Gorilla are known as the world’s largest primates and members of the Great Ape family. There are two categories of gorilla. One is eastern Gorilla and the other is Western Gorilla. 

Western Gorilla has larger estimated population. They count around 95,000. They are rated critically as endangered spices. It is all due to the fastest declining rates than the eastern Gorilla. 

Before you know do gorillas have predators, you must know something more about them. Larger troops of gorillas may contain one or more adult males. They are mostly renowned as Black backs. 

Gorilla: An Introduction  

Here’s a short summary on introduction according to the Research. These spices are mainly residents of Africa. Some live on swamps and some in the forests. There are a few more who love to live in the foothills of the mountain. 

Gorilla facts for kid

How much does a gorilla cost?
A Gorilla can cost about $15k to $38k approximately if you want to keep them as pets at home. 

Animal: Gorilla

Height: 6 feet on Average

Weight: 4400-450 pounds on an average

Species: Gorilla Troglodytes

Lifespan: 35 and 40 years

Dietary habit: Herbivorous

Region of Stay: Africa

The average lifespan of a gorilla is 50-52 years of age. They live on vegetables, raw fruits and chocolates and many more. If you want to enquire about how tall are gorillas standing up?
Get this height, it is 6 feet tall for male gorillas. And for females gorillas the height is 4.5- 5.4 feet tall. 

What Are Kid Gorillas Called?

 This is a very common query that comes up next in the discussion. They are known as Infant Gorilla. They are very social animals. Hence they can live with their families in a group. They spend loads of time moving with each other in a group always. 

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What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Gorilla?  

When it comes to the average lifespan of a gorilla, you can take it upto 45-50 years of age. It is estimated to be about 35 years in the wild bit when they are maintained properly they can live upto 50 years too.  It depends on the food they eat and the lifestyle they are going through. 

Do Gorillas Have Predators?  

Now, this is a very common question but humans are a bigger threat to the entire gorilla population. But, leopards, and crocodiles happen to be one of the best prey upon gorillas. They are also cared of reptiles, chameleons, caterpillars and many more.  

What Do Mountain Gorillas Eat? 

Gorilla facts for kid

They live on plants, vegetables, leaves, shoots, steams and larvae. They also eat ants, snails, barks, wood and eat anything that is a good source of sodium and salt. But bamboo is one of their favorite food item. 

How Many Mountain Gorillas Are Left?

It is seen that in the present era, there are number in the wild tops of 1,000. Mountain gorillas are expected to get extinct by the millennium. 

Why Are Gorillas Becoming Extinct?

These animals are subjected to uncontrolled hunting and uneven deaths.  There are a few who can save themselves from the ruthless hands of the human conflicts. 

Are Gorilla Families Like Human Families?

You need to dig into its details completely. Gorillas share 99% generatic code and DNA with the humans. Thus they are considered to be the forefathers of man. 

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What Is A Silverback Gorilla?

Silverback Gorillas are a group of Gorillas who can live in small groups. They never like to mess with others. If you want to know what is a Silverback gorilla? You need to go beyond its origin and history. Silverback gorillas protect others in their groups. Especially the potential predators are their foe. And, leopards are one such foe. 

What Does A Gorilla Sound Like?

It is very common for a Gorilla to vocalize. It is made by the gorillas mainly living in the jungles. They are known as belches. 

For some, the sound of the belching is defined as a deep prolonged rumble. It is rather little soft sound, especially when you hear it from any particular distance.

Can Gorillas Swim?

Gorilla facts for kid

Yes, but they cannot swim naturally. And, it is seen that they fear large bodies of water and rivers. Therefore, the zoos and sometimes in the wild, young adults love playing in the water with low volume. 

Fun Facts About Gorillas

  1. Gorillas are large apes
  2. Largest living primates on Earth 
  3. Gorillas are subfamily of the Gorilla Genus 
  4. There are two types of Gorilla: Eastern & Western 
  5. Life expectancy is upto 50-52 years
  6. Gorillas are of a height of a man i.e 5-6 feet 
  7. They are herbivores and love eating veggies and fruits 
  8. These animals are social animals and rarely need to drink water
  9. Gorillas eat so much vegetables and rarely can live alone 
  10. Gorillas find their mates at the age of 7 and 12 years of age
  11. Female gorillas give birth to baby gorilla within 9 months of pregnancy 
  12. Gorillas are highly intelligent and considered the forefathers of man on earth 
  13. They have opposable thumbs
  14. Gorillas have similar DNA to humans as per research 
  15. Gorillas can understand human gestures & replicate the same 
  16. These animals are presently the endangered spices 

Want to know more about our close relative? Stay tuned to our page and enjoy reading fun facts for kids more than you expected. 

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