Hey there! Have you guys just become parents? Well, if so, I hope, you and your children are in sound health. To every parent, their Angels Baby Names for them.

Just like the angels, babies are the messengers of unlimited happiness and peace for their parents and other family members.

As you have just become parents, I can feel that you have the high hope that your baby will become a sweet soul with happiness and peace in the future. You hope that he or she will turn out to be a real-life angel. There is nothing wrong with it. Trust me! So why not name them after the names of the angels?

When you decide on some angel baby names for your child or children, their names will reflect their character in their future life. Besides this, by giving angelic names to their babies, parents keep their faith in religion.

So if you won’t give your child some cool Angels Baby Names, you have to read this article. Here, I am going to share with you some names after angels that will definitely suit your baby.

Find out the names by reading.

Names Meaning Angel- What Name Means Angel?

According to Merriam Webster, an ‘Angel’ is a spiritual being. Angels are superior to humans both in intelligence and power.

Some angels are our attendant spiritual guardians. We call them our guardian angels.

Some Western religions such as Christianity and Judaism keep their faith in the existence of angels.

In these religions, we can find out several names that mean angels. I have shared some of those names with you.

Boy Names That Mean Angels

You can find several names of the boys that are implying angels. Here are some of them.

Angels Baby Names
Boy Names That Mean Angels
Cael Castiel Haniel Angelsoryx
Gabriel Michael Javan Angelslia
Raphael Angelo Malach Names Bubble
Michael Angelo Uriel Evan Angelo Angels Evoke
Raguel Ramiel Hariel Angels Egghead
Kemuel Raziel Zerachiel Names Amaze
Orifiel Engel kafziel Names Arise
Zadkiel Yael Samuel Names Thimble
Mireille Erelah Angelique Angels Insight
Marvel Maria Angela Parisa Babyium
Marvella Dina Angelina Baby Prime
Mireya Lailah Angelica Names Contemporary
Micaela Atara Angelette Names Pursuit
Bea Sachi Rabia Angelsbes
Mikelle Annie Rosangel Names Foster
Mira belle Gwyneth Evangelina Angels Crafted
Aalyssa Fenal Imamu Names Mosaic
Abhinoor Jannah Javan Names Land
Angola Luz Kemuel Baby Country
Annchi Dangelo Ingel Names Artsy
Angelene Engle Bert Elin Babyistic
Dalili Berty Laiba Angels Toon
Erela Agnolo Noor Angels Fluff
Divine Agelos Parya Angels Quirky
Batya Michael Gloria Names Form

So, these above-mentioned names are all implying the angels. You can pick any name from here and give it to your child. These are some boy names that mean angel.

Girl Names That Mean Angel

Just like the name of the boys, you can also find several girl names that mean angel. Here are some for you.

Girl Names That Mean Angel
Girl Names That Mean Angel
Angellina Gabrielle Yael Baby Tidbit
Celeste Ever Alya Angels Cutie
Celine Eternity Haven Angels Kisses
Cielo Evangeline Heaven Baby Form
Dalili Eden Lani Names Chubby
Angels Axel Names Bubbles Namlytical Names Foozle
Angels Arts Names Playmate Angels Field Names Success
Baby Pop Angels Grasshopper Names Wispy Names Radiant
Names Rule Angels Mollycoddle Angels Toys Names Aspire
Babysio Names Quirky Angels Lovey Angels Studios
Baby Crochet Baby Link Names Creations Baby Fine
Babyquipo Angels Stork Angels Fever Angels Wonder
Baby Thrive Baby Motivate Angelsorama Angels Moon
Angels Better Names Advance Angels Angel Baby Sesame
Namology Angels Patch Angelsella Angels Love
Angels Unicorn Angelsgenics Angelssio Baby Bloom
Names Asset Names Acorn Angelssy Angels Progress
Names Fine Angels Target Baby Sprout Names Native
Baby Influence Names Thrive Names Push Angels Fortune
Angels Delightful Angels Cheer Names Chomp Angels Elite
Names Snuff Baby Jungle Baby Rock Names Ready
Names Time Angels Peewee Angels Expand Baby Burple
Baby Cocoon Babylance Namonus Names Pups
Angels Anew Baby Training Angelsscape Names Bloom
Names Bear Names Chubby Namworks Angels Sprinkles

So these are some girl names that mean angels. In the later section of this article, you will find the Angels Baby Names for both the boys and the girls.

Male Angel Names- Angelic Names for Boys

Here are names after angels which suit the best for your newborn boy.

Angels Baby Names
Male Angel Names- Angelic Names for Boys
Baby Mentor Namquipo Angels Pea Angels Giggles
Angels Piggy Names Nerd Baby Prospect Names Owl
Baby Artsy Angelsx Names Workshop Names Toot
Angels Pal Baby Talent Baby Grasp Baby Express
Angels Bee Angels Tender Baby Development Names Sugar
Names Tutor Names Excellence Names Abroad Names Adventure
Names Rock Names Creativo Angels Focus Names Icon
Angels Kitty Names Cutsie Angels Smooch Angels Bolt
Angels Snuff Names Smooch Angels Rabbit Names ABC
Baby Wise Angels Tidbit Baby Quest Angels Acrylic
Baby Express Baby Rose Angels Pathway Angels Home
Baby Artes Angels Nerd Baby Extreme Angels Boost
Baby Bold Names Paintings Angels Pictures Baby Picture
Baby Funland Baby Thrive Names Floral Baby Painting
Names Explore Names Morph Names Dainty Angels Pursuit
Angels Meetup Names Tiny Angels Penguin Angels Launch
Names Sweet Names Acrylic Names Cha-Cha Angels Artists
Baby Galore Angels Ravishing Angels Flare Names Nerd
Baby Fast Names Kind Names Growth Names Crown
Angels Arrive Names Tootsie Angels Axel Names Explore
Baby Enjoy Baby Elite Names Astro Baby Jolly
Names Trance Baby Patter Angels Sage Angels Explore
Angels Dainty Names Detail Names Brave Angels Butterfly
Baby Wiggly Baby Monkey Baby Knowledge Baby Crafts
Angels Kids Baby Kinder Names Hurdle Names Pictures

So, these are some very cool Angels Baby Names for boys that you definitely love to use for your newborn baby boy. You can pick any names from the names that I have listed in the table.

Angel Names For Girls

Girls are like real angels. If a girl is born in your family, you are really god-gifted parents. So if you have decided to give a name to your girl child after an angel, your decision is absolutely right.

Here are some names that reflect angels in them for girls.

Angels Expert Names Axel Angels Pearly Names Guardian
Angels Crib Baby Meetup Names Kids Baby Critique
Angels Toon Names Toddler Names Refine Names Success
Baby Aqua Names Passage Baby Cutie Angels Bubs
Names Course Angels Morph Angels Ademia Names Baby
Baby Access Baby Fawn Baby Sticker Angels Chubby
Baby Insight Angels Envy Baby Grace Names Bear
Names Time Baby Hustle Baby Creativo Baby Bookworm
Baby Motive Angels Artsy Angels Drive Angels Box
Names Lovey Names Peapod Baby Sound Names Wispy
Names Target Angels Galore Baby Enjoy Angels Aura
Names Glume Names Acorn Names Jive Baby Toddler
Baby Ahoy Angels Child Angels Kinder Baby Butterfly
Angels Collective Baby Pursuit Angels Develop Names Develop
Baby Bright Names Spark Names Buttons Angels Baby
Baby Contemporary Angels Thrill Baby Creatives Angels Crafts
Angels Drive Names Form Angels Playful Names Bubble
Names Brushes Angels Seek Names Pathway Baby Crochet
Angels Chirp Angels Possible Names Bold Angels Nexus
Baby Field Names Tidbit Names Techie Baby Deck
Baby Foster Baby Aesthetic Names Acrylic Angels Peach
Baby Pups Baby Handmade Baby Cutsie Angels Zip
Names Artistry Baby Think Angels Direction Names Unicorn
Angels Creation Angels Hurdle Baby Bookworm Baby Specialist
Names Bug Names Guide Names Adorable Angels Monkey

These girl angel names really suit the best for your newborn baby girl. You are totally free to choose any name from the table.

Baby Names That Mean Angel

Angels Baby Names
Baby Names That Mean Angel

Babies are real-life angels. So it is no wonder that most of the parents in the world want the name of their babies as angelic and special. They wish that everything will be special for their baby. So why the names?

Here are some names for the babies that mean angels.

Names Smooch Names Butterscotch Angels Talent Angels Kissy
Names Enhance Baby Axel Angels Chomp Angels Creativo
Angels Sugar Baby Bonny Names Splendid Baby Canoodle
Baby Scholar Baby Simple Angels Artist Baby Wood
Baby Precious Angels Ambition Baby Kinder Angels Giggle
Baby Axel Angels Rapid Baby Giggle Angels Nexus
Baby Snifty Names Bubbles Names Crafted Names Sound
Angels Explore Angels Asset Angels Kisses Names Craft
Names Jungle Names Exchange Names Picture Baby Fever
Names Schnoogle Names Skill Angels Anvil Names Chunky
Baby Bazaar Angels Sweetie Names Frame Baby Yearn
Baby Artist Baby Action Angels Mollycoddle Names Prosper
Names Bug Angels Hunnybunch Baby Creator Angels Cherub
Baby Blanc Baby Sprinkles Baby Method Names Owl
Angels Smile Names Future Angels Shenanigan Angels Fluffy
Names Blink Baby Rapid Baby Beaming Baby Crib
Angels Radiant Baby Insight Names Paint Baby Brave
Angels Pups Names Paddywack Angels Sail Names Crib
Baby Trance Baby Brilliant Names Snuff Baby Icon
Names Adroit Baby Doodle Baby Fluffy Angels Critique
Baby Method Baby Champions Angels Patch Names Hugsy
Angels Smush Angels Sunny Names Develop Names Zoom
Baby Pretty Angels Munchkin Baby Excel Names Sweetie
Baby Accel Names Kind Names Chunky Baby Pretty
Names Bridge Angels Workshop Baby Integral Angels Contrast

I hope that these Angels Baby Names are really able to inspire you to give a suitable name to your newborn baby.

These are also the names that mean angel from heaven. Go ahead and pick any name for your newborn baby, either it is a boy or a girl.

Female Angel Names in the Bible

Female Angel Names in the Bible
Female Angel Names in the Bible

Here are some female angel names that you can find in the Holy Bible.

Names Bolt Names Pursue Names Fluffy Baby Artists
Names Toys Names Pursuit Names Creativo Angels Dream
Angels Succeed Angels Elite Angels Launch Baby Encourage
Names Beacon Angels Gaming Angels Magnificent Names Smart
Baby Whiskers Names Asylum Angels Little Baby Painter
Baby Axis Angels Jolly Angels Logic Angels Bold
Names Studios Baby Influence Angels Eagle Angels Home
Names Delight Angels Charming Names Edu Angels Puff
Names Pop Baby Maker Angels Adventure Names Sticker
Baby Spark Names Express Baby Envy Baby Fluid
Baby Coach Angels Leap Names Froglet Baby Acrylic
Names Angel Baby Jungle Angels Mentor Names Quest
Names Intellect Names Mate Names Wink Baby Creation
Baby Ark Baby Enhance Baby Playful Angels Future
Names Astro Names Magic Angels Training Angels Motif
Baby Yearn Names Bambino Names Adroit Baby Arts
Angels Agile Names Peewee Baby Kisses Angels Course
Angels Frumptious Names Pumpkin Names Ready Baby Motif
Angels Sketch Baby Alpha Names Dart Names Sprinkles
Baby Instructor Angels Empower Baby Galore Baby Swift
Names Moon Baby Simple Angels Action Angels Accel
Baby Rainbow Baby Target Baby Zoom Names Empower
Baby Sprout Angels Playful Angels Snaffle Names Burple
Baby Favor Names Spark Baby Pathway Angels Bubble
Angels Instructor Names Wonder Baby Painter Names Penguin

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are The Names That Mean Beautiful Angel?

There are several names that mean beautiful angels. Here are such names: Malach, Seraphina, Gotzone, Uriel etc.

  • What Are The Seven Angels Of God?

You will find the seven angels of God in the 20th chapter of the Book of Enoch. They are holy angels. They are often believed as the 7 archangels. They are Michael, Remiel, Gabriel, Raphael, Saraqael, Uriel and Raguel.

  • Who Is 1st Angel Created By God?

The 1st angel created by God is the Supreme Archangel. Then he creates the other angels. They are the angels of intellect.

  • Can You Give The Name Angel To Your Baby Girl?

Yes, you can. The name Angel has its roots in Spain. It is a name that is used to give names for both boys and girls. So if you name your baby girl with Angel, there is nothing wrong with it.

  • What Are The Good Names For A Female Angel?

There are several good names for a female angel. They are Angel, Angelina, Agnolla, Angela, etc. you can use them for your baby girl.

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