinking of welcoming a baby girl gives you a goodly vibe and you want to make that baby shower special for her then here you go with the girly ideas.

Talking of girls already brings floral or princess themes to your mind but as the time has changed you might think of raising a bold and strong girl. You can lay its foundation in the baby shower itself. You can go for the following ideas for your strong girl.

Rainbow Decorations For Baby Shower
Baby Girl Shower Decoration Ideas

You can decorate your walls with the female superhero’s cutouts like wonder woman, black widow, captain marvel, etc.

You can also hang the cutout of real-life female fighters. This will also communicate your message to others as well.

If you don’t want to create such a picture then you go for pink floral or princess them as well. It’s completely normal. In the end, what matters is your mindset for your baby.

Coming to the welcoming of a boy then sports or superhero themes can excite you.
You can use bold colors for the decoration and can incorporate a boyish feel.

You can even add the letter balloons saying the gender of the child.
Rest you can add on balloons all around with the decided name of your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How To Throw A Rainbow Baby Shower?

You can throw a perfect rainbow-themed baby shower by following the above information given by us or can contact a decorator for the same.

  • What Is A Rainbow Baby Shower?

A rainbow baby shower is one when a woman conceives a baby after the misfortune of a failed pregnancy. It is special as the new baby brings hope.

  • Which Is The Most Common Colour Theme Used In A Baby Shower?

If we talk about the most used color then it is the mint and grey color. These colors are more popular as most people organize baby showers in their garden so these colors go well with the environment.

  • What Do People Do At Baby Showers?

A baby shower is a kind of gathering where the relatives and friends get together to congratulate the couple to be parents and give gifts to them for the new upcoming member. They also play games and share drinks and food.

Final Words

Baby Shower is indeed the most special moment for any parent and other members of the family. Picking up the best theme and putting in your best efforts is a matter of the heart.

So, without any delay get started with the application of all the information provided above. Plan the baby shower with the thought in mind that your life is soon going to be colorful just like the seven colors of the rainbow.

Record the event and celebration as a memory and later on show it to your child when he/she grows up. They will be the happiest to see your excitement and enthusiasm involved in their welcome.

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