Hey there! Have you guys just become parents? Well, if so, I hope, you and your children are in sound health. To every parent, their Angels Baby Names for them.

Just like the angels, babies are the messengers of unlimited happiness and peace for their parents and other family members.

As you have just become parents, I can feel that you have the high hope that your baby will become a sweet soul with happiness and peace in the future. You hope that he or she will turn out to be a real-life angel. There is nothing wrong with it. Trust me! So why not name them after the names of the angels?

When you decide on some angel baby names for your child or children, their names will reflect their character in their future life. Besides this, by giving angelic names to their babies, parents keep their faith in religion.

So if you won’t give your child some cool Angels Baby Names, you have to read this article. Here, I am going to share with you some names after angels that will definitely suit your baby.

Find out the names by reading.

Names Meaning Angel- What Name Means Angel?

According to Merriam Webster, an ‘Angel’ is a spiritual being. Angels are superior to humans both in intelligence and power.

Some angels are our attendant spiritual guardians. We call them our guardian angels.

Some Western religions such as Christianity and Judaism keep their faith in the existence of angels.

In these religions, we can find out several names that mean angels. I have shared some of those names with you.

Boy Names That Mean Angels

You can find several names of the boys that are implying angels. Here are some of them.

Angels Baby Names
Boy Names That Mean Angels
RaphaelAngeloMalachNames Bubble
Michael AngeloUrielEvan AngeloAngels Evoke
RaguelRamielHarielAngels Egghead
KemuelRazielZerachielNames Amaze
OrifielEngelkafzielNames Arise
ZadkielYaelSamuelNames Thimble
MireilleErelahAngeliqueAngels Insight
MarvelMaria AngelaParisaBabyium
MarvellaDinaAngelinaBaby Prime
MireyaLailahAngelicaNames Contemporary
MicaelaAtaraAngeletteNames Pursuit
MikelleAnnieRosangelNames Foster
Mira belleGwynethEvangelinaAngels Crafted
AalyssaFenalImamuNames Mosaic
AbhinoorJannahJavanNames Land
AngolaLuzKemuelBaby Country
AnnchiDangeloIngelNames Artsy
AngeleneEngle BertElinBabyistic
DaliliBertyLaibaAngels Toon
ErelaAgnoloNoorAngels Fluff
DivineAgelosParyaAngels Quirky
BatyaMichaelGloriaNames Form

So, these above-mentioned names are all implying the angels. You can pick any name from here and give it to your child. These are some boy names that mean angel.

Girl Names That Mean Angel

Just like the name of the boys, you can also find several girl names that mean angel. Here are some for you.

Girl Names That Mean Angel
Girl Names That Mean Angel
AngellinaGabrielleYaelBaby Tidbit
CelesteEverAlyaAngels Cutie
CelineEternityHavenAngels Kisses
CieloEvangelineHeavenBaby Form
DaliliEdenLaniNames Chubby
Angels AxelNames BubblesNamlyticalNames Foozle
Angels ArtsNames PlaymateAngels FieldNames Success
Baby PopAngels GrasshopperNames WispyNames Radiant
Names RuleAngels MollycoddleAngels ToysNames Aspire
BabysioNames QuirkyAngels LoveyAngels Studios
Baby CrochetBaby LinkNames CreationsBaby Fine
BabyquipoAngels StorkAngels FeverAngels Wonder
Baby ThriveBaby MotivateAngelsoramaAngels Moon
Angels BetterNames AdvanceAngels AngelBaby Sesame
NamologyAngels PatchAngelsellaAngels Love
Angels UnicornAngelsgenicsAngelssioBaby Bloom
Names AssetNames AcornAngelssyAngels Progress
Names FineAngels TargetBaby SproutNames Native
Baby InfluenceNames ThriveNames PushAngels Fortune
Angels DelightfulAngels CheerNames ChompAngels Elite
Names SnuffBaby JungleBaby RockNames Ready
Names TimeAngels PeeweeAngels ExpandBaby Burple
Baby CocoonBabylanceNamonusNames Pups
Angels AnewBaby TrainingAngelsscapeNames Bloom
Names BearNames ChubbyNamworksAngels Sprinkles

So these are some girl names that mean angels. In the later section of this article, you will find the Angels Baby Names for both the boys and the girls.

Male Angel Names- Angelic Names for Boys

Here are names after angels which suit the best for your newborn boy.

Angels Baby Names
Male Angel Names- Angelic Names for Boys
Baby MentorNamquipoAngels PeaAngels Giggles
Angels PiggyNames NerdBaby ProspectNames Owl
Baby ArtsyAngelsxNames WorkshopNames Toot
Angels PalBaby TalentBaby GraspBaby Express
Angels BeeAngels TenderBaby DevelopmentNames Sugar
Names TutorNames ExcellenceNames AbroadNames Adventure
Names RockNames CreativoAngels FocusNames Icon
Angels KittyNames CutsieAngels SmoochAngels Bolt
Angels SnuffNames SmoochAngels RabbitNames ABC
Baby WiseAngels TidbitBaby QuestAngels Acrylic
Baby ExpressBaby RoseAngels PathwayAngels Home
Baby ArtesAngels NerdBaby ExtremeAngels Boost
Baby BoldNames PaintingsAngels PicturesBaby Picture
Baby FunlandBaby ThriveNames FloralBaby Painting
Names ExploreNames MorphNames DaintyAngels Pursuit
Angels MeetupNames TinyAngels PenguinAngels Launch
Names SweetNames AcrylicNames Cha-ChaAngels Artists
Baby GaloreAngels RavishingAngels FlareNames Nerd
Baby FastNames KindNames GrowthNames Crown
Angels ArriveNames TootsieAngels AxelNames Explore
Baby EnjoyBaby EliteNames AstroBaby Jolly
Names TranceBaby PatterAngels SageAngels Explore
Angels DaintyNames DetailNames BraveAngels Butterfly
Baby WigglyBaby MonkeyBaby KnowledgeBaby Crafts
Angels KidsBaby KinderNames HurdleNames Pictures

So, these are some very cool Angels Baby Names for boys that you definitely love to use for your newborn baby boy. You can pick any names from the names that I have listed in the table.

Angel Names For Girls

Girls are like real angels. If a girl is born in your family, you are really god-gifted parents. So if you have decided to give a name to your girl child after an angel, your decision is absolutely right.

Here are some names that reflect angels in them for girls.

Angels ExpertNames AxelAngels PearlyNames Guardian
Angels CribBaby MeetupNames KidsBaby Critique
Angels ToonNames ToddlerNames RefineNames Success
Baby AquaNames PassageBaby CutieAngels Bubs
Names CourseAngels MorphAngels AdemiaNames Baby
Baby AccessBaby FawnBaby StickerAngels Chubby
Baby InsightAngels EnvyBaby GraceNames Bear
Names TimeBaby HustleBaby CreativoBaby Bookworm
Baby MotiveAngels ArtsyAngels DriveAngels Box
Names LoveyNames PeapodBaby SoundNames Wispy
Names TargetAngels GaloreBaby EnjoyAngels Aura
Names GlumeNames AcornNames JiveBaby Toddler
Baby AhoyAngels ChildAngels KinderBaby Butterfly
Angels CollectiveBaby PursuitAngels DevelopNames Develop
Baby BrightNames SparkNames ButtonsAngels Baby
Baby ContemporaryAngels ThrillBaby CreativesAngels Crafts
Angels DriveNames FormAngels PlayfulNames Bubble
Names BrushesAngels SeekNames PathwayBaby Crochet
Angels ChirpAngels PossibleNames BoldAngels Nexus
Baby FieldNames TidbitNames TechieBaby Deck
Baby FosterBaby AestheticNames AcrylicAngels Peach
Baby PupsBaby HandmadeBaby CutsieAngels Zip
Names ArtistryBaby ThinkAngels DirectionNames Unicorn
Angels CreationAngels HurdleBaby BookwormBaby Specialist
Names BugNames GuideNames AdorableAngels Monkey

These girl angel names really suit the best for your newborn baby girl. You are totally free to choose any name from the table.

Baby Names That Mean Angel

Angels Baby Names
Baby Names That Mean Angel

Babies are real-life angels. So it is no wonder that most of the parents in the world want the name of their babies as angelic and special. They wish that everything will be special for their baby. So why the names?

Here are some names for the babies that mean angels.

Names SmoochNames ButterscotchAngels TalentAngels Kissy
Names EnhanceBaby AxelAngels ChompAngels Creativo
Angels SugarBaby BonnyNames SplendidBaby Canoodle
Baby ScholarBaby SimpleAngels ArtistBaby Wood
Baby PreciousAngels AmbitionBaby KinderAngels Giggle
Baby AxelAngels RapidBaby GiggleAngels Nexus
Baby SniftyNames BubblesNames CraftedNames Sound
Angels ExploreAngels AssetAngels KissesNames Craft
Names JungleNames ExchangeNames PictureBaby Fever
Names SchnoogleNames SkillAngels AnvilNames Chunky
Baby BazaarAngels SweetieNames FrameBaby Yearn
Baby ArtistBaby ActionAngels MollycoddleNames Prosper
Names BugAngels HunnybunchBaby CreatorAngels Cherub
Baby BlancBaby SprinklesBaby MethodNames Owl
Angels SmileNames FutureAngels ShenaniganAngels Fluffy
Names BlinkBaby RapidBaby BeamingBaby Crib
Angels RadiantBaby InsightNames PaintBaby Brave
Angels PupsNames PaddywackAngels SailNames Crib
Baby TranceBaby BrilliantNames SnuffBaby Icon
Names AdroitBaby DoodleBaby FluffyAngels Critique
Baby MethodBaby ChampionsAngels PatchNames Hugsy
Angels SmushAngels SunnyNames DevelopNames Zoom
Baby PrettyAngels MunchkinBaby ExcelNames Sweetie
Baby AccelNames KindNames ChunkyBaby Pretty
Names BridgeAngels WorkshopBaby IntegralAngels Contrast

I hope that these Angels Baby Names are really able to inspire you to give a suitable name to your newborn baby.

These are also the names that mean angel from heaven. Go ahead and pick any name for your newborn baby, either it is a boy or a girl.

Female Angel Names in the Bible

Female Angel Names in the Bible
Female Angel Names in the Bible

Here are some female angel names that you can find in the Holy Bible.

Names BoltNames PursueNames FluffyBaby Artists
Names ToysNames PursuitNames CreativoAngels Dream
Angels SucceedAngels EliteAngels LaunchBaby Encourage
Names BeaconAngels GamingAngels MagnificentNames Smart
Baby WhiskersNames AsylumAngels LittleBaby Painter
Baby AxisAngels JollyAngels LogicAngels Bold
Names StudiosBaby InfluenceAngels EagleAngels Home
Names DelightAngels CharmingNames EduAngels Puff
Names PopBaby MakerAngels AdventureNames Sticker
Baby SparkNames ExpressBaby EnvyBaby Fluid
Baby CoachAngels LeapNames FrogletBaby Acrylic
Names AngelBaby JungleAngels MentorNames Quest
Names IntellectNames MateNames WinkBaby Creation
Baby ArkBaby EnhanceBaby PlayfulAngels Future
Names AstroNames MagicAngels TrainingAngels Motif
Baby YearnNames BambinoNames AdroitBaby Arts
Angels AgileNames PeeweeBaby KissesAngels Course
Angels FrumptiousNames PumpkinNames ReadyBaby Motif
Angels SketchBaby AlphaNames DartNames Sprinkles
Baby InstructorAngels EmpowerBaby GaloreBaby Swift
Names MoonBaby SimpleAngels ActionAngels Accel
Baby RainbowBaby TargetBaby ZoomNames Empower
Baby SproutAngels PlayfulAngels SnaffleNames Burple
Baby FavorNames SparkBaby PathwayAngels Bubble
Angels InstructorNames WonderBaby PainterNames Penguin

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are The Names That Mean Beautiful Angel?

There are several names that mean beautiful angels. Here are such names: Malach, Seraphina, Gotzone, Uriel etc.

  • What Are The Seven Angels Of God?

You will find the seven angels of God in the 20th chapter of the Book of Enoch. They are holy angels. They are often believed as the 7 archangels. They are Michael, Remiel, Gabriel, Raphael, Saraqael, Uriel and Raguel.

  • Who Is 1st Angel Created By God?

The 1st angel created by God is the Supreme Archangel. Then he creates the other angels. They are the angels of intellect.

  • Can You Give The Name Angel To Your Baby Girl?

Yes, you can. The name Angel has its roots in Spain. It is a name that is used to give names for both boys and girls. So if you name your baby girl with Angel, there is nothing wrong with it.

  • What Are The Good Names For A Female Angel?

There are several good names for a female angel. They are Angel, Angelina, Agnolla, Angela, etc. you can use them for your baby girl.

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