How Many Okinawa Kids Did Frantz Take Under His Wing?

Who knew that the lives of the Okinawans would change suddenly after just a battle? It brought the lives of the citizens to a halt. When Okinawans were struggling, Frantz Fanon came into the picture and blessed many.

As soon as he stepped on the island, he became a brotherly figure to the Okinawan kids. During those days, Frantz was planning to join the Marines. So when he received the training letter, he left for the United States to join the Marines.

When Frantz Fanon went to the United States to become a soldier, the citizens of Okinawa did not feel confident about what to do next because he was always there to guide them.

They still learned many new things and hoped to show them to Frantz after he returned. One fine day, he was on a leave and came back to the island of Okinawa. The neighborhood couldn’t control their happiness and waited eagerly to share what he had missed.

The Okinawans had learned many new things and they happily showed them to Frantz. Frantz was happy as well to see the neighborhood prosper.

The Story Behind How Many Okinawa Kids Frantz Fanon Takes Under His Wing

How Many Okinawa Kids Did Frantz Take Under His Wing

Frantz Fanon came to Okinawa in 1952. As soon as he arrived, he was shocked by the number of street kids living in slums. So he decided to help these little ones by taking a bunch of them under his wing.

He not only provided them shelter and food but also taught them how to write and read. Later on, Frantz came to know that Okinawa people required help as well as who were living in poverty.

These citizens were facing oppression and discrimination by the Japanese government. So he fought along with them for their rights.

The Battle Of Okinawa

As Hitler was dead, the United States was at peace and war was over. However, their peace was short-lived when the Japanese attacked the US ships in suicide bombing attacks.

On April 1, 1945, more than 60,000 soldiers along with the US Marines of the US Tenth Army stormed ashore on Okinawa Island.

This major battle was fought between the United States and the Empire of Japan. It is said to be the final island battle before winning over Japan.

After the initial advance, US forces soon encountered the defenses of Japan. And the savage battle began at the southern end of the island.

The battle was not easy because the Americans had to also fight the rugged terrain and heavy rains. This slowed their natural defensive positions and swift movement around Okinawa Island.

And nearly for three months, the battle raged via air, sea, and land. Like the killing of Iwo Jima, Okinawa’s bloodshed speculated more deaths could follow in the coming months.

By April 18, after the anticipated invasion of Japan’s home islands, US Marines overcame Japanese defenses in the northern part of Okinawa.

On the other hand, the opposition in the south seemed formidable. The Japanese defense held up the American advances for a good amount of time. But even after anchoring defenses at historic Shuri Castle, they were beaten by the Tenth Army on May 29.

Later on, US Marines seized the Naha airfield through an assault that was held on June 4. On March 26, the Japanese army started suicide plane attacks in the preliminary operations.

At the end of the campaign, they launched almost 2,000 suicide attacks against the Americans. In these attacks, 164 ships were damaged and 26 got sunk.

How Many Japanese Soldiers Were Killed In The Battle Of Okinawa?

Fought between April 1st and June 22nd, 1945, the Battle of Okinawa cost a lot more than just a life. The victory was not so sweet as this battle is said to be one of the deadliest battles during World War II.

The gruesome battle continued for more than three months and it resulted in more than 49,000 American casualties, which also includes about 12,000 deaths.

Moreover, during the final offensive, Tenth Army’s commander, Lieutenant General Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr. was killed by a sniper on June 18. It is being said that he was one of the highest-ranking American generals who died in action during World War II.

Apart from that, around 90,000 Japanese combatants lost their lives fighting in the final stages of the battle. In the end, they did not surrender but chose suicide as the last option.

Some Japanese soldiers jumped from the mountains and some took their lives by exploding hand grenades. But the casualties and death among the civilians are much bigger than the Japanese soldiers.

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How Many People Died In The Battle Of Okinawa?

The Battle of Okinawa is the last brutal battle ever that took place at the end of World War II. According to the sources, over 150,000 people died in the battle between America and Japan. And the death of the civilians crossed over 100,000.

Who Won The Battle Of Okinawa?

How Many Okinawa Kids Did Frantz Take Under His Wing

The American army started a massive invasion of Okinawa, a Japanese-held island. The fierce battle took a very bad turn and many lives were lost from both ends.

In the first two months, around 12,00 American troops lost their lives. On the other hand, the Japanese lost 100,000 soldiers.

The fight was very tough as the southern end of the island held a very strong defense. As the Japanese army began to falter, the winning chances for America grew more and more. But their victory came with a cost and many Americans lost their fellow soldiers.

The Japanese army had created bunkers and tunnels under the island and whenever the Americans would do heavy bombardment, they would go back inside and hide for a while.

They defended their post till the very last but the American troops outnumbered them. The US was always thinking ahead of them and continued to zero in and come closer to their enemy’s location.

The innocent civilian population, also known as Okinawans had nothing to do with this battle but died in the same battle as they had nowhere to go.

The Japanese troops used the Okinawans as human shields to protect them from the soldiers. Some Japanese saw these civilians as a liability and killed them on the spot. By the end of the battle, more than 150,000 innocent Okinawan civilians lost their lives.

When the Americans won over Okinawa island, it paved the way for the invasion of Japan. The Americans also dropped an atomic bomb on Japan to force them to surrender.

But they still chose to fight and in the end, most of the Japanese troops preferred to commit suicide instead of surrendering to the Americans.

How Many American Army Soldiers And Marines Invaded The Island Of Okinawa?

On April 1, 1945, the American soldiers and Marines marched their way to invade Okinawa, which was held by the Japanese troops.

It is considered one of the biggest assaults of the Pacific War. The Japanese army had formed its base on this island to stop the American troops from entering mainland of Japan.

But the US had other plants. They wanted to take over the island and form it as a base. The Japanese were very ahead of the US army as they had formed tunnels and bunkers inside the island. In this assault, more than 180,000 American troops were part of this operation. Among them, over 12,000 soldiers died fighting against the Japanese army.

The battle was one of the bloodiest of the war, with over 100,000 Japanese soldiers and civilians also being killed. The island was finally captured by the Americans after a three-month battle, and it would go on to play a key role in the eventual defeat of Japan.

The Aftermath Of The Battle Of Okinawa

How Many Okinawa Kids Did Frantz Take Under His Wing

The brutal war between America and the Japanese continued for more than 3 months and even after winning the war, Americans and the Okinawans had suffered heavy damage. The fierce fight came to a halt after three months when America took over the island.

By just reading or hearing about World War stories, we all get goosebumps. But the horrors the Okinawans and Americans had to face were worse.

The soldiers who came back alive were either severely injured or broken mentally. Sources reveal that these soldiers were later diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Aside from this, things did not stop here. The battle between America and Japan had a very lasting impact on Okinawa island.

As the Japanese troops had used this island as a military base, most of the civilians who were the residents of Okinawa were forced to leave their island which had been their home for ages.

The after-effects of the American and Japanese wars can still be seen today by tourists as World War II sites. Many good sources showcase the battle.

There is a book named “Okinawa: The Last Battle of World War II” that shares the details about the war on the island and a film called “Hacksaw Ridge” where the horrors of the war are brilliantly portrayed by one man who gets caught up in this fierce battle.

How Long Did The Battle Of Okinawa Last?

The battle of Okinawa started on April 1, 1945, and ended on June 22, 1945. This brutal battle lasted for almost three months. And over 12,000 Brave hearts of America lost their lives on the Island.

Casualties After The Battle Of Okinawa

As the battle lasted for three months, it was a bit tiring and ferocious for American troops and civilians. Within these three months, there were a lot of casualties which can be compared to any other battle of World War II.

Some Okinawans left their homes, but the others who stayed were left in God’s mercy. The main motive of the battle between Japan and the United States was to take over the post of Okinawa. But this cost a lot and the island lost a lot of its charm in this ugly war.

However, taking over Okinawa island was crucial for the American because it was the nearest location for the American bombers to take a halt before launching an attack. Furthermore, it was the last resort for the United States to reach Japan and make them surrender.

Both the parties suffered heavy casualties and for just one win, many lives were lost. The battle was so bloody that at one point almost the entire land was covered with dead bodies.

Japanese and American lost their soldiers, but the highest casualties were Okinawan residents, who were caught up in the battle and had nowhere to run to on this tiny island. This tragic battle is written in the history books of the horrific wars of World War II.

Significance Of Battle Of Okinawa

How Many Okinawa Kids Did Frantz Take Under His Wing

The Battle of Okinawa was destructive but it played an important role. This battle resulted in the wounded people and deaths of more than 12,000 American soldiers and more than 100,000 Okinawan civilians. Some Japanese soldiers committed suicide as they did not want to die at the hands of American troops.

Still, this battle was important for many people and is being written in golden words in the history books. The Japanese army was not easy to beat in the first two months, but by the end, American troops defeated them.

However, the deaths and serious casualties led the American forces to work on new ways to defeat Japan. The fierce defense from the Japanese end made it crystal clear that the Japanese were all set to fight with all their might. This led to an eventual decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

As the Battle of Okinawa was the last bigger battle of World War II, many countries learned their lessons in a tougher way and also paid a huge price.

The blood spilled by the soldiers on the island, and the lives lost of the innocent civilians will always be remembered by everyone.

Our Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the residents of Okinawa had to face a lot. It was trapped between two nations’ battles and the effects are still seen today.

They are still not treated equally by the Japanese government, which is really not fair with what they had to go through because of the Japanese army.

Frantz Fanon came like a ray of hope to Okinawans. He is a retired marine who now stays on the island along with the residents of the island. He also has his own blog, which is called Okinawa Dad where he shares about his and his kid’s life on the island.

Frantz has done many things for the people of Okinawa. For the better future of the Okinawa kids, he took them under their wing so they can become better humans tomorrow.

These little ones are facing difficulties in school or being abandoned by their own blood-related parents. So Frantz guides and mentors them to stay on the right path.

This man is living proof that kindness still exists in this world. And we don’t have to be related to needy people who we want to help and in desperate need of care and support.

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How Old Was ‘Cobra Kai’s Ralph Macchio In The Karate Kid?

All the Cobra Kai lovers, listen up! We have great news for you all. Netflix has finally given a green light to the fifth season of Cobra Kai. And it is expected to release earlier than expected. In this article, we will be sharing how old was ralph Macchio in karate kid, the trailer, the release date, and much more.

How Old Was Ralph Macchio In The Karate Kid?

The first movie of the Karate Kid franchise was released on June 22, 1984, which centered around teen Daniel LaRusso who learns karate from Mr. Miyagi after getting bullied by Johnny Lawrence.

Though the character was a 17 years old teenager in the first installment, the actor, Ralph Macchio who played the role of Daniel was 23 years old.

How Old Was Ralph Macchio In The Karate Kid Part Second?

After the first massive hit of the first installment, the second part of the Karate Kid premiered two years later, which was on June 20, 1986. In the part II, Daniel travels to Japan along with Mr. Miyagi to meet his ill father.

In that year, Ralph Macchio was 25 years old. Later on, he continued to play the same character in the third installment of the franchise.

How Old Was Ralph Macchio In The Karate Kid  3?

 how old was ralph Macchio in karate kid

After the release of the two installments, Ralph Macchio earned a lot of fame. He continued to act as the same character for one last time in 1989’s The Karate Kid 3.

At that time, his age was 29. He played the role of Daniel who tried to cope with the threat of an old enemy who is looking for vengeance against LaRusso and his teacher, Mr. Miyagi.

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How Old Is Ralph Macchio In Cobra Kai?

The journey of Daniel LaRusso did not end here. His story continued after a couple of decades (30 to 40 years) when Macchio is seen playing the role of Daniel in a YouTube show called Cobra Kai.

The first season of Cobra Kai was released on May 2, 2018. In that year, Macchio was 56 years old. Fast forwarding to the current year, he is 60 years old.

Found all the personal details about Ralph Macchio. But don’t you think you are missing more details about someone else? Yes, we are talking about Ralph Macchio’s onscreen rival, William Zabka.

Let’s check out what his age was in all the installments of the franchise.

How Old Was William Zabka In The Karate Kid?

 how old was ralph Macchio in karate kid

In the first installment of the Karate Kid franchise, both Ralph Macchio and William Zabka played the role of teenage kids. However, both of them were onscreen rivals. In the first part, William’s current age was 21.

He played the character of Johnny Lawrence who is a martial artist and bullies Daniel LaRusso.

How Old Was William Zabka In The Karate Kid 2?

In the second part of the Karate Kid, William Zabka’s age was 23. 

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How Old Was William Zabka In The Karate Kid 3?

In Karate Kid III, William Zabka’s age was 27. However, he was not part of the third installment. He was directly seen in the Cobra Kai series which is now available on Netflix.

How Old Was William Zabka In Cobra Kai?

Fans rejoiced after seeing William Zabka coming back to play the role of the lead villain in the Youtube series. After the second season got released on Netflix, the fandom of the lead actors reached the sky.

When the first season of Cobra Kai was released on YouTube, William Zabka’s age was 52. And as the fifth season is around the corner, his current age is 54. In the series, it is shown that Johnny Lawrence reopens the infamous Cobra Kai dojo and is seeking redemption from his old enemy Daniel LaRusso, who is now living a healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, William has fallen from a rich lifestyle due to alcoholism. LaRusso and Lawrence’s enmity is shown throughout the series.

Latest Updates About Cobra Kai Season 5

 how old was ralph Macchio in karate kid

As the new hilarious trailer for Cobra Kai season, 5 is out now, there are quite a few things we can share about the preview. 

We could continue talking about how Miguel and Robbie beat each other throughout this series. On the other hand, you can once again expect Daniel LaRusso to be biffing just about everything. Or maybe he is mad about the impending return of Kreese.

But don’t worry! We are not going to spoil anything for you before you watch the trailer. All you have to do is simply watch the clip to witness Johnny Lawrence as an Uber driver. 

So now that you are all set to take a deep dive into the Miyagi-verse, we have shared some interesting details about the show, the age group of the actors who played the lead roles, and more. 

Moreover, we have also gathered all the details on everything we know about Cobra Kai Season Five so far.

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Cobra Kai Season 5: When Will It Debut?

If you are a die heart fan of Cobra Kai, then you must be visiting the internet on a regular basis to find out the exact release dates of the upcoming season. As we all know, no year has gone without at least one season of Cobra Kai, we can expect the fifth season to air this year as well.

As of now, the creators of the show are running tight production schedules for this forthcoming season. And we can expect Cobra Kai season 5 to be as rocking as the past seasons. The official dates of the series have already been declared and the show is going to break its longstanding New Year’s release date tradition.

According to the sources, Cobra Kai season 5 is all set to arrive on September 9, 2022. And want to hear one more good news? The trailer is also out now! You can check it out below:


Blue Ivy Net Worth: Richest Celebrity Kid 

Blue Ivy Carter is a popular American singer. She is among the richest kids in America. Blue ivy’s net worth of $500 million. When it comes to the richness, Blue Ivy net worth tops the list. She is a masterpiece.

Celebrity kids get to inherit richness and fame even when they are aware of it. If we talk about her parents, Jay Z and Beyonce, Blue Ivy has an estimated net worth of around $500-$550 million.

It was 2 days after her birth, the little one crowned the most famous baby in the world by the Time Magazine. At a tender age of 9, Miss Blue Ivy came to be well known for the smash single, Brown Skin Girl. She was also the second youngest person to win a Grammy Award.

How Did Blue Ivy Get Her Net Worth?

Miss Blue Ivy’s net worth is greater than most of the celebrities. She has inherited a combined net worth property from her mom and dad whereas she has made her own net worth of over $1.8 billion.

It can be easy to overlook the separate net worth of the couple’s kids.  Presently, Blue ivy carter age is 10. Blue Ivy Carter date of birth is 7th January 2012. Blue ivy height is 4’5 ft

Blue Ivy Net Worth

A Detailed Account About Blue Ivy Carter


Age 10
Full Name Blue Ivy Carter
Date Of Birth 07.01.2012
Place of Birth New York City U.S
Lives In New York City, U.S
Parents name Jay-Z & Beyonce
School The Center for Early Education
Height 4 ft 5 inches
Weight 31 kgs
Hobbies Building Blocks
Best Friends Madison Brown, Monroe Cannon, Moroccan



Blue Ivy Net Worth 2022: An Overview

If you think of who’s the richest kid in America? The first name that hits the list first is of Blue Ivy Carter (D/O of Jay-Z and Beyonce). Although Blue Ivy is going to inherit properties of her parents, yet she has made her own net worth of around $550 million.

If we come down to estimate blue ivy net worth, things will be very clear. Through the vast presence in the social media, Blue Ivy Carter is known to have undertaken the sponsor of the promotional activities. It is done through the Blue Ivy Carter’s name in general.

Blue Ivy Carter net worth 2022 includes over $4 Million Cash funds that her parents have kept securely in her name in the bank deposit.

Now let us talk about the assets accumulated by Blue Ivy under her name. As per the record of the trust’s fund of Blue Ivy Carter, it is calculated that it consists of over 10 real estate properties under her name. Apart from this, there is a worth of $1 Million worth of Bitcoins, 3 Luxury Yachts.

Money in the account of Blue Ivy Carter’s trust will not remain kept unutilized. It is taken care of by a reputed wealth management company. The amount is used to make multiple investments.

The money in the Blue Ivy Carter’s account is invested in Government Bonds and also in Stock Markets. From here an estimated $5 Million Dollars are maintained in the bonds and an amount of $2.8 Million are prepared to make investments in the stock markets.

Blue ivy net worth Forbes is estimated to earn up to $64,000. This is mainly for each of the sponsorship post. It is made through her passive income on the Instagram account and all other social media accounts. In the previous 20 months, Blue Ivy Carter is known to have earned over an estimate of $7 Million through the promoting post of the sponsorship.

Blue Ivy Net Worth

Fame Began For Blue Ivy Before She Even Spoke A Word

Fame hit Blue Ivy when her mother announced her pregnancy at the MTV Movie Awards on 2011.Stardom started pouring in for this small kid when she was just 1 month old when their parents published her photos on February 10, 2012 through their Tumblr account.

Born to well-known parents Jay-Z and Beyonce, Blue Ivy Carter is also a popular name in the Hollywood music industry. It is said that her popularity started to grow more than her age and she became famous before she could speak even.

Blue Ivy net worth estimates to $550-$580 million. She has won the GRAMMY Award at the age of 9 and was crowned as the best top kid singer for her musical number- ‘The brown skin girl’ and took the media by storm. Blue Ivy Carter earned over $5 million through promoting sponsorship posts.

After she was born, Blue Ivy Carter’s unusual name started to spread worldwide in speculations about its origin. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are believed to have trademarked Blue Ivy’s name.

Blue Ivy Carter’s career begun when she featured in her father Jay-Z’s music video record. It was for his hit single ‘Glory’ which was released two days after she was born, and she was the youngest person to have ever been featured on Billboard.

Blue Ivy Carter’s List Of The Favourite Activities

Just like any other kid, there is also a list of favourites that Blue Ivy loves to enjoy. Here’s a list of some of her favourite items that has made things appear at its best.


Favourite Food

Ice Cream
Favourite Shoe


Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker
Favourite Cartoon


Star Wars: Rebels
Favourite Actor


Tom Holland
Favourite Chocolate


Lindt & Sprungli
Favourite Play Toy


Building Blocks
Favourite Holiday


Trip to Finland

Apart from the top list, Blue Ivy Cater loves to read sleep time books, 365 bedtime stories is her favourite book. She is mainly popular as an American Singer and wishes for her to grow more in popularity is what the world prays for her.


Q1. What Is Beyonce Net Worth?

Ans1. Beyonce net worth estimated to around $520 Million. This is the singer’s gross amount she earns for herself.

Q2. Who Is The Richest Kid In California?

Ans2. Talking about the list of the richest kids in California, Blue Ivy Carter’s name is on the top. She not only is going to inherit her parents’ properties but she herself is a grand and a popular kid singer with a million turnover at the end of every year.

Q3. Why Is Blue Ivy So Rich?

Ans3. Blue Ivy is very rich since when her mother announced her pregnancy in the year 2011 at the MTV music Award Show. Blue Ivy net worth estimates to upto $1 billion yearly.

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