Being a parent is never easy and especially in the initial stages of your baby being a toddler, it can be pretty mind-boggling! However, one of the main concerns for a new parent always remains how to prevent the baby from falling off the bed.

Events of a baby falling off the bed can be very spontaneous keeping in mind their irregular sleeping patterns!

Hence, it can be really difficult to find a solution to this problem! But since you have reached this article, there is no need to worry!

Let’s get a sneak peek into what’s in for you!

  • What to do after the baby falls off bed?
  • Ways to prevent baby falling off bed
  • Frequently asked questions

What To Do After Baby Falls Off Bed?

How To Prevent Baby From Falling Off Bed
What To Do After Baby Falls Off Bed

If in recent times, your toddler fell off the bed, you must have been so confused as to what to do next but not anymore!

This section will brief you regarding what you need to know about post falling off the bed.

After all, mishappening like this can happen to anyone!

Therefore, let’s Check out some vital things to do in such circumstances.

  • Foremost thing is a full body check of your child. Check for all possible injuries that he could have had. Hold him very gently to avoid pain. Pat his back and make sure that they are conscious and awake.
  • Many times, the baby fell off bed but seems ok due to no external injuries. That is where people make mistakes. Baby’s skin is very sensitive, even to soft touch.

Hence, falling off a bed can cause some internal injuries too. Do a 24-hour observation check to know if there is any problem and consult the doctor if needed.

Many mothers, being the epitome of love and affection they are, ask “my baby fell off the bed should I take her to the hospital?” Well, the answer varies.

 Let’s see how:

  • If the baby fell off bed onto carpet, then you are in luck! Falling on a soft area wouldn’t hurt the baby. They would just be confused and make a fuss about it.
  • If there is a bump on back of baby’s head, then things can take a turn! If the bump results in excessive bleeding, unconsciousness, some weird postures, then rush to the hospital immediately! A bump can lead to skull fracture in rare cases too, that’s why prevention and caution is the ultimate key!
  • In cases where a baby fell off bed landed on stomach, there might be a probability of having a concussion since the baby must have hit his head. Now your work is to recognise the symptoms regarding it and approach your doctor if you experience any!
  • These situations can be really terrifying for both parent and child, but little patience and care from your side can handle the situation in minutes!

How about you come to know some great tips to prevent such accidents in the future? Sounds great, doesn’t it?

So, let’s have a look at them!

Ways To Prevent Baby Falling Off Bed

How To Prevent Baby From Falling Off Bed
Ways To Prevent Baby Falling Off Bed

Things get more intense when you don’t know how to bring a stop to it. As it is said, ‘prevention is better than cure, in the same fashion, it’s better to hold on to some careful measures to avoid your toddler falling off the bed! Here’s how to protect a baby from falling on the floor:

  • Place a soft thick carpet or mattress on baby’s side of bed so that even if the incident took place, baby won’t be harmed in a bad manner.
  • If you can opt for a separate small bed for baby, more like a crib, then it can be the most favourable option! This would give them the appropriate space and safety required while sleeping. Also, the long sides of cribs will make it difficult for the baby to get out easily, hence you will gain yourself some tension free time!
  • Identify your child’s favourite sides to roll on and shift that side of the bed towards the wall. Now you can let your baby roll as much he wants without worrying of him falling!
  • Switch to baby friendly furniture’s. Yes! Try to have small height beds, have guard rails with you for attaching them on bed ends. Prevent to have bunk beds. All such steps can prove very beneficial in protecting your little one.
  • It’s good to teach basic manners to a baby from initial stages only so that gradually they start to understand and inculcate such behaviour in practice.
  • Teach them sleeping postures and not rolling more often in unique and childish ways. Once they understand it, your work would be so much less!
  • Last but not the least, there is something that works as a charm! Placing a pillow beside baby sleeping can avoid a lot damage. The pillow would act as hurdle in baby rolling on the bed, which in turn would prevent him from falling on the floor.
  • Baby falling from bed doesn’t sound scary, but it can take pretty ugly twists and affect your baby’s whole life!

That’s why it’s better for you to implement these easy tricks into your routine and it would end all your worries regarding this situation!

Now you have a complete guide over what to do at such times and how to prevent such unforeseeable accidents!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Common For Babies To Fall Off The Bed?

Yes, it’s completely normal for babies to fall off the bed. In such initial phases, a toddler moves and rolls a lot for the purpose of achieving some balance and experiencing different body positions.

Since they are trying to accommodate all such new behaviors while sleeping or napping they lack control and sometimes fall off the bed.

When Do Babies Stop Falling Off Bed?

The activity of falling off the bed starts around 2 or 3 years of age. It’s believed that by the toddler turns 8, the falling off the bed must stop. By this time, they start maintaining a firm body posture while sleeping.

What To Do If Baby Falls Off Bed On Hard Surface?

Falling onto a hard surface for a baby can be pretty serious as it can result in any major injuries. Hence, caution needs to practice. Some steps to perform can be:

  • Head over to the hospital if the baby is still not conscious.
  • If baby is awake, try to calm him down and stop all the crying.
  • Check for the injuries very softly. Focus on the head area more as it’s more prone to have serious injuries.
  • Keep noticing their behaviour and actions. If you see any wierd changes after that incident, dive deeper into the issue.

Final Words

To conclude, baby, falling off the bed is an issue that needs the appropriate attention of all the caregivers out there. Next time you experience it, you know how to handle the situation! After reading this article, you must have found the lost answers related to this case.

The key is to remain calm and make your baby realize he is in safe hands! This incident is very unpredictable and can occur anytime, hence be prepared with all the tips recommended to you. Hope this article helps fulfill your purpose!

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