Facing trouble in coming up with some Bosnian baby names? You need not worry about that since we have this article to back you up with all the necessary ideas and suggestions to figure out one.

The country of Bosnia and Herzegovina constitute a diverse population from various religious and rich cultural backgrounds.

The country mostly known for its trade is deeply rooted in its traditions, as a result of which the prayer of mosques and the church bells can hit your ears simultaneously.

This article works towards the dispatch of all noteworthy lists of information of unique names and Bosnian surnames so that you can choose one for an easy start.

Without further delay, let’s jump right into the topic!

Bosnian Name Meanings

Bosnia is home to ecstatic scenery and diverse population that is filled with rich and developed religious and cultural backgrounds. People of Bosnia are extremely friendly and tend to show respect to elders and community. Now let us take a look at some of the Bosnian names and their meanings.

Bosnian Baby Names
Bosnian boy names and meanings

1.The Bosnian language is a south Slavic language constituting Cyrillic, Latin and few Persian and Turkish alphabets. The names of this region are generally devoted or referred to god, humanity, faith, glory and power. Some common Bosnian boy names and meaningscan be:

  • Alijah – This means my god is lord and this name is the Bosnian representation of Ali and hence has Bosnian origin.
  • Besim- This name refers to a person who has happy and content soul.
  • Elveden – Having an Arabic origin, this name refers to benevolence of gift or faith. This is also the name of a renowned Bosnian musician, composer and educator. This is why Elvidin is considered a popular name.
  • Izet – Izet means glory or greatness. Izet is also the name of a renowned Bosnian professional footballer who plays as a winger for the national team of Bosnia.

2. The Bosnian girl names are generally based on beauty, boldness, spirituality and faith in god. Take a look at some of the most common Bosnian girl names and meanings as discussed below!

  • Amela – Amela is considered to be one of the most common Bosnian American names which refers to effort or work.
  • Ifeta – Having Arabic origin, this name resembles virtuous or innocent.
  • Lamija – Again from an Arabic origin, this name resembles a person with a glowing or shining personality.
  • Merima – Referring to star of the sea, this name has a biblical origin. Merima is also the name of a famous bosnian concert accordionist and composer.

Afore mentioned are some of the common bosnian boy and girl names to help you start on the right foot and gain a basic about Bosnian names. Following are some other names that we created to help you figure one out for your baby. Grab a look at these interesting names!

Impeccable Bosnian Fed Bosnian Performance Bosnian Indy Bosnian Linq Bosnian
Abstract Bosnian Integrity Bosnian Access Bosnian Crown Bosnian Glare Bosnian
Sunrise Bosnian Bosnianish Kindle Bosnian Artwork Bosnian Ariel Bosnian
Pacific Bosnian Bosnianaro Poise Bosnian Crater Bosnian Origin Bosnian
Aristotle Bosnian Crave Bosnian Stake Bosnian Relevant Bosnian Counter Bosnian
Intrepid Bosnian Cannon Bosnian Pocket Bosnian Omega Bosnian Speedy Bosnian
Zero Bosnian Fret Bosnian Calculator Bosnian Culture Bosnian Capital Bosnian
Launch Bosnian Active Bosnian Grazing Bosnian Evoke Bosnian Gnaw Bosnian
Way Bosnian Bosnianara Mag Bosnian Move Bosnian Favor Bosnian
Locator Bosnian Bound Bosnian Zipped Bosnian Achieve Bosnian World Bosnian
Bosnianoryx Stardust Bosnian Glass Jaw Bosnian Abroad Bosnian Sharanam Bosnian
Project Bosnian Bosnianry Flowers Bosnian Rabbit Bosnian Tale Bosnian
Flaunt Bosnian Proto Bosnian Hyper Bosnian Mastered Bosnian Growth Bosnian
Bosnianado Feast Bosnian Integrity Bosnian Milk Bosnian Solo Bosnian
Blossom Bosnian Bosniantastic Chomp Bosnian Combat Bosnian Pak Bosnian
Geographic Bosnian Spicy Bosnian Attitude Bosnian Dive Bosnian Layered Bosnian
Posse Bosnian Bosnianops Lane Bosnian Imagine Bosnian Optimum Bosnian
Inline Bosnian Bosniando Oil Bosnian Vibe Bosnian Time Bosnian
Mountain Bosnian Cha-Cha Bosnian Herald Bosnian Swish Bosnian Mission Bosnian
Bosnianjet Superior Bosnian Ado Bosnian Offense Bosnian Poplin Bosnian
Bosnian Baby Names
Bosnian girl names and meanings
Bosnianistic Timber Bosnian Blink Bosnian Drill Bosnian Wildlife Bosnian
Agile Bosnian Skin Bosnian Annuity Bosnian Serve Bosnian Arte Bosnian
Perfect Bosnian Bosnianscape Power Bosnian Link Bosnian Cleo Bosnian
Chronic Bosnian Guava Bosnian Lo-Res Bosnian Insider Bosnian Predator Bosnian
Chunky Bosnian Pillar Bosnian Pooch Bosnian Boo Bosnian Pulse Bosnian
Majestic Bosnian Pebble Bosnian Sentry Bosnian Being Bosnian Aristocrat Bosnian
Keep Bosnian Bosnianwind Fable Bosnian Aero Bosnian Venture Bosnian
Bosniansio Bosniannetic Breeze Bosnian Pals Bosnian Paradise Bosnian
Hazel Bosnian Coats Bosnian Lost Bosnian Revolve Bosnian First-Choice Bosnian
Jockey Bosnian Equinox Bosnian Loop Bosnian Specials Bosnian Bunker Bosnian
Wanderlust Bosnian Focus Bosnian Forge Bosnian Realtime Bosnian Bound Bosnian
Exist Bosnian Radical Bosnian Impulse Bosnian Dance Bosnian Nomad Bosnian
Core Bosnian Omega Bosnian Energise Bosnian Opal Bosnian Hammer Bosnian
Bosnianbia Transition Bosnian Mast Bosnian Bench Bosnian Rock Bosnian
Dart Bosnian Mercury Bosnian Store Bosnian Mega Bosnian Awry Bosnian
Olive Bosnian Bosnianque Diva Bosnian Sky Bosnian Forever Bosnian
Bosnianopedia Crunch Time Bosnian Bio Bosnian Tenacious Bosnian Sky Bosnian
Rancher Bosnian Regal Bosnian Tenant Bosnian Escapade Bosnian Data Bosnian
Zoom Bosnian Alpha Bosnian Fury Bosnian Collective Bosnian Practical Bosnian
Purifying Bosnian Bosnianorama Dream Bosnian Cavern Bosnian Venus Bosnian
Bosnian Baby Names
Bosnian Name Meanings
Shop Bosnian Terrace Bosnian Asset Bosnian Zen Bosnian Monster Bosnian
Blink Bosnian Mention Bosnian Ajax Bosnian Places Bosnian Blooms Bosnian
Rave Bosnian Asset Bosnian First Bosnian Magnolia Bosnian Rich Bosnian
Comet Bosnian Cutting Bosnian Elite Bosnian Prima Bosnian Major Bosnian
Angle Bosnian Joy Bosnian Hera Bosnian Clutch Bosnian Advantage Bosnian
Morning Bosnian Hurdle Bosnian Atlas Bosnian Rate Bosnian Incredible Bosnian
Organica Bosnian Emerald Bosnian Exception Bosnian Tenacious Bosnian Dock Bosnian
Intercept Bosnian Protector Bosnian Mortgage Bosnian Intense Bosnian Hound Bosnian
Legends Bosnian Crown Bosnian Common Bosnian Dare Bosnian Rise Bosnian
Sebas Bosnian Rugrat Bosnian Charts Bosnian Flame Bosnian Planted Bosnian
Great Bosnian Remedy Bosnian Ready Bosnian Baby Bosnian Terrarium Bosnian
Stop Bosnian Xanadu Bosnian Chateau Bosnian Strength Bosnian Doodle Bosnian
Heracle Bosnian Candy Bosnian Treasures Bosnian Shape Bosnian Up Bosnian
Platinum Bosnian Spotless Bosnian Refine Bosnian Herbed Bosnian Repair Bosnian
Cloud Bosnian Pacific Bosnian Vivid Bosnian Probe Bosnian Palace Bosnian
Splash Bosnian Surge Bosnian Junky Bosnian Aisle Bosnian Artificial Bosnian
Stack Bosnian Critical Bosnian Novel Bosnian Suburbia Bosnian Bar Bosnian
Playmaker Bosnian Studios Bosnian Tailor Bosnian Care Bosnian Trekker Bosnian
Acradge Bosnian Kin Bosnian Cherish Bosnian Skinwork Bosnian Juno Bosnian
Dogma Bosnian Light Bosnian Splendor Bosnian Nutrient Bosnian Antiques Bosnian
Infusion Bosnian Raider Bosnian Workshop Bosnian Geeks Bosnian Sunset Bosnian

Now the following section will guide through all the ideas and suggestion for coming up with a unique bosnian girl name.

Bosnian Girl Names

Bosnian names are mostly based on god or valuable morals that are expected to be instilled as a person’s personality or character. We have compiled some key factors that should be taken into consideration before choosing unique Bosnian girl names.

Bosnian names are generally constituted of 4-5 alphabets and can be considered appropriate if you are looking for unique names for your baby. If naming a girl, you can use names that signify beauty, prettiness and similar conceptions. For example, names like Meliha, Lejla resemble the same.

While naming a girl, another key aspect that can be used would be choosing names that reflect some strong moral standards or skills or personality traits.

Bosnian Baby Names
Bosnian girl names

Frankly, every parent genuinely looks forward to seeing their child grow up into a confident strong and trustworthy human being. You can choose names that exhibit the same message through the name.

You can also go for some unique names. Bosnian names include various ideals but are mostly related to their culture or tradition. If you are looking for something out of the box, then you can try names tha resemble concepts of glory or blossoms. Names like Natasja, Nusreta can be considered to be fine examples.

We hope that upon incorporating the above-mentioned suggestions, you would surely be able to figure some Bosnian Muslim names girl. However, we have enlisted some unique names to give you a head start. Take a look at these as mentioned below!

Gauge Bosnian Arrow Bosnian Grave Bosnian Cent Bosnian Princess Bosnian
Viper Bosnian Rejuvenate Bosnian Grain Bosnian First Bosnian Spur Bosnian
Escape Bosnian Bench Bosnian Soften Bosnian Adapt Bosnian Fast Bosnian
Custom Bosnian Tinged Bosnian Throw Down Bosnian Court Bosnian Informed Bosnian
Sting Bosnian Endeavor Bosnian Method Bosnian Bubbles Bosnian Mikado Bosnian
Friendly Bosnian Loop Bosnian Resolve Bosnian Egad Bosnian Wild Bosnian
Tenant Bosnian Bosnianlia Decal Bosnian Ground Bosnian Dream Bosnian
Flair Bosnian Total Bosnian Visionary Bosnian Tea Bosnian Grove Bosnian
Choose Bosnian Haven Bosnian Mafia Bosnian Quantum Bosnian Image Bosnian
Daub Bosnian Lux Bosnian Spicy Bosnian Invisible Bosnian Methodical Bosnian
Beltline Bosnian Swingman Bosnian Vex Bosnian Laser Bosnian Blueprint Bosnian
Gorilla Bosnian Cleopatra Bosnian Pure Bosnian Turismo Bosnian Gong Bosnian
Boy Bosnian Tow Bosnian Lucky Bosnian Haze Bosnian Spark Bosnian
Karuna Bosnian Fans Bosnian Purity Bosnian Astute Bosnian Glitz Bosnian
Able Bosnian Rise Bosnian Artistic Bosnian Leisure Bosnian Kick Bosnian
Fathom Bosnian Oont Bosnian Giga Bosnian Brake Bosnian Grindstone Bosnian
Envy Bosnian Max Bosnian Homestead Bosnian Arrowhead Bosnian Silent Bosnian
Pal Bosnian Super Bosnian Airborne Bosnian Lock Bosnian Champs Bosnian
Wish Bosnian Divine Bosnian Cup Bosnian Decoration Bosnian Joy Bosnian
Stone Bosnian Espresso Bosnian Covert Bosnian Grow Bosnian Hearthstone Bosnian
Bosnian Muslim names girl
Bosnian Muslim names girl
Dream Bosnian Invest Bosnian Spartan Bosnian Momentum Bosnian Joyous Bosnian
Dirt Bosnian Structure Bosnian Frost Bosnian Chiffchaff Bosnian Sprinkles Bosnian
Kristina Bosnian Dart Bosnian Roma Bosnian Essence Bosnian Liberty Bosnian
Wonder Bosnian Heart Bosnian Simply Bosnian Basket Bosnian Bop Bosnian
Sprinkles Bosnian Solid Bosnian Complete Bosnian Venture Bosnian Clever Bosnian
Culture Bosnian Dojo Bosnian Brigade Bosnian Pivot Bosnian Kitty Bosnian
Eco Bosnian Necessary Bosnian Desire Bosnian Sunset Bosnian Accent Bosnian
Pillar Bosnian Club Bosnian Embrace Bosnian Terra Bosnian Guide Bosnian
Dash Bosnian Rewards Bosnian Fleet Bosnian Boards Bosnian Seed Bosnian
Graphics Bosnian Know Bosnian Attract Bosnian Great Bosnian Garage Bosnian
Vibe Bosnian Obsidian Bosnian Successful Bosnian Luxuriant Bosnian Rainbow Bosnian
Discussion Bosnian First Bosnian Tantra Bosnian Fireball Bosnian Oro Bosnian
Control Bosnian Sells Bosnian Anywhere Bosnian Giggle Bosnian Bungle Bosnian
Herdsman Bosnian Divine Bosnian Radiant Bosnian Supreme Bosnian Music Bosnian
Den Bosnian Rumble Bosnian Advanced Bosnian Voluptuous Bosnian Trace Bosnian
Carbon Bosnian Progressive Bosnian Loop Bosnian Progression Bosnian Genic Bosnian
Heavenly Bosnian Appetite Bosnian Hut Bosnian Happy Bosnian Clip Bosnian
Holistic Bosnian Fido Bosnian Relief Bosnian Farmers Bosnian Send Bosnian
Ready Bosnian You Bosnian Markets Bosnian Explore Bosnian Maker Bosnian
Darling Bosnian Top Bosnian Bop Bosnian Offers Bosnian Founder Bosnian


  • Bosnian Muslim names boy
    Bosnian Muslim names boy

Now for someone who is looking forward to finding some Bosnian boy names, followthe upcoming section to gain some fantastic ideas!

Bosnian Boy Names

For coming up with Bosnian baby boy names, the following ideas can prove to be helpful here. Grab a look at the points below!

Bosnian boy names follow the same principles as that of bosnian girl names. Names that signify glory, virtue, faith, and spirituality can turn out to be unique and beloved names of all time. For example, Ejab, Alija, Adem can prove to be unique bosnian boy names.

Since it is meant for boys, you can use the unique traits that your child has or traist that you want your child to incorporate to come up with interesting names. You can go for names that resemble bravery or names that symbolise faith in humanity. Make sure the name isn’t too long, sounds attractive and easy to pronounce.

If yearning for a unique name, you can also name your child after any inspiring Nobelist or poet or any artist or can even use their name as an inspiration to create your own. Names like Ekrem or Elvedin symbolise faith and trustworthiness.

You can include a range of aspects or conceptions when looking for Bosnian Muslim names boy but we included the key ideas to make it less perplexing for you. We have compiled some great set of Bosnian baby boy names for your convenience. Take a look below!

Lion Bosnian Beam Bosnian Born Bosnian Nurture Bosnian Food Bosnian
Twist Bosnian Hack Bosnian Think Bosnian Bastion Bosnian Simply Bosnian
Bodied Bosnian Shift Bosnian Banking Bosnian Medium Bosnian Essential Bosnian
Hunnybunch Bosnian Origin Bosnian Empire Bosnian Energy Bosnian Smash Bosnian
Fine Bosnian Groove Bosnian Blend Bosnian Wildlife Bosnian Beam Bosnian
Bullseye Bosnian Glitz Bosnian Intro Bosnian Goods Bosnian Jawa Bosnian
Trans Bosnian Prime Bosnian Roads Bosnian Foster Bosnian Surface Bosnian
Unity Bosnian Origin Bosnian Mass Bosnian Fury Bosnian Dashing Bosnian
Overload Bosnian Skinwork Bosnian Speedy Bosnian Shower Bosnian Frost Bosnian
Diva Bosnian Swift Bosnian Radiate Bosnian Ague Bosnian Strength Bosnian
Complex Bosnian Smart Bosnian Pantry Bosnian Quality Bosnian Snuggle Bosnian
Rident Bosnian Pines Bosnian Wisdom Bosnian Heavy Bosnian Orchid Bosnian
Mind Bosnian Serv Bosnian Intel Bosnian Place Bosnian Index Bosnian
Steam Bosnian Collective Bosnian Luxury Bosnian Engaged Bosnian Total Bosnian
Garnish Bosnian Sensor Bosnian Cornerman Bosnian Stardust Bosnian Tap Bosnian
Switch Bosnian Diamond Bosnian Wild Bosnian Compound Bosnian Relief Bosnian
Habitat Bosnian Alpine Bosnian Connection Bosnian Leading Bosnian Dashing Bosnian
Major Bosnian Hunter Bosnian Hatch Bosnian Loop Bosnian First Down Bosnian
Stream Bosnian Avenue Bosnian Strap Bosnian Tikes Bosnian Rancher Bosnian
Bytes Bosnian Intensity Bosnian Rhea Bosnian Bohemian Bosnian Evo Bosnian
unique bosnian boy names
unique bosnian boy names
Creative Bosnian Roll Bosnian Cove Bosnian Of The Day Bosnian Ritzy Bosnian
Panel Bosnian Simple Bosnian Ideal Bosnian Fields Bosnian Spellbound Bosnian
Hybrid Bosnian Public Bosnian Dash Bosnian Fence Bosnian Crew Bosnian
Fit Bosnian Gods Bosnian Galaxy Bosnian Soul Bosnian Boost Bosnian
Sleeve Bosnian Earthbound Bosnian Sunrise Bosnian Chase Bosnian Plasma Bosnian
Fly Bosnian Vivid Bosnian Relax Bosnian Water Bosnian Alley Bosnian
Rank Bosnian Finish Bosnian Attract Bosnian Tact Bosnian Gulf Bosnian
Action Bosnian Jockey Bosnian Soothing Bosnian Mass Bosnian Skep Bosnian
Lantern Bosnian Bargain Bosnian Magenta Bosnian Threads Bosnian Cheery Bosnian
Blazing Bosnian Golden Bosnian Hydroponics Bosnian Leaders Bosnian Connect Bosnian
Berry Bosnian Wholesome Bosnian Glum Bosnian Lists Bosnian Pine Bosnian
Unreal Bosnian Scene Bosnian Corporate Bosnian Mono Bosnian Kingdom Bosnian
Stream Bosnian Real Bosnian Bound Bosnian Paragon Bosnian Zeus Bosnian
Rabbit Bosnian Deluxe Bosnian Truth Bosnian Atlas Bosnian Gods Bosnian
Yidam Bosnian Sugar Bosnian Jet Bosnian Dimension Bosnian Guide Bosnian
Grand Bosnian Snap Bosnian Zephyr Bosnian Tested Bosnian Host Bosnian
Sugar Bosnian Petals Bosnian Splendor Bosnian Tribe Bosnian Board Bosnian
Driver Bosnian Allied Bosnian Fortune Bosnian Replenish Bosnian Pantry Bosnian
Expose Bosnian Satya Bosnian Rings Bosnian Target Bosnian Toon Bosnian
Dog Bosnian Delicate Bosnian Aprt Bosnian Dragonfly Bosnian Lense Bosnian

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most common Bosnian name?

Some of the most common Bosnian boy names include Amar, Vedad, Adem, Adelais etc. While some common bosnian girl names are Melissa, Ema, Lamija, Amina etc.

2. How do Bosnian names work?

Bosniaks often have names from turkish or Islamic origin and in Bosnia, the family name comes before the personal names.

3. Why do Bosnian last names end in IC?

The ic suffix is actually a slavic niminutve, actually functioning to create patronymics.

Final Verdict

Bosnian names are a great choice for your baby if you are looking forward to name your child with a creative and unique name. We totally get the fact that coming up with a bosnian name can be an immensely exhausting task to do.

Therefore we have created this article to put forward all the relevant information and ideas for your utmost benefit. Apply the ideas to create your own favourite. Good luck!

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