Hebrew Baby Names is an ancient Semitic language that originated in Israel. It tapered out of use between 200 and 400 CE. However, quietly survived via the Jewish liturgy and literature. Well,

Hebrew was wholly revived at last of the 19th century. The first and only language to make such a comeback. While ancient, pre-modern Hebrew remains spoken in religious settings. Modern Hebrew is the official language in Israel, where more than nine million people speak it fluently.

From Ilana to Jonah, these beautiful Hebrew Baby Names for boys and girls are great options for your baby-to-be. Hebrew names are some of the most famous names in the Western world, and some of the oldest around.

Many are also Biblical names and take virtues like headship and humility from their namesakes in the book.

Hebrew Names

Hebrew Names
Names In Hebrew

Here are some famous and unique Hebrew Baby Names for girls along with their meanings, origins, and other interesting information.

Baby ExploreNames DevelopHebrew BumbleHebrew Guide
Names SoarBaby EscapadeHebrew UpBaby Whiteboard
Hebrew SoarBaby BookwormHebrew FosterNames ABC
BabyologyBabyNameHebrew Mate
Names AcademicBaby HustleNameBalada
Names JoyNames WorkshopBaby OasisBaby Ambition
Baby ClassroomBarbequeHebrewsBaby Frolic
Names AcademiaBaby ShenaniganNames JungleHebrew Rule
HebrewadilBaby PinkBaby CreationsHebrew Piggy
Names CluesBaby LoveyNames PupsHebrewaro
Hebrew GrowNames RavishingBaby TotsHebrew Joy
NamoHebrewopediaHebrew SnuggleNamverse
Hebrew DelightNames IntegralHebrew WobblyHebrew Smurf
Names SnaffleBaby CanoodleBaby FortuneNamadri
Baby ResearchHebrewivaHebrew PoplinHebrew Thrive
Baby SmartMagneticHebrew ChalkNames Spooky
Hebrew PearlyHebrewaraBabybeaNamadil
HebrewlyticalBaby SpecialistBaby GrowNames Seek
Names NerdBaby PipsqueakNames AngelBaby Jiggly
Baby CoachBabyHebrew CreationsNames Pinky
Hebrew DollNames QuestHebrew CanoodleNames Fluff

Names In Hebrew

Hebrew Baby Names
Names In Hebrew

Whether going with something that’s highly famous recently. There’s the name that will be perfect for your little one.

Here, some names with Hebrew roots, as well as background on their history and symbolism from Marjorie Ingall, author of Mamaleh knows best. What Jewish mothers do to raise successful, creative, empathetic, independent children.

Baby AwareHebrew AquaBaby ExpertHebrew Integral
Names BeanBaby SparkNames HunnybunchHebrew Pea
Hebrew YearnBaby PioneerNames BeeBaby Snuggly
Baby CrownNames NationalNames LogicNames Kind
Names ButterflyNames AlphaNames ProsperHebrew Pursue
Names DimplesHebrew CheerHebrew GrinHebrew Possible
Baby AdvisorNames PlonkHebrew RapidHebrew Evolution
Hebrew VillageBaby DartHebrew AgileBaby Network
Baby RhubarbNames InstructorHebrew CognitiveHebrew Think
Names PassageHebrew DoveyNames PipsqueakHebrew Mode
Hebrew ExploreBaby CraveBaby WhiffleBaby Techie
Baby CompanionHebrew HeartHebrew PeapodBaby Tribe
Hebrew PaceNames InfluenceNames WorkshopHebrew Lavish
Hebrew RabbitHebrew PrincessBaby SmileNames Chubby
Names StorkBaby AcademicHebrew PoplinNames Bambino
Names DobbyBaby PlaygroundHebrew SimpleBaby Snuff
Names BrumbyHebrew SmileNames BonnyNames Cultivate
Names ResearchHebrew HomeBaby SkedaddleHebrew Bookworm
Hebrew ProfessionalHebrew PuffNames NeuroBaby Dojo
Hebrew OasisHebrew SparkNames ShenaniganNames Cocoon

Gender Neutral Hebrew Names

Gender Neutral Hebrew Names
Gender Neutral Hebrew Names

A Hebrew name is a name of Hebrew origin. In a more narrow meaning, it is a name used by Jews only in a religious context and different from an individual’s secular name for everyday use.

Names with Hebrew origins, especially those from the Hebrew Bible, are commonly used by Jews and Christians.

Hebrew TribeHebrew FlarfNames PursuitBaby Cognitive
Names DojoHebrew LeaderNames SunshineHebrew Joey
Names FrogletBaby Sweet PeaBaby TreasuresHebrew Humdrum
Baby ProgressNames BeanBaby BubsNames Pace
Names FavorNames AstroNames BlackboardNames Flourish
Names QuestHebrew AchieveHebrew StorkNames Mind
Baby MollycoddleNames PeanutBaby BoxNames Tikes
Hebrew FableHebrew RoadsHebrew AccelNames Explore
Hebrew PlaygroundHebrew TalentHebrew FavorHebrew Field
Baby AdvanceHebrew FunlandBaby FeverBaby Kissy
Baby GemNames LittleHebrew ExpandNames Wobbly
Hebrew BoxBaby FountainHebrew AcademiaHebrew Accelerate
Baby ProfessionalHebrew WhiskersHebrew CharmingBaby Just
Names PathwayBaby StorkNames ClubHebrew Express
Baby MerryNames HumdrumBaby SqueezeBaby Possible
Baby FounderHebrew ShareBaby TreasureBaby Kinder
Baby TargetHebrew CraveBaby ChubbyHebrew Pal
Names CheerBaby LabHebrew SmushNames Chortle
Baby BraveHebrew ThoughHebrew KittyNames Centre
Hebrew ExploreHebrew PreciousHebrew RainbowHebrew Just

List Of Hebrew Names

List Of Hebrew Names
List Of Hebrew Names

When you search out what you are expecting, you likely have countless things on your mind, from sharing the good news with your loved ones to preparing the nursery. Of course, naming your bundle of joy is one of the most exciting things at the top of the list.

Names MateBaby BookwormHebrew EscapadeHebrew Bobble
Names CountryBaby SunnyNames KissyHebrew Guardian
Names IntegralBaby ShareBaby ShenaniganNames Clues
Hebrew TimeHebrew EmpowerBaby DaffodilNames Hugsy
Hebrew GlumeHebrew BloopBaby CubsHebrew World
Hebrew ThinkBaby DashBaby QuirkyNames Network
Names GlumeBaby YearnBaby ActiveBaby Fluffy
Hebrew FlourishBaby GlitterBaby SucceedNames Ninja
Baby ModeBaby LoveyNames RadiantBaby Evolution
Names ManiaNames BeaconNames WishBaby Astro
Baby ScholarNames SugarNames ArcadeHebrew Fountain
Names PiggyNames GuardianHebrew SparkHebrew Charm
Names FluffyBaby SmurfNames PeanutBaby Fun
Names NetworkHebrew SunshineNames WobblyBaby Crown
Names FeverBaby Cha-ChaBaby DevelopmentBaby Snifty
Names PursuitHebrew BobbleNames PurpleNames Jewel
Hebrew MenteNames TotsBaby SpritesBaby Delights
Hebrew NinjaBaby NetworkNames FairHebrew Develop
Hebrew CharmingHebrew AccelHebrew PigletsHebrew Wiggly
Hebrew DenNames HappyBaby AmuseHebrew Sail

Hebrew Names And Meaning

Hebrew is a language steeped in history and can act as a way to pay homage to an Israel which means the breadth of beautiful Hebrew girl names and Hebrew Baby Names is the widest it’s ever been, giving you and baby so many choices for the perfect Hebrew name.

Names SmushNames AwareBaby PerceptionNames Fairy
Hebrew BraveBaby PatrolHebrew ExpertBaby Evolve
Baby ExploreNames VillageBaby BambiHebrew Encourage
Hebrew FriendlyHebrew KidsBaby GrinNames Snuggly
Baby CheerBaby EmpowerNames FounderBaby Tulip
Names TutorHebrew FlagshipNames BobbleHebrew Skedaddle
Names KeysBaby HurdleBaby LusterHebrew Chubby
Names TulipBaby SmoochBaby SidekickBaby Jungle
Baby PeeweeBaby ImagineBaby RecoilBaby Bubs
Names ChalkHebrew BrumbyBaby HugsyNames Pipsqueak
Hebrew CreationsNames SniftyHebrew HunnybunchBaby Ladybug
Names RapidBaby BabyBaby HeartNames Dynamo
Hebrew TreasureNames CluesNames LadybugHebrew Snuggly
Names PaceHebrew InstituteNames EscapadeNames Pal
Baby AcademiaNames InnovateBaby DojoBaby Squad
Hebrew CleverNames DelightNames PatterNames Rising
Hebrew EagleBaby SpritesNames BookwormHebrew Chirp
Baby SpookyHebrew TrainerHebrew AdventureBaby Hugsy
Names LeaderHebrew FairNames SprinklesNames Ladybug
Baby WishBaby SocialHebrew FlagshipHebrew Hurdle

Unisex Hebrew Names

Unisex Hebrew Names
Unisex Hebrew Names
Names ExcelBaby BumbleBaby AcademiaBaby Bubbles
Baby LeapBaby NerdHebrew CleverBaby Delicate
Names EnjoyNames WobblyHebrew EagleHebrew Excellence
Hebrew BubNames EvolutionBaby SpookyNames Nexus
Names MatterNames PumpkinNames LeaderHebrew Strive
Names PioneerNames TinyBaby WishHebrew Tidbit
Baby CountryHebrew NinjaNames ExcelBaby Shine
Baby NinjaHebrew PeaBaby LeapBaby Penguin
Hebrew MorphBaby ExpressNames EnjoyHebrew Galore
Baby EmpowerNames BambinoHebrew BubBaby Intellect
Hebrew LoveHebrew WispyNames MatterNames Chunky
Names ChirpNames PatterNames PioneerHebrew Though
Hebrew DirectionBaby ImagineBaby CountryNames Canoodle
Hebrew ShareHebrew BrumbyBaby NinjaHebrew Snuggly
Baby SailNames SniftyHebrew MorphNames Pal
Names PuffBaby BabyBaby EmpowerBaby Squad
Baby ExpertNames CluesHebrew LoveNames Rising
Hebrew SpurHebrew InstituteNames ChirpHebrew Chirp
Baby IntegralNames InnovateHebrew DirectionBaby Hugsy
Names PenguinNames DelightHebrew ShareNames Ladybug

Meanings Of Names In Hebrew

Baby AcademyBaby SpritesBaby SailHebrew Hurdle
Hebrew GrowthHebrew TrainerNames PuffBaby Bubbles
Baby FawnHebrew FairBaby ExpertBaby Delicate
Hebrew OutlookBaby SocialHebrew SpurHebrew Excellence
Names KissyBaby BumbleHebrew RapidNames Nexus
Hebrew BungleBaby NerdBaby ThriveHebrew Strive
Baby FlareNames WobblyHebrew SpritesHebrew Tidbit
Names HappyNames EvolutionBaby PushBaby Shine
Hebrew SnaffleNames PumpkinNames BeanBaby Penguin
Baby KinderNames TinyHebrew BetterHebrew Galore
Hebrew PotentialHebrew NinjaNames PumpkinBaby Intellect
Names JoyHebrew PeaBaby KeysNames Chunky
Names ClubBaby ExpressNames GrowHebrew Though
Hebrew ChubbyNames BambinoHebrew BookwormHebrew Mate
Names FastHebrew WispyNames WigglyHebrew Buttons
Hebrew AriseNames PatterBaby DartHebrew Amuse
Baby RapidNames AmbitionHebrew JollyHebrew Empower
Names JungleNames NationalNames ProsperHebrew Enjoy
Names GrasshopperHebrew BoltNames GlitterHebrew Kids
Names TalentBaby DigitalNames CountryBaby Play

Hebrew Boy Names And Meanings

Hebrew PrettyBaby DiscoverBaby LoveyNames Peewee
Hebrew HappyNames ExpandHebrew SunshineHebrew Soar
Baby HeartBaby TadpoleBaby CognitiveBaby Whiffle
Baby SwiftBaby LusterHebrew GraspHebrew Whiffle
Baby SeekNames DreamBaby MagicHebrew Angel
Hebrew KnowledgeBaby AngelHebrew DelicateNames Geek
Hebrew ShenaniganBaby HearthstoneHebrew ZipBaby Serendipity
Names UniteHebrew SmushHebrew TribeBaby Froglet
Hebrew GeekBaby CoachNames FrolicHebrew Chubby
Baby BlossomHebrew DevelopBaby AcademicHebrew Companion
Hebrew MindNames PropelNames SuccessHebrew Imagine
Hebrew SlurpBaby LovelyHebrew FastHebrew Hearthstone
Baby FastHebrew FieldHebrew CreativeHebrew Digital
Baby ClassroomHebrew BambinoNames CuddlyNames Pal
Baby SnugglyNames ArriveHebrew MenteBaby Merry
Names ForeverHebrew KeysHebrew FlareBaby Imagine
Names DirectionHebrew TulipHebrew CraveBaby Geek
Baby DreamNames WorkshopHebrew AwareBaby Buttercup
Hebrew KidHebrew FountainHebrew CuddlyHebrew Expert
Names BeaconHebrew NeuroHebrew PrettyNames Snaffle

Girl Hebrew Name

Girl Hebrew Name
Girl Hebrew Name
Names SocialHebrew PreciousNames BoxNames Fluffy
Hebrew RainbowNames FunnyHebrew PiggyNames Just
Hebrew LabHebrew RangersHebrew PupsHebrew Ladybug
Names TargetHebrew ZipHebrew PropelHebrew Little
Names AngelNames PreciousBaby KeysHebrew Snifty
Baby PeanutBaby MagnificentBaby SmileBaby Learn
Names InsightBaby ProgressHebrew VillageHebrew Fairy
Baby LadybugHebrew LavishBaby SnuffHebrew Princess
Names CutieHebrew YearnHebrew WhiteboardHebrew Field
Baby FluffyHebrew MasterNames PlaymateNames Expand
Baby FunlandNames PowerHebrew KissesBaby Rising
Baby FlarfNames FocusNames WigglyHebrew Collab
Baby DelicateNames SoarNames SproutBaby Fluffy
Names BecomeHebrew SeekBaby CabinNames Froglet
Names MatterBaby CentreNames EagleNames Chirp
Hebrew ShineHebrew DiscoverNames BubNames Shenanigan
Hebrew RavishingBaby PeapodNames RiseNames Ready
Hebrew FountainHebrew ExcellenceBaby JiveHebrew Boost
Names EvolutionBaby AcademiaNames BuddiesNames Heart
Names RangersHebrew RockBaby PalBaby Charming


Here is all the information with you about Hebrew names and the history of the Hebrew Baby Names. We hope that you are satisfied and accomplish your goal with the given research name and the history behind it. Write us anytime if you have any queries or suggestions.

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