You are at the right place, here you will get the best artsy earthy hippie names and also their meanings and middle names ideas.

Are you looking for a new chic boho or hippie name for your little one? So friends, check out the blog for the best name ever. Each hippie is very unique in its own way. 

Whether are you seeking fashionable and trendy vibes or the latest boho baby name, you are in the perfect area. This enormous list of hippie names is motivated by nature, animals, music, love, and peace!

We have included all the researched quirky and beautiful names over here. Even do not forget to check out the last snippet of this blog to some pretty incredible combination names.

Hippy Names

Well, fierce out your sandals, flower crown, or favorite dress, and go mad into the biggest ever list of hippie names for any gender.

The most demanded and beautiful mega list of names follows the power of flowers. Check out the fragrant flower power names for both girls and boys both.

Girls Hippie Names
Hippie Names For Boys

It is surprisingly tough to come up with masculine names in the flower category. But, I have got you covered with some truly great male flower baby names. The options for flower names girls are numerous. However, all of them do not have the vibes of boho.

Arlo Dusk Liberty Krishna
Marley Peace Nirvana Alchemy
Leaf Buzz Quest Rebel
Ocean Indigo Arrow Wolf
Skye Phoenix North Prairie
Jade MArina Patrica Stephanie
Misty Opal Susan Crosby
Jackson Jerry Huckleberry Cedar
Jack Benjamin Lake Robin
Rowan Orion Indio Elm
Sage Rain Birch Bear
Dharma Karma Rock Sparrow
Summer Stella Serenity Cayenne
Sierra Sequoia Meadow Janis
Ziggy Sonny Ambroisia Crystal

Unique Hippie Baby Names

People should go with the unique and interesting name combination. For that utilize Bloom, Meadow, or Fields as a middle name. Check out the following list for the more organic options.

Naturing loving families can not go wrong with these strong and simple botanical baby names. Most of these plant names for boys are unusual enough that you will not have to worry about your little one’s classmates all are suffering from the same names.

Hence, for a boldly botanical boy name, consider combining these. Arlow Birch, Linden Greene, and more like these. Be sure to check out all of the additional first and middle name combos at the end.

Just like these names you can follow the botanical plants and flowers name just for girls, too.

Beautiful Hippie Names
Hippie Boys Names

There is no particular rule for selecting any hippie name but as the name hippie must follow the vibes in the name.

Ode Celeste Essence America
Raven Juniper Spirit Clover
Spirit Timea Guthrie Jefferson
Aerial Brook Lisa Melissa
Moon Freedom Joan Jane
Harmony Autumn Carly Bluebell
Light Gypsy Rainbow Breeze
Daisy Willow Blossom Ray Sunshine
Dawn Saffron Topaz Genesis
Infinity Journey Rain River
Creedence Hendrix Sky Zephyr
Joplin Ravi Haven Janis
Sri Chang Safka Sommer
Michelle Nicole Winter Amaryllis
Coral Ember Jennifer Karen

Girls Hippie Names

Have you ever wondered that fruits and vegetables really make amazing hippie names. You should consider the below combination for an idea.

Pepper Oakley, Ginger Eden. Aspen Valli, Arden Ivy, Hazel Meadow, Olive June, and more. Look at the idea of more earthy along with organic names for your modern-day little hipster.

If you are not sold on a plant name for your kid, however, you want even a nature vibe for the name. Hence, follow this bunch of list of great names that mean earth.

Chi Ling    
Mandeep Manpreet Daisy Dahlia
Ozgur Richmond Fleur Iris
Aidan Ethereal Lavender Scilla
Garnet Gale Violet zinnia
Irene Mira Asti Frida
Peace Sakina Pearl Soleil
Shanti Anima Terra Amy
Liberty Mukta Angela Cynthia
Quispe Shahrazad Donna Heather
Hardin Keef Susan Crosby
Quill Santana Guthrie Jefferson
Amaranth Anther Hardin Keef
Leif Lupine Quill Santana
Pistil Stamen Amaranth Anther

Hippie Names For Girls

Even the earthy names for boys and girls are in trend. The hill, the mountains, and the raw materials. Here are 20 male or gender-neutral names that also fall in the earth’s meaning.

For an earth devastating hippie baby name, you should try mixing such ideas as follows. Onyx Ridge, Lander Knox, Hutton Stone, Silas Jet, Forrest Ridge.

Gemstones and mountains make excellent earthy girl names. Here are 15 female names that mean earth.

Hippie Boy Names
Hippie Kids Names
Elena Ella Harlow Harper
crystal Dahlia Freesia Gaia
Donna Heather Leif Lupine
Jennifer Karen Pistil Stamen
Lisa Melissa Yarrow Absalom
Michelle Nicole Baris Frederick
Patricia Stephanie Godfrey Humphrey
Pax Ping Jasper Phoenix
Solomon Wilfred Wade Brian
Amadi Azad Jason Jeffrey
Charlton Eleutherius Richard Steven
Erkin Hartmut Thomas William
Daisy Dakota Gardenia Georgia
Daphne Dawn Ginger Hazel
Liber Manoja Dawn Harmony

Hippie Names For Boys

So, have you found your kid’s name yet? If no then scroll down for more catchy and amazing names. We would rather say that you should read the whole list and then finally come up with the last decision of name selecting.

Here, we are going to present the names that literally shine bright. “Here comes the sun do, do, do- the Beatles

Come on baby light my fire – the Doots.

Such types of names are really hot and demanding. For a fiery name combination, you must combine such words.

Asher Blaize Indigo Janis
Clay Cole Karma Meadow
Eddy Ford Saffron Serenity
Frest Hudson Willow Arlo
Buzz Echo Ellery Emerald
Leaf Marley Evie Fauna
Peace River Faye Fern
Sonny Sparrow Fiona Fieur
Ziggy Cori Flora Fressia
Dove Eden Haven Hailey
Elena Ella Harlow Harper
crystal Dahlia Freesia Gaia
Mystery Echo Moon Blu
Cypress Jorma Silver Moonlight
Smiles Roman Justice Flame

Beautiful Hippie Names

Earthy Hippie Baby Names
Hippie Children Names

Make love, not war! Take your heart-shaped glasses and let’s pretend it’s the summer of love in 1967! Check out the amazing name list for your little hippie.

Dawn Ashby Justice Stone
Brave Quest August Shine
Infinity Free Maple Soul
Storm Quinn Leaf Rain
Apollo Jude Star Storm
Blaze Jagger Dream Wind
Terra Forbes Coriander Pan
Ethereal Jaco Xavier Angel
Chakra Peace Clayton Toby
Eclipse Blaze Milo Phoenix
Vega Truth Breeze Sydney
Zephyrus Soul Stoney Rayne
Remi Harbor Freedom Trent
Passion Liberty Kieran Algernon
Sierra Jay Moonbean Sundance

Popular Hippie Names

For the fun baby hippie names, you must go through the following ideas to catch up. If you want to pass along your love of the 60s and 70s to your little one, what better way than to name him or her after the decades’ most influential musicians and famous songs?

The baby names are motivated by rockstars and famous songs from the 60s and 70s.

Terra Dawn Nug Stone
Leary Sydney Blu Brave
Terra Algernon Leland Shine
Maple Jules Micha Leary
Kiefer Star Marsh Dawn
Quincy Winter Basil Thunder
Cloud Milo Matthew Micha
Storm TRUE Aestas Brave
Bud Nug Alastair Lucky
Leaf Heart Honest Mystery
March Moonlight Jay Dancer
Van Heart Stoney Blu
Burgundy Star Landis Griffin
Snow Marley Floyd Sydney
Aestas Sundance Bowie Orion

Hippie Boys Names

Choosing a middle name can be tough as choosing the first name. Especially if you are not planning to combine the name of any family members.

Follow mixing two bohemian names such as two names meaning earth – or using color as a first or middle name – for a baby name that’s sure to stand out.

Hippie Names For Girls
Hippie Boy Names
Justice Wood Zachary Echo
Fall Ali Heart Moonshine
Peace Genesis Strider Zephyrus
March Aestas Zen Rebel
Baird Marsh Fray Earth
Micha Dylan Trent Lyric
Skye Logan Zen Rebel
Ziggy  August  Karma  Janis 
Arlo  Cedar  Saffron  Autumn 
Blue  Alchemy  Cypress  Dawn 
Damien  Dharma  Azalea  Harmony 
Benjamin  Bodhi  Celeste  Dahlia 
Lore Winter Arwen Bud
Arwen Jagger Leary Crimson
Birch Oak Miracle Tyler

Hippie Boy Names

The name you choose for your child is needless to say. Absolutely up to you! If you are a lover of music, nature, and symbols of peace, and you want to choose a hippie baby name that reflects that, go for it!

There is a saying, be sure to give some thought as to whether you are saddling your kid with a name that will attract teasing and embarrassment.

You must think two times before going with a name like “Moon Unit”, for example. Yes, you read that right. Rock ‘n roll hall of Famer, frank Zappa, names his eldest daughter Moon Unit. Her siblings then? Dweezil, Diva, and Ahmet.

Donovan Ethan Leland Landis
Vega Unity Star Sunny
Cullan Sarin Harbor Flame
Jaco Gemini Eclipse Harbor
Quentin Brandon Lore Bear
Simon Quinn Pan Perry
Matthew Breeze Jules Ethan
Apollo Birch Marley Winter
Alchemy Holden Aiken Heart
Cosmic Mystery Ash Danna
Phoenix Eclipse Sparrow Alma
Rain Psyche Simon Om
Infinity Tyler Cloud Ethan
Arwen Tranquill Aden Blade
Fire Smiles Jude Unity

Hippie Kids Names

Unique Hippie Baby Names
Hippie Children Names

Jot some names down on a handful of post-it notes. Stick them all around the house. Every time you pass by the name, think about whether it gives you good vibes. Ditch any that don’t want.

We even recommended keeping a “shortlist” of baby names on your phone. Write out the first, middle, and last name combinations.

Take a peep at your list every now and then and see if there are any names that continue to give you pause. Cut these from your list. Rinse and repeat until you have got it narrowed down!


Cosmic Mercury Psyche Breeze
Wesley TRUE Saturn Blue
Quinn Psyche Grace Lachlan
Dawn Fall Coriander Moon
Bastien Jupiter Aiken Soul
Dawn Lyric Quincy Sirius
Tranquill Moonbean Blaze Stoney
Rock Cullan Angel Griffin
Griffin Dusk Evaan Micha
Raine Dancer Strider Dusk
Silver Whisper Harbor Bud
Sierra Star Soul Daydream
Sunray Maple Jewel Lake
Tulip Unity Gracious Mandy
Ash Stardust Chance Micha

Earthy Hippie Baby Names

Check out these quirky and earthy hippie names from the 60s! We have compiled the ultimate list of trendy hippie names for boys and girls that are perfect for a first or middle name.

We loved every unique hippie baby name for girls. Some of them are long and flowy, while others are short and sweet, or even just a simple name.

Honey Lore Maya Ashley
Honor Honor Diana Moon
Angel Love Henna Stardust
Avery Tuesday Coral Honesty
Saga Maple Petunia Blossom
Genesis Deja River Opal
Sage Faith Lylee Hanna
Moss Chana Jade China
Autumn Delilah Serena Liberty
Gracious Honest Ash Renee
Faith Solstice Solstice Isolde
Mandy Moss Magnolia Angel
Cypress Moonbeam Daisie Star
Mist Fall Leaf Starshine
Free Aria Hannah Sunburst

Hippie Children Names

The given hippie and indie boy names are sure to stay on top of your list. Do not forget to save them to your future baby names list guide. You can share the list with your friends and family for reference, too.

Popular Hippie Names
What Are Good Hippie Names?
Aphrodite Chance Lylee Beth
Beth Beth Aestas Shelby
Ember Utopia Nirvana Dakota
Jodi Jorma Ariel Hannah
Azura Liberty Georgia Sapphire
Velma Trinity Dancer Alchemy
Polaris Honest Freya Audrey
Spirit Ember Layna Layna
Cypress Jodi Micha Saturn
Michaela Meadow Lucy Sunstar
Ashley Flower Deja Julia
Arwen Phoebe Leaf Audris
Karma Aestas rinity Star
Kaya Sundance Pink Juniper
Whisper Leilani Sadie Prudence

What Are Good Hippie Names?

The hippie names were originated in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, the hippies were associated with creativity, non-violence, as well as freedom. They wanted to leave after the long-standing values and strived to embrace spontaneity.

So here you will find all the good hippie names to give your little one. Stay tuned!

Hippie Guy Names

There are umpteen options for you to choose from if you would like to give your little girl a unique and hippy-sounding name. Here are more names in our list to follow.

Leary Mandy Ani Moonbeam
Carmen Promise Clarity Avery
Dakota Truth Audrey Dawn
Petal Indica Leaf Gemini
Skyler Chelsea Renee Dagny
Hanna Arwen Drew Hailey
Josie Laurel Dazy Cypress
Juniper  Reed  Iris  Cherry 
True  Spock  Daisy  June 
Meadow  Quest  Basil  Opal 
Sierra  Rock  Heather  Blossom 
Stormy  Ziggy  Abelia  Laurel 
Dusky Hawk  North  Hope 
Fallon  Orion  Shine  Sage 
Luca  Indigo  Rebel  Petal 

Hippie Names Quiz

It might be all those cool old photos of my parents in the full bohemian grab. However, we have always been attracted to the free-loving 60s.

If you are the same, you might want to honor your favorite decade with one of these bodacious baby names.

Hippie Kids Names
Hippie Boys Names
Maple Liberty Vega Vega
Breezy Angel Silver Silver
Quest Sunshine Leaf Leaf
Topaz Janis Mercury Mercury
Aphrodite Hope Prosperity Prosperity
Love Hailey Lana Lana
Season Dakota Mandy Mandy
Starshine Sadie Aspen Dream
Lavender Cyress Jorma Lilly
Sage Moonbeam Heaven Lore
Azura Nirvana Athena Adriana
Renee Layna Leilani June
Lake Sierra Genesis Prosperity
Delia Ideal Elm Breezy
Petal Sunray Saga Shannon

What Are Hippie Names?

Make love not war! Have you heard the famous words of hippies? This is a mantra rather than words from hippies. The beliefs of the hippies extended to everything- right from the living situation to their choice of baby names.

They like to choose names on nature and free spirit rather than choosing the conventional names.

Such freewheeling hippie names are beginning to make comeback in the tinsel town. So it is a great idea if you want to have one for your baby.


Finalizing the name that you give to your child is tough. You want to pick a name that you and your partner both love, which is tricky in and of itself.

Moreover, you want the name to represent who you are as a family, while still giving your child the opportunity to shape his or her own future. This is no easy task!

The best advice we always recommended to our readers that always choose a name that makes you happy at the time you hear it and see it in writing.

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