I like names with their unusual meanings. What about you? Gothic baby names were generally chosen for their unusual meanings.

If the gothic culture interests you, you may decide to choose a baby name with ties to the darker side of life.

Let begin your gothic baby names hunting journey with us. We are here to help you in all the way we can.

Gothic baby names such as to the culture that combines horror with romanticism. Gothic can refer to the middle ages or the modern.

Gothic style encompasses music as well as architecture, literature, and fashion, too. Names inspired by goth culture are a little shadowy as well as a lot mysterious like Damien and Ophelia.

Gothic Names

Gothic Names
Gothic Names

Along with Damien as well as Ophelia, other baby names in the US top 1000 include. Andre Jasper, Jett, Luna, Raven, Scarlet, Wolf, and Xeloda. Gothic baby names with distinctly dark depict involve Jezebel, Onyx, Wednesday, and Blackwell.

Names for a goth baby can involve those related to goth icons, goth styles, or goth imagery. Here are some boy and girl names that might be considered Gothic for a range of reasons. Is baby appropriate? In a dark sort of way.

Arthur Cassius Hellebore Iblis
Dorian Edgar Ransley Renwick
Henry Henry Seth Spyros
Igor Ivan Seren Samael
Lorcan Lucius Tariq Akeldama
Ascelin Hastie Abbadon Azazel
Hawthorne Hemlock Shadow Teuer
Malachi Manfred Thanatos Addams
Morpheus Oberon Azrael Belgian
Tristan Victor Elatha Dade
Ahriman Anubis Dade Dolores
Jett Merle Draven Leila
Morgan Oxyx Avenal Bara
Parris Raven Baudelaire Bowie
Sage Salem Burton Dali

Gothic Last Names

There is no such rule that a baby’s name should be conventional, sweet-sounding, or unique. The parents o this generation want names that merge old with the new ones well.

When looking at classic gothic literature, there is a massive cast of characters to choose from for finding your baby name, our beloved authors of dark fiction offer a perfect opportunity for book-loving parents to get inspiration.

Whether you want a nickname for yourself or even a unique name for your baby girl, these goth girl name ideas and the meaning behind them will surely inspire the beautiful part of your soul.

Tempest Thorne Gorey Ladouceur
Dexter Draven Lugosi Mercer
Hawk Xander Poe Stoker
Vega Vesper Ague Akeldama
Clive Damien Mortem Nietzsche
Obsidian Oleander Melancholia Mephistopheles
Bran Caine Maleficent MAra
Daemon Endymion Narcissa Salem
Fenrir Gabriel Shadow Shiva
Grimoire Hades Tueur Tohopka
Idris Leviathan Thanatos Avarice
Summanus Altair Diti Gehenna
Astor Briar Grimoire Golgotha
Loki Orion Badriyah Cain
Orpheus Styx Chalice Daemon

Gothic Surnames

Gothic Surnames
Gothic Surnames

When choosing a goth name for your baby girl, you should look into its origins and any hidden meanings. In some cases, a name can conceal an even livelier meaning you would have thought.

Which makes the gothic baby names a perfect choice for your little bundle of joy.

Here is a list of Gothic Victorian names to make your search stress-free. Right from Gothic literature to mystical pop culture icons, today’s parents love the versions offered in these unique Gothic names.

And many embraces distinguished titles that have a bit of an edge to them. Others prefer to seek out otherworldly evil girl names for their little angels.

Morte Nergal Xander Amethyst
Orlok Quillon Morte Thorne
Pluto Silas Vladimir Wolfe
Silver Vervain Ascelin Aelfwif
Wolfe Alaric Alaric Bellatrix
Adonis Adrian Clove Draconia
Dyrk Gaspar Quillon Twilight
Kimaris Leandor Vespers Wednesday
Lucien Massimo Druscilla Dyrk
Grey Kokabiel Mallory Perdita
Desdemona Grendel Harper Nova
Guinevere Elsinore Eulalie Hastie
Ash Belladonna Manfred Mina
Branwen Briar Nimue Ophelia
Chrysanthemum Foxglove Tempest Tristan

Gothic Girl Names

When choosing a representative goth name, no matter the reason, you should look into its origins as well as peculiar hidden meanings.

Sometimes, a good name can hide an even prettier meaning than you would have thought, which makes a gothic baby name the perfect choice for your bundle of joy.

Many names are borrowed from mythology. They speak to the legacy of power, and sometimes darkness, but are all as beautiful as they are uncommon.

Hellebore Hemlock Victor Jammes
Merula Olender Amelia Jacob
Sage Willow Abigail Ethan
Annabel Basil Mia Benjamin
Onyx Raven Charlotte Michael
Edger Reign Chimaera Christabel
Winter Elvira Circe Cordelia
Rainn Willow Grey Dexter
Aurora Lennon Thorn Midnight
Nova Luna Carbon Ebony
Starr Blair Jet or Jett Graphite
Draconia Blaze Onyx Ash or Asher
Damien Hawk Amabel Ambrosia
Jezebel Velvet Aurora Bellamira
Reznor Draven Salem Eerie

Names That Mean Darkness

Gothic Names That Mean Darkness
Gothic Names That Mean Darkness

Some gothic surnames are beautiful and unique enough that they can be used as first names. The bonus is that most of these really will work for a baby boy or baby girl.

Coming from various notable people from goth culture, see if one of these might work for your little person.

Aithanarid Arvandus Filimer Wittigis
Lampridius Osuin Theudegisklos Berimund
Heldebald Sueridus Odoin Radagaisus
Veduco Thiudimir Gundiok Baduila
Theudegisel Vandil Vithimiris Mundo
Odotheus Videric Ansila Remismund
Valamer Arnegliscus Goar Uraias
Sarus Thrasaric Odovacar Eberwolf
Gaiseric Colias Athanagild Aidoingus
Gauterit Sisebut Geberic Livila
Hunigild Odoin Athanaric Gadaric
Theudis Huml Recceswinth Colias
Duda Cethegus Valaravans Gaut
Ildebad Aithanarid Eraric Vitigis
Ansis Agila Selenas Aithanarid

Goth Girl Names

If someone may be looking to evoke power with a meaning or scary-sounding baby name, these names may well fit the bill. And on the other side.

If someone is looking for something to help your baby embrace his real, inner goth, try one of these names.

As we look at it be a little outside of the box with your goth name? You can be sure no one else in your goth name? You can be sure no one else in your child’s class will have the same name.

Gauterit Braga Wella Gauterit
Ataulph Sigismund Geberic Ulfilas
Niketas Goar Achila Feletheus
Thidrek Fritigern Herminafrid Teias
Lagariman Ebrimud Ildebad Ildebad
Brandila Fredegar Atharid Osuin
Euric Alatheus Thrasaric Cethegus
Rechimund Hunumund Theudis Arimir
Gunthigis Veduco Wella Thela
Teja Vultuulf Valamer Goiaricus
Thela Ardabur Theoderic Vithmiris
Rictiovarus Filimer Niketas Heldefredus
Gaiseric Athalaric Veduco Unila
Respa Bessi Aithanarid Irnfried
Andagis Babai Herminafrid Flaccitheus

Gothic Boy Names

Gothic Boy Names
Gothic Boy Names

Nature is full of beautiful, dark, and also scary moments. Many goth names pay homage to pagan and druid ancestry as well.

Try one of these names if you are looking for something to speak to your love of true gothic roots.

Most of the time, numerous goth titles combine an element of beauty with a bit of darkness. If that describes your family perfectly, a goth name might be exactly the right fit for your baby.

Saphrax Gutthikas Osuin Cannabaudes
Vultuulf Theoderid Eraric Amalaric
Fridigern Hunulf Geberic Feletheus
Theodahad Osuin Heldebald Galindus
Gaiseric Sueridus Asbad Walahmar
Wallia Dubius Hunumund Tuluin
Eberwolf Andagis Livila Arnegliscus
Vandalarius Fridigern Feletheus Agriwulf
Osuin Athaulf Salla Gerung
Feletheus Rechimund Amalaric Valia
Athanaric Tribigild Aspar Sunericus
Theodehad Alatheus Feletheus Uraias
Eraric Ricimer Thela Theodulf
Ansila Agila Ardaric Gunteric
Odotheus Tanais Viliaris Fritigern

Female Names Meaning Death

The top baby names usually change somewhat from one year to the next. Sometimes, the most popular names move up or down in the list.

However, there are other years in that some novel and updated names became famous.

Ataulf Ardaric Uraias Heldebald
Anagastes Suatrius Wittiza Unila
Galindus Gerung Badua Himnerith
Vultuulf Remismund Teias Vittamar
Getica Walahmar Theoderid Ostrogotha
Salla Hunulf Fritigern Tribigild
Apahida Valamir Hadubrand Getica
Winguric Safrax Nidada Roderic
Cannabas Viliaris Fravitta Odovacar
Sigibald Gauterit Sueridus Thela
Visimar Theodemer Bilimer Uraias
Ablabius Cethegus Theodoric Patza
Baduila Thiudimir Geberic Agila
Gaiseric Theodoric Alaviv Suatrius
Leuvibild Leuvibild Ablabius Segeric

Female Goth Names

If you have read the baby name coverage of us earlier, you may know we have nothing against sweet, adorable baby goth names that are all sugar and sunshine.

Female Goth Names
Female Goth Names

Moreover, also, let us be the first to say. There is no rule that says your baby’s name has to be cute, per se, as well as it certainly does not have to be orthodox.

If you are looking on the darker side of the name with roots in hard rock, the spooky side of nature, or even which films and fiction?

Vultuulf Gutthikas Thraustila Ovida
Gadaric Theudis Teias Bessi
Segeric Ataulph Shapur Chindasuinth
Thrasaric Wallia Cyrila Wittigis
Recceswinth Gerung Athaulf Fretela
Tanais Odotheus Vidigoia Hildebad
Tufa Namatius Euric Fravitta
Farnobius Thiudimir Ebermud Saphrax
Fravitta Tribigild Gerung Achila
Athalaric Viliaris Frithila Mundo
Agriwulf Wala Agriwulf Alla
Beuca Modares Sigismund Ermanaric
Vetranio Viliaris Rechimund Jordanes
Hunumund Vetranio Ildebad Berig
Cnivida Irnfried Fritigern Hunigild

Ancient Gothic Names

If you are a parent who had spent the high school days wearing black lipstick and fishnets, these goth-inspired baby names below can help merge the old with the new.

While these dark, edgy baby names are totally appropriate for the schoolyard, they have just the right amount of spook traits to let your kid stand out.

Fastida Goar Thela Goddas
Herminafrid Walahmar Sueridus Recared
Gainas Sigismund Radagaisus Hermenigild
Vitigis Sisenand Berimud Cniva
Crocus Modaharius Visimar Huml
Odovacar Galindus Goddas Segeric
Cannabas Wala Wella Athanaric
Gainas Gerung Namatius Wallia
Vidigoia Heribrand Berimud Gauterit
Anagastes Ariaric Gesalec Fritigern
Farnobius Achila Wittiza Veduco
Patza Goddas Aspar Fastida
Apahida Godegisel Hildebad Cnivida
Hermangild Ardaric Cannabaudes Geberic
Theodahad Wamba Witige Sueridus

Gothic Era Names

Gothic Era Names
Gothic Era Names

There are numerous famous goth girls to get baby name inspiration from. One of our favorite goth girls is Wednesday Addams, from the Addams family.

Wednesday is obviously a great goth name, however, if you feel like that has already been done, then the other days of the week make equally cool names.

Saturday might be a little perky for a goth girl name. However, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday would all make great names.

We also loved the gothic coolness of Lydia from the movie Beetlejuice, played by actress Wynona Ryder. The name has both Swedish and Greek origins. Another favorite is Raven, who’s a famous goth girl on the cartoon Teen Titans.

Mundo Tribigild Aithanarid Gauterit
Hildebrand Hilderith Theoderid Sunericus
Ansila Wamba Ermanaric Teja
Alaric Athaulf Frideric Theudegisklos
Frigeridus Frideric Godigisclus Leuvibild
Bilimer Rudesind Aligern Gesimund
Sunnia Baduila Wittiza Recitach
Respa Amal Hadubrand Colias
Agiwulf Recceswinth Hermangild Fridigern
Hadubrand Mundo Eriulf Retemeris
Soas Sigibald Sueridus Amal
Viliaris Modaharius Cunigast Sisenand
Vultuulf Vidigoia Cannabaudes Hunulf
Colias Videric Ostrogotha Arvandus
Leuvibild Gundobad Eutharic Totila

Gothic Names Generator

The easiest and cool way to generate the goth name from the internet with your choice of words is a gothic name generator.

You just have to follow the step-by-step guide and insert the words you like to add. As we told earlier the meaning of the gothic names is unusual.

So, it is an amazing way to find out the unique and brilliant gothic names from the generator.

Gainas Suatrius Witige Eriulf
Theudis Ibba Videric Goddas
Thrasaric Vithmiris Goar Bigelis
Ardabur Wittiza Agila Argaith
Berimund Aithanarid Feva Namatius
Gaiseric Bigelis Theoderid Gadaric
Aithanarid Gelimer Huneric Sigeric
Ovida Segeric Winguric Gunteric
Euric Eutharic Ardabur Totila
Ebrimud Sindila Vandil Brandila
Unigild Flaccitheus Recared Frithila
Gauterit Aidoingus Fredegar Soas
Hermenigild Berimund Cunigast Ebermud
Ariaric Herminafrid Cannabaudes Babai
Heribrand Theudegisklos Fridigern Thidrek


You are free to use names from our incredible name list. However, we recommended that you should check the availability of any name from here or web before finalizing it for you.

You can see that we have provided the most possible names we can for your research. In the case of any query or suggestion, you can write to us.

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