Turkey has one of the most interesting History and if you are a Turkish living in any part of the world, then giving your baby a beautiful Turkish Baby Names would be the best gift for your newborn.

Choosing a Turkish baby’s name is not an easy task, as there are so many charming names, and hence it is obvious that you will have so many ideas in your head already. Turkish people are some of the most beautiful in the world.

Most of them have a Muslim ancestor with European features. Turkish eyes are considered some of the best in the world.

However, as you have a single baby, you will have to choose only one Turkish name is what is needed. Here we have chosen some of the select and most beautiful Turkish babies’ names.

Turkish Boy Names

If you are Turkish and are blessed with a baby boy, or you know that you are going to be blessed with a baby boy, then you can certainly look for male names of Turkish origin. It might interest you to know that many of the words and names used in Turkey have Persian or Arabic origin.

Best Beautiful Turkish Baby Names
Turkish Boy Names

Of course, you would not want your baby boy to have the most common Turkish boy names like Ahmet, Ali Arda, or Mehmet. You might be searching for something uncommon, something that is unique, just like your boy is going to be.

So, here are some of the best Turkish male names:

ElifEsraEliyeenNames Rugrat
AlaraElnaraSezenTurkish Yearn
HandeEmelShahninazBaby Boost
EylülEmetNazikNames Propel
MahidevranSefaAymelekBaby Adorable
EmiraCeydanaGokceNames Dovey
HalimeGamzeRahshedaTurkish Cheer
MireyAlparslanZainabNames Wobbly
AzraHamzaTubaTurkish Potential
OmerAliSereneyTurkish Quake
AsafKaranTurkanBaby Bubs
BeratOnurKayaBaby Geek
AhmetMuratSahinTurkish Paddywack
AliAlevCandanaBaby Accelerate
AbdulIslamAhmetNames Bear
InayetAbuBurakNames Footprint
IslamNoorNargisTurkish Fast
AgaDoganFarukiNames Inspire
AfridiKaplanHusseinTurkish Aware
KocaKayaInceNames Perception
KocakArslanKaplanBaby Creations
OnderBatukKarakayaTurkish Princess

Turkish Names For Girls

The Ottoman culture pays respect to their women. Women are considered pious and are well respected in Turkey.

If you have Turkish blood and want to pay respect to the Turk culture, then there can be nothing better than to find a Turkish woman name for your little daughter.

Best Beautiful Turkish Baby Names
Turkish Names For Girls

You need to find a great Turkish baby name for your daughter, especially because in the Turkish culture, women just keep their maiden name. Unlike the Western culture, Women in Turkey do not take up their husband’s first names. However, women do take up their husband’s surnames and yet keep their maiden names post marriage.

TabakCevdetOzBaby Zoom
ReisErturkOzsoyTurkish Agile
Names TreasuresNames FlourishNames SniftyBaby Just
Baby BurpleTurkinestBaby ReachNames Blossom
Names PossibleTurkish CultivateTurkish TrainingTurkish Guide
BabylanceBaby FlourishTurkish PeachTurkish Dream
Baby BugTurkish HunnybunchTurkish BumberellBabyzoid
Names DevelopmentNamnNames TidbitTurkish Rugrat
BabyaroNames RisingBaby RiseNames Cuddly
Turkish EggheadNambeaNames PearlyBaby Puff
Turkish BoxBaby TreasuresBaby PeaBaby Development
NamliaNames ThriveNames MenteNames Brain
Names AdvisorTurkish TechieNames SnuffNames Up
BabyfluentBaby PlaymateBaby SpookyTurkiology
Turkish BrainBaby BubblesNames ButterflyNames Magic
Turkish CreativeBabyopsNames LoopNamistic
Turkish BazaarNames TootBaby ShineNamadora
NamwindNames CupcakeNames ChiffchaffBaby Bean
Names BoltTurkish MatterTurkish BambinoBabyhut
Names MorphTurkish PowerBaby ModeBaby Higher
Names PuffNames BubsTurkish ShenaniganBaby Peach
Turkish UniteTurkish SchnoogleTurkish TutorNames Thimble
Names ChortleTurkisyBaby BloomBaby Fantastic
Names JigglyTurkish LoopBaby CoachNames Rabbit

How To Find Beautiful Turkish Babies Names

If you want the most beautiful Turkish babies’ names to come to your mind as an idea, then read the following points: 

  • You can find unique Muslim words, Persian, Arabic, or Urdu, that are rooted in the essence of the Islamic religion
  • You can search for unique words from the Holy Text that people have not heard before
  • You can also find Turkish baby names that are gender-neutral, it is very common in the modern times.

Popular Turkish Name

Popular Turkish baby names are beautiful. The Turkish girl names are charming, lovely, and beautiful, while the Turks name form their boys’ names to be strong and masculine sounding.

If you are searching for the most popular Turkish names and cannot fix one, there we have a list here for you which consists of the best and the most common Turkish names.

Turkish UnicornBaby RuleTurkish FrumptiousBaby Kids
BabyyaTurkish FairTurkish RuleNames Flare
Turkish SnaffleTurkish DojoNames TrainingTurkish Accel
Baby MenteNames EscapadeTurkish PowerBaby Chubby
Names TaffyTurkish SplendidBaby TotsNames Kissy
Turkish DenTurkish PrettyNames StartBaby Grin
Turkish DreamTurkish FeverTurkish IntegralNames Acorn
Turkish EnjoyNames CheerTurkish FootprintNames Tutor
Baby ReadyBaby ArcadeTurkish BubblesTurkish Rapid
Names GraspTurkish JungleTurkish EncourageBaby Integral
Names PrincessNames KissesBaby ChiffchaffTurkish Treasures
Names PupsBaby AccelTurkish ReachTurkish Tadpole
Baby MollycoddleNames BazaarNames ToysNames Whiteboard
Baby ThinkBaby PeapodTurkish SpringNames Hustle
Baby BloopTurkish MagnificentNames SprinklesBaby Cognitive
Turkish Blue SkyBaby AcornTurkish ButterflyTurkish Land
Turkish GuardianNames LearnNames CoachTurkish Dovey
Turkish CleverBaby TutorTurkish BearBaby Fairy
Baby BecomeTurkish AmuseTurkish ChunkyNames Innovate
Baby ToonBaby MonkeyTurkish ClassroomBaby Energize
Turkish MentorTurkish PrinkyNames DevelopNames Glume
Names FocusNames ArriveBaby SunnyNames Pioneer
Turkish SageNames CherubTurkish GracefulTurkish Succeed
Baby ProdigyBaby FluffyTurkish SpecialistTurkish Imagine
Names JoyBaby PursuitTurkish CupcakeNames Rhubarb

Turkish Middle Names

 Middle name in turkey is common. The Turks are often given two names. The one they put first is called their first name, and the one that is placed in between the first name and the Turkish surname is called the middle name.

Best Beautiful Turkish Baby Names
Turkish Middle Names

It is common in Turkey to have more than one middle name. It is often seen that the Turks give a traditional Turkish first name and the middle name is more modern sounding.

Another way the Turks place their names is that they use the first name that is given by the stronger parent (often fathers), and the name that comes from the mother or the mother’s family is placed in the middle.

 The most used and popular Turkish middle names are;

Turkish SweetNames AdemiaBaby PipsqueekTurkish Crown
Names UnicornNames TalentNames SwiftNames Fever
Baby HeartTurkish TitterNames PeapodNames Rising
Turkish AspireNames TimeBaby LinkNames Sail
Baby GrasshopperNames DelightNames LovelyTurkish Dream
Turkish MateTurkish CanoodleTurkish BookwormNames Treasure
Names SqueezeBaby BeanTurkish ToysTurkish Mollycoddle
Names AdvanceTurkish TrainingBaby AngelBaby Chirp
Turkish ImproveBaby RangersNames PrettyTurkish Forever
Baby TulipBaby RuleTurkish DojoBaby Tender
Baby BlinkBaby DelightBaby JewelTurkish Flare
Turkish TreasuresNames ReachTurkish AccelerateNames Munchkin
Turkish CheeryNames PuffNames SpurNames Ready
Names PursuitNames BoltTurkish KittyNames Titter
Turkish TribeNames BugNames FunBaby Tidbit
Baby AwareBaby ProspectNames GigglesTurkish Companion
Turkish TutorNames MollycoddleBaby FluffTurkish Dojo
Turkish FoozleNames PeanutTurkish SmartBaby Arrive
Baby Blue SkyTurkish SubtleTurkish SplendidBaby Poplin
Names PlaygroundTurkish SmurfNames FounderNames Instructor
Names ForeverBaby FeverNames ArcadeTurkish Fair
Baby SmileNames GainTurkish CountryBaby Pal
Turkish TadpoleTurkish ExploreTurkish SidekickTurkish Fountain
Turkish SprinklesNames TrainerNames CheeryTurkish Agile
Baby CrownNames KnowledgeNames PiggyBaby Fever

Understanding Turkish Baby Names

  • Like most cultures, the Turks have a way of giving names to their babies. The Turkish baby names are often traditional sounding. 
  • The Turks have a first name and at least one last name.
  • In the year 1934, it was made compulsory to take up a family surname by the Turks.
  • Many people even use one Turkish middle name. Some have more than one middle name. 
  • In 2014, a law was passed in Turkey which allows Turkish women to keep their maiden name. They can opt to use their husband’s name as well or they can use both. 
Best Beautiful Turkish Baby Names
Understanding Turkish Baby Names
Baby LeapNames TootsieBaby ToddlerBaby Snuggly
Names DelightsNames LovelyBaby AdventureBaby Geek
Names MunchkinBaby AdvisorTurkish PassageNames Prince
Baby PerceptionTurkish PlaymateBaby SpurTurkish Snuggle
Names MenteNames ProfessionalNames CabinTurkish Unicorn
Turkish ButterscotchTurkish NeuroNames BlinkBaby Professional
Names EscapadeBaby TenderTurkish BeliefTurkish Puff
Baby JollyNames CutsieNames PlayfulBaby Kitty
Names ShareTurkish TreasuresNames PlaymateBaby Babies
Turkish FluffNames PropelTurkish ShineTurkish Ready
Turkish FantasticTurkish GiggleNames MollycoddleBaby Buddy
Turkish WigglyBaby LaunchBaby GlitteryBaby Glume
Baby BumberellBaby FieldNames LandNames Excellence
Names AdventureBaby LadybugNames ChildBaby Sprinkles
Names ToonTurkish SpecialistTurkish YearnTurkish Crummy
Baby SubtleTurkish AdventureNames ManiaBaby Thimble
Turkish PerkyBaby DelicateTurkish SchoolBaby Tiny
Turkish CanoodleNames PipsqueekNames CreativeNames National
Names BlinkBaby MatterNames BugNames Little
Baby BearBaby BoxBaby BabyTurkish Time
Baby AcademicBaby PoochTurkish SageBaby Peach
Turkish PalTurkish Cha-ChaBaby FlareTurkish Access
Names EagleBaby BonnyNames UniteNames Schnoogle
Turkish KindBaby BookwormBaby ButterflyTurkish Clues
Turkish JigglyBaby SpurBaby CheeryBaby Delight

Turkish Surnames

There is a surname law in Turkey that was passed in the year 1934. The Republic of Turkey mandated that all the citizens of the nation had to use a surname, and it became mandatory.

The surname consists of the family name of the clan. The nation made it compulsory to honor their families through the use of family names as their surnames.

The major reason why the surname law was passed was that many influential families in the urban region had taken up local names. This was against some of the preaching and Turkish traditions. Hence Surnames is perhaps the most important part of the Turkish bay names. 

Before we jump into saying the best Turkish last names, you might want to know a few interesting facts: 

  • It is compulsory in Turkey to have a last name.
  • The last name in Turkey is the family name
  • Men cannot change their last names
  • Women can keep their last name after marriage or take their husband’s last names.
Baby AngelTurkish OasisNames StartBaby Reach
Baby PeeweeTurkish FriendlyNames ImagineNames Grasp
Names TinyBaby AccelTurkish EvolveNames Boffin
Baby KnowledgeTurkish PoochTurkish RadiantBaby Build
Names KindTurkish BloomNames SlurpBaby Puff
Baby FriendlyBaby KidTurkish CherubBaby Smile
Turkish MagnificentNames SpringBaby SpringTurkish Higher
Baby Blue SkyTurkish TikesTurkish FieldTurkish Pursuit
Names RoadsTurkish SesameTurkish BecomeBaby Pursuit
Names KidsBaby PoochTurkish SpurTurkish Rainbow
Baby FunBaby ExploreNames BugNames Expand
Turkish SoarTurkish MindTurkish CharmingTurkish Just
Turkish NeuroNames GuardianNames WonderNames Brave
Names EncourageTurkish GamingTurkish GigglesBaby Pathway
Names FriendlyTurkish PlumTurkish DenBaby Beaming
Turkish AcornBaby PeapodTurkish FocusTurkish Advance
Names PerceptionNames AchieveNames CountryTurkish Taffy
Names PlayBaby MonkeyTurkish TulipBaby Sunshine
Names TootNames BazaarBaby AngelNames Radiant
Names BabiesTurkish HeartTurkish MentorTurkish Kid
Turkish JewelNames ChortleNames AdvanceTurkish Butterfly
Names SprinklesBaby MagnificentBaby ForeverBaby Bungle
Turkish TootsieNames SweetyBaby AmuseBaby Toys
Names PiggyNames BugBaby CocoonTurkish Excellence
Names WorkshopNames PursuitNames ABCNames Coach

Turkish Names With Meanings

Turkish people have beautiful names. Most of the names are of Muslim origin, and they are pretty much rooted in culture. Many people who live outside Turkey but have a Turkish origin often struggle to find Turkish name meanings.

Best Beautiful Turkish Baby Names
Turkish Names With Meanings

For those of you who want to know the meaning of your baby to make an informed decision, here are some of the best Turkish names with meanings for you: 

Ayleen:A baby with the halo of the moon
Altan:A red dawn
Eren:Turkish word which means Saint
Orhan:A person who is meek and mild
Eylul:It means the month of September
Aagha:A boy who has control over everything around him. More like a chief.
Adlee:It is a more modern Turkish baby name that means a boy who is just or fair.
Cetin:A boy who is strong or tough; possessing considerable strength
Ceyhun:This Turkish name sounds royal. It means a person is a smart boy
Demir:Name of a boy who is made of iron
Galip:of a boy which means a victorious man
Yildiz:A person possessing stellar qualities; or Star
Emel:This Turkish name means desire
Lunara:It is originally a Kazak name, which means flower
Ceyda:A very beautiful woman
Mesut:Joy, enjoyment, merriment, or pleasure
Azra:Name of a Turkish girl meaning a virgin
Caria:Name of a girl who flows like water
Sumeyya:A girl who is supreme to others
Deniz:An ocean of happiness

Why Do Turkish People Have Such Interesting Names? 

The main reason for Turkish people to have such interesting names, be it for boys or for girls, is because often their names are taken from the holy scripture, the Quran.

Other times their names are taken from regular words in the Turkish language, Arabic or Persian, which renders the Turkish baby names an unusual charm.

Turkish FocusTurkish HappyNames AccelTurkish Instructor
Baby HurdleBaby WishBaby CheeryTurkish Daffodil
Turkish ActiveNames HearthstoneNames GigglesTurkish Cutsie
Baby MateNames BurpleTurkish YearnTurkish Sugary
Turkish BookwormBaby TechieNames ExplorerTurkish Spooky
Names TulipTurkish SqueezeNames CheeryBaby Fluff
Turkish FluffyTurkish MagicTurkish CoachTurkish Advisor
Turkish ChampionsBaby PumpkinBaby PioneerNames Sesame
Names ThoughTurkish CheeryBaby Sweet PeaTurkish Blossom
Baby EvolveBaby DaintyTurkish RapidBaby Charm
Baby SpritesTurkish SugarBaby ThriveTurkish Start
Turkish TadpoleBaby PebblesNames ButterscotchTurkish Tulip
Names PlumTurkish LandTurkish EmpowerTurkish Crummy
Baby CuteNames CountryTurkish KnowledgeTurkish Fair
Baby RadiantNames FunBaby EnchantNames Agile
Names FastNames FairNames IntellectTurkish Classroom
Baby CribBaby ChalkTurkish HustleNames Arrive
Baby FounderNames PotentialNames ProsperBaby Sage
Names JustNames SlurpNames DriftNames Oasis
Names FunNames PaddywackBaby ButterflyTurkish Toys
Baby LavishNames PrincessBaby OutlookNames Achieve
Turkish CharmNames PushBaby RainbowNames Bazaar
Names BoostNames MotivateTurkish SnugglyNames Kitty
Baby FluffyTurkish NetworkTurkish PumpkinBaby Edu
Turkish LavishTurkish ZipBaby DaintyNames Sweety

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