What is King Cobra
What is King Cobra

What is King Cobra?

  1. King cobra is a species of snake native to Asia and is one of the most dangerous and highly venomous. 
  2. One fearful King cobra fact for kids to know is that King Cobra’s bite can kill humans in just 15 minutes and a positively grown Mammoth in a few hours. 
  3. The scientific name of the king cobra is Ophiophagus Hannah, and it is categorized as Reptile. Determined by experts, the group of King Cobra is Quiver.
  4. A king cobra can be 10-12 feet long, but it can reach up to 18 feet in height. It can literally stand eye to eye with humans, which is one of the unique qualities of King Cobra.
  5. King Cobra has a lifespan of up to 20 years
  6. When attacking, King Cobra can lift one-third of its body above ground and can move to attack. 
  7. King cobra’s skin is generally feet dry and not moist when touched physically, it seems polished and shiny. The throat will be yellowish-white in color. 
  8. One super weird King cobra fact for kids to know is that the favorite food of king cobra is other snakes. Yes, generally, you hear that rodents, mice, lizards, etc., are snakes’ favorite food, but King Cobra prefers to eat other snakes.
  9. King Cobra can also be seen that with time, a single king cobra prefers a specific species of snake and leave the rest species.
  10. King cobra generally lives in the rain forests of India, Southern China, and South East Asia. 

Behavioral and Dangerous King Cobra Facts for Kids

Behavioral and Dangerous King Cobra Facts for Kids
Behavioral and Dangerous King Cobra Facts for Kids
  1. Even though it’s the most aggressive and fierce reptiles, they are shy and try to avoid humans as much as they can. 
  2. Among Venomous snakes, the venom isn’t the deadliest, but the quantity of venom king cobra releases in one shot is enough to kill 20 people, which is like two-tenth of an ounce. 
  3. As King cobra has Neurotoxin venom, the quick death of humans by King Cobra’s bite is because the venom hits and chokes the respiratory section of the brain and leads to cardiac arrest and organ failures. 
  4. The positive side of King Cobra is that it is the only snake that builds a nest to lay eggs in and protects until the egg hatches.  
  5. Because of the most dangerous snake, King Cobra is the first choice for any snake charmer. Snake charming actually torments snakes and is a bad boy practice. 
  6. A fascinating King Cobra facts for kids to know is the title King is given to king cobra because they eat other cobra snakes. Yes, like scorpions, cobra eats other cobra snakes and hence is given the suffix King before the name. 
  7. Now talking about the heart, King Cobra and other reptiles have a three-chambered heart which consists of two atria and one ventricle. 
  8. King Cobra’s head mass can be spread like a hood when felt unsafe or under attack. This behavior of king cobra is an act of defense. 
  9. King Cobra can move as fast as 12 miles an hour which is equivalent to 20.3 Kilometre an hour, and that is more than the average running speed of humans. 
  10. As we discussed earlier, the king cobra is a shy animal and prefers not to fight or avoid as much as it can. They have different tactics and moaning capacity to warn the enemies.
  11. They would make a sound like a growling dog when highly angry. They hiss like every other snake. These all are forms of giving a warning to the opponents. 
  12. One Interesting King Cobra facts for kids to know is that King Cobras are not only found on the ground, but they can swim and are found in water bodies as well. The most secure and preferred place for King Cobra to hide is huge vegetation or tall trees.
  13. King Cobra keeps traveling from one place to other in search of food or to get rid of dangerous situations. 
  14. They are mostly active during day time. 
  15. The only creature King Cobra is feared off is Mongoose. Mongoose is privileged hunters of snakes. 
  16. The safest way to skip the encounter with the king cobra is to keep looking eye to eye and moving out of the place silently.
  17. That is how a snake charmer distracts a king cobra and can hypnotize them.

Characteristics Facts of King Cobra

Characteristics Facts of King Cobra
Characteristics Facts of King Cobra
  1. As we see, many snakes spit venom in order to strike or fight an opponent, whereas the king cobra is more lethal in this as well, which could be a drawback from the perspective of a snake, but the King Cobra doesn’t spit venom instead they bite and inject venom directly into the body of the opponent. Hence, we can say that King Cobra has to attack by making physical contact with the opponent.
  2. King Cobra, due to the length, have to remove their skin as much as five times a year. For other snakes, skin removal is done 3-4 times a year
  3. As far as anti-venom is concerned, there are only two anti-venom available to combat King Cobra’s bite. But as we saw earlier, King Cobra’s lethal bite then killed humans in just 15 mins which is very less time for anyone to even reach the hospital. 
  4. Talking about the lethal bites, King Cobra is a generous creature to humans, and very few deaths are recorded due to King Cobra’s bites. 
  5. Despite all these specialties, this ‘Not easy to Kill’ creature is categorized as an endangered to extinction species of animal where Humans are a major predator of King Cobra. 
  6. The Conservation program in Vietnam helps in saving King Cobra as the venom and skin are used by humans for medical and other purposes. 
  7. Something Interesting about King Cobra facts for kids to know is the baby king cobra is cute but is also capable of producing enough venom to kill an adult king cobra. 

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