At about age 6, a child’s baby teeth (primary teeth) begin to weaken and fall out to make place for permanent teeth. However, this can sometimes be delayed by up to a year. Here, we will give all ins and outs on when do kids start losing teeth. 

Your child’s first teeth appeared between six and twelve months of age. When they turn three, the full set should be assembled. And now, some years later, you’re wondering, when do children lose their baby teeth?

Most children lose their teeth between the ages of five and six. It will take approximately seven or eight years for your child’s primary teeth to fall out.

When your child’s adult teeth begin to erupt, there will be twelve more. Adults have 32 permanent teeth; your child should have all of them by adolescence.

At What Age Do Kids Start Losing Teeth 

It varies for each child, but most children begin to lose their baby teeth between ages six and seven. Children might lose their first tooth as early as four or five.

The younger the child receives their first tooth, the younger they are when they often begin to lose teeth.

If children lose their primary teeth before the age of four, or if they still retain them at the age of seven or eight, it is advisable to consult a pediatric dentist. Your child’s grin may be developing at its rate, but we’ll ensure everything is on track.

Typically, primary teeth remain in place until permanent teeth force them out. If a child loses a baby tooth prematurely due to tooth decay or an incident, a permanent tooth may erupt in its place. This might cause permanent teeth to erupt crookedly due to crowding.

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What Should A Child Do After Their Tooth Falls Out? 

It is essential to begin practicing basic dental hygiene as soon as your child’s first baby tooth appears. As your child begins to lose baby teeth, emphasize the need for dental hygiene. For instance:

  • Remind your child to brush at least twice daily. Provide oversight and help as required.
  • Help your child clean their interdental spaces every day.
  • Consume a nutritious diet and restrict sugary foods and drinks.
  • Plan routine dental visits for your youngster.

With proper care, you can assist your child’s permanent teeth in lasting only a lifetime.

Which Teeth Fall Out First?

The two bottom frontal teeth (lower central incisors) and the top two frontal teeth (maxillary central incisors) are normally the first to fall out when do kids start losing teeth, trailed by the lateral incisors, first molars, canines, and second molars.

Losing Baby Teeth Early? Causes 

Numerous disorders can lead to the premature loss of baby teeth, including:

  • Dental trauma resulting from an accident or injury;
  • Periodontitis is a serious gum infectious disease that can weaken the gum tissue and surrounding bone to the point where they can no longer support the teeth; Certain health problems, such as hypophosphatasia (a genetic disorder that lessens bone development) or even certain forms of pediatric cancer.

In addition, significant tooth decay can result in life-threatening infections that demand the premature extraction of a primary tooth. Similarly, if oral trauma causes the primary tooth to dislodge, the tooth may become infected and require complete extraction.

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Tips For Handling Loose Teeth And Caring For Permanent Teeth

The best way to prevent loose teeth and other problems is to practice good oral hygiene at home and visit the dentist periodically for cleanings. Among the methods for preventing tooth loss are:

  • Regularly brushing your teeth at least twice daily and using dental floss can prevent cavities.
  • Obtaining dental examinations as recommended
  • Mouthguards are used to prevent injuries during sports participation.
  • Obtaining a bite splint to reduce nighttime teeth grinding or clenching

when do kids start losing teeth

  • Getting enough calcium and vitamin D helps maintain healthy teeth
  • Managing your diabetes effectively
  • Asking your physician whether any drugs could have harmful dental health implications


Is 4 Years Old Too Early To Lose Teeth?

Typically, a youngster loses their first baby tooth between six and twelve. While there is much fluctuation in this timeframe, it is cause for concern if your child lacks their first tooth before age 3 or 4.

Why Has My 6-Year-Old Not Lost Any Teeth Yet?

Typically, the first baby teeth are lost at the age of six. Some children may lose theirs between the ages of five and seven, which is yet considered the norm. By age eight, the average child would have lost eight baby teeth, including four upper and four lower front teeth.

What Should I Do With A Wiggly Tooth?

Don’t worry if your children like playing with their loose teeth with their tongue. It is acceptable for children to wiggle their wisdom teeth so long as they do not violently force them out, which can cause harm to their gums.

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