Butterflies play a great role in the pollination of the plants, vegetables, flowers and many more. They live on the earth. The butterflies are known as one of the best animals that can bring in more beauty to our environments. 

Here in this content we will be discussing about the various butterfly facts for kids that is not only interesting but also highly attractive. There are so many butterflies with unique ways for surviving. 

Butterflies: An Introduction

Butterflies are an important example of living creatures on this earth. They are an insect and a mini beast. They are very colorful. They happen in various sizes, shapes and you might also get to spot them in your own garden. There are so many fun facts about butterfly for kids. 

What Are The Butterfly Facts For Kids? 

Some believe that butterflies are an insect. They have antennae. These mini insects are divided into different body parts. These body parts included the head, thorax and abdomen and six legs. It is true for all other insects. They also have wings and they are wonderful. 

Do You Think Butterflies Have Teeth?

Have you ever wondered- do butterflies have teeth? A butterfly always use their long tongue.  Their tongue is like a straw. They do not have teeth but heir tongue is used to do all the activities better. It is called a proboscis. They suck up the nectar with their tongue. 

Butterflies get their food from the tree sap, dead and rotting animal matter or other organic material that is found in the wild. Butterflies live mostly on liquid food. It would be hard for butterflies to suck up solid foods easily.  

Can Butterflies Bite?

If you think can butterflies bite? Let me tell you butterflies never bites. Caterpillars munch on leaves and eat voraciously. They chew the mouthparts. But some of them feel threatened.

But once they become butterflies, they lose their teeth and develop long straw like tongue. Their jaws are gone. They have curled proboscis. 

Do You Know That Butterflies Poop Or Not?

Are you looking for the answer to the answer- do butterflies poop? Here’s an answer to this- Adult butterflies never urinate or defecate. The larval life stage does all the eating. Caterpillars in the early stage continually defecate. It is when you hear them poop. 

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Butterflies Taste With Their Feet- Is It So? 

Yes, you heard it right- Butterflies taste with their feet. These mini beats have taste sensors on their legs. It informs it about the taste of the plants it rests on for a while or two. Most of the taste buds truly focused on their feet. 

What Is The Average Length Of A Butterfly?

What Are The Butterfly Facts For Kids? 

Now let us know what is the average length of a butterfly? An average butterfly is all about 30mm- 35mm in length. These are available in large numbers. Adult butterflies sometimes have broken wings with a span of 5-7 cm. it measures about 2-2.4 inches. The circular markings on them offer good length.

How Do Butterflies Get Their Colors?                                                               

Butterflies are brown and yellow in texture and color. They get their different shades from the melanin. Sometimes they look metallic in color. The colors seem to shift, change and appear intense. The variations come in hues and perform to attract he potential male mates. 

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Do Butterflies Have Bones In Their Wings?

Insect wings do not have bones. But the birds and the bat wings have them. Butterfly wings are covered but do not have bones. Hey have scales, feathers, and bat wings with bare skin. 

Animals without a backbone is called invertebrates. But are butterflies invertebrates or perhaps you come up with a question including do butterflies have bones in their wings?

All of these organisms have adapted to life in the air. It also evolves wings. The skeleton is on the outside of the body. The hard shell is called an exoskeleton. Unlike humans, birds do not have bones beneath soft tissues forming no bones.  

What Is The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly?                                                          

There are actually 4 stages in the metamorphosis of butterflies and moths. These include the following-

  • Egg 
  • Larva
  • Pupa
  • Adult

What Is The Difference Between A Chrysalis, Cocoon And Pupa?

In the insect’s life cycle, a cocoon is a structure, whereas a pupa is a particular stage. The butterfly life cycle is accompanied by a cocoon, whereas all holometabolous insects have pupal phases. 

Do All Caterpillars Turn Into Butterflies?

Not all caterpillars become moths, some do. There is no surefire way to predict which an animal will become simply by looking at it. If you see a caterpillar, it will undoubtedly change into a butterfly or a moth and it cannot become anything other. 

What Are The Butterfly Facts For Kids? 

The larva, or caterpillar as it is more formally known, stuffs itself with leaves as it grows larger and plumper via a series of moults during which it sheds its skin.

The caterpillar eventually stops eating, hangs from a branch or leaf upside down, builds a silky cocoon for itself, or moults into a shiny chrysalis. 

The caterpillar undergoes a drastic physical transformation inside its protective covering before eventually emerging as a butterfly or moth.

Here Are Some Fun Facts About Butterflies

  • Butterflies are mini beasts and insects 
  • Butterfly’s lifecycle is made of four parts: egg, larva, pupa and adult 
  • Caterpillars are plant eaters
  • Wings of the butterfly are colorful
  • Butterflies feed on nectar from flowers 
  • Butterflies have large and angular wings 
  • Some know monarch flies for their long migration 
  • Butterflies travel great distances
  • Female butterflies lay eggs 
  • Butterflies do not have teeth
  • Butterflies taste with their feet 
  • Butterflies have tiny scales but no bones 
  • Life span of the butterflies is not long
  • Butterflies have predators 
  • Butterflies never sleep, they quiescent
  • Butterflies are not invertebrates 


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