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Updated: Jun 17, 2024


Every boy band group had their special and precious moments that their fans always want to know about and cherish forever. Just like that Kpop group, Stray Kids, also have some lovely yet funny moments that their fans are dying to know. You may know them on the stage. But today you get a chance to know about their secret facts that will bring you closer to them.

15 Fun Facts About Stray Kids: Revealed by the Band

1. The most phenomenal member and the team leader Bang Chan or Christopher Bang from Stray Kids have double-jointed arms. When the members were invited as guests for a show, he shared this fact with his teammates and others. He also showed a demonstration of what his double-jointed arms could do.

2. Stray Kids Bang Chan or Christopher Bang is considerate, and dependable and always tries his best to protect all the members of Stray Kids.

3. Sources reveal that Minho, also known as Lee Know from Stray Kids, has long and strong eyelashes that can hold straws and toothpicks. It is one of his best features. One day he surprised his fans by holding a small straw and a toothpick on his eyelashes.

4. Minho (Lee Know) has gained popularity for his dancing skills. We have recently found out that he used to be a backup dancer of the most popular band, Bangtan boys, also known as BTS. His fans who are also called as STAYs call Minho as the Dancing Jewel or Dancing Jem.

5. Whenever Felix from Stray Kids is nervous, he checks his pulse. Why so nervous, Oppa?

6. Stray Kids Felix and Bag Chan are fluent in English. Though Felix has Korean parents, he used to reside in Australia in his childhood. So that is how he learned English.

7. Felix almost failed to debut because he had got eliminated in Episode 5 of Mnet’s Stray Kids Show. But he finally made it into the team.

8. Felix for Stray Kids has a unique low voice trademark which has helped his entire gang to expand their career and to garner a more international audience.

9. Hyunjin from Stray Kids has a habit of crying on the stage. It is one of the moments that their fans cannot miss. In fact, the members of the band themselves say that Hyunjin is a crybaby of their team. Isn’t it cute and heart-wrenching at the same time?

10. Joengin, also known as (I.N) of the Stray Kids band is clumsy. He himself admitted and had shared this with his fans. It is said to be one of the secret fun facts of the Stray kids which is no more a secret to the world. One day, he ordered a package for himself. But he totally forgot about it the next day. Hope he does not forget about his stans.

11. Joengin (I.N) is the maknae of the Stray Kids band. Sources say that he is considered one of the least popular members of the band. However, his fans claim that his stans are just quieter than the other stans of the group.

12. Joengin (I.N) has a cute and silly personality. Most of the time, he is seen messing around with his other team members.

13. When Stray Kids’ Jisung was in Malaysia, he almost ate a crocodile. Not a delicious snack to eat, Oppa!

14. One great quality about Stray Kids’ Jisung is that he is quick at doing his things. Moreover, he is great at writing lyrics in a limited amount of time. Sometimes, he even completes a song lyrics within 30 minutes.

15. Stray Kids’ Hyunjin has fought with almost every member except Seungmin. During his training times, he had quite a temperament.

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