While some parents may not mind sharing a bed with their children, others find that elbowing and kicking throughout the night is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. Allowing children to sleep in bed may also impact your relationship with your partner and you want to know how to get kids to sleep in their own bed?

Once your child is accustomed to sleeping in your bed, it might not be easy to convince him to sleep in his bed. Children who do not want to sleep alone can be tenacious, whether they refuse to fall asleep or wind up creeping into their bed in the middle of the night.

If you’re bored of sharing your bed, you can do a few things to reclaim it. Here are strategies for encouraging your child to sleep in their bed.

7 Best Solutions For How To Get Kids To Sleep In Their Own Bed

Create A Sleep-Friendly Room For Your Child

Before you require your child to spend the night in his room, ensure that it is conducive to sleep. A tranquil setting reduces evening anxiety and improves sleep.

However, each youngster has a distinct conception of a peaceful atmosphere. While one youngster may prefer white noise and a nightlight, another may prefer a stuffed animal, total darkness, and absolute stillness.

Experiment with various methods to determine which makes your youngster feel the most at ease. Eliminating your child’s evening worries may be essential to achieving independent sleep.

Set Up A Healthy Bedtime Routine

A healthy bedtime ritual can assist your child in winding down and preparing for sleep. A warm bath, a few pleasant readings, and some snuggling will assist your youngster in getting ready for his bed.

Then, at bedtime, turn off the lights and leave the room so he may practice falling asleep alone.

Take It One Step At A Time

If your child has slept in your bed for an extended period, or possibly his whole life, he may need assistance making a move to his bed. Create a step-by-step plan that will assist your youngster in gradually gaining independence.

For instance, you may inform your child that he may sleep in your room, but only on the floor with his mattress. Alternately, you may share his bedroom until he becomes more comfortable. Then, gradually move him to sleep in his bed.

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Phase-Out Method

The phase-out strategy may assist youngsters who have been napping in their parents’ beds to feel secure in their bedrooms.

The parent will place the child in their bedroom for the first few nights and sleep on the floor next to the youngster.

The parent will lessen their presence in their kid’s room by sleeping on the floor, sitting on a chair until they fall asleep, and finally waiting by the door till the child is tired and then closing the door.

“This will establish trust in the child’s capacity to go asleep independently, and if you tell the child, ‘I’ll check on you once you’re asleep,’ it can also build confidence that my parents will check on me,” she added.

how to get kids to sleep in their own bed

Mattke stated that some parents begin the process in their bedroom by placing the kid on the floor next to their bed and then transferring them gradually to the child’s room.

She stated that the parents’ bedroom should be off-limits throughout this procedure. “It shouldn’t be the parents’ bed for naps and their bedroom for bedtime,” she remarked. “This should be your bedroom where you sleep.”

The Night time Pass System: 

The bedtime pass system will work for older preschool or grade school children.

The parents give their children one permission slip to leave their room each evening. They only receive one option to escape their bedroom each night, whether it’s for a sip of water, a hug, or to tell their parents anything before they go to sleep, Moorjani said, adding that studies have proved it to be effective.

She stated, “It sounds so easy, yet it’s a solid approach for children to comprehend the rules and boundaries.” “‘OK, it’s bedtime, and I must go to sleep,’ but they have enough control to know, ‘I can come out one more time'”

Consistency will yield positive results regardless of the circumstances. The youngster will eventually learn that their bedroom is where they must sleep.

Be Consistent

When a child slips into their room in the middle of the night, many parents constantly want to return him to his bed, but they are sometimes too exhausted or frustrated to be consistent. However, if you want your child to cease sleeping in bed, you must give a clear and consistent message nightly.

Your child will learn to manipulate you through misbehaving if he observes that his perseverance and protestations are successful. Be persistent in sending your child to his bed, and don’t make excuses because he’s weary or you’ve had a difficult day. Sending contradictory signals will merely prolong the issue.

how to get kids to sleep in their own bed

Give Positive Reinforcement

Reward your youngster for using his bed to sleep. Sticker charts are useful for toddlers and preschool-aged children. Token economy systems encourage compliance with the regulations among adolescents.

Tell your child that he can earn “two tokens for sleeping in his bed all night” or that he may stay up 15 minutes later tomorrow night if he remains in bed. Combine praise with prizes, and make it plain that you are delighted with your child’s development.


What Age Should A Child Sleep In Their Own Bed?

In general, most kids make the change from cribs to a bed between the age of 18 months and 3 years old. This vast age range implies a few considerations to consider before making the transition.

How Do You Break Co-Sleeping?

You may begin by gradually moving their cot away from your bed each night, so they may become accustomed to sleeping in their area while being close to you. Then, once they have acclimated, you can transfer the crib to the child’s bedroom. Alternately, you may swap places with them for a few nights.

Why Is My Daughter Afraid To Sleep Alone?

A youngster separated from her mother at night may experience separation anxiety, a common fear. She may not realize that you will return at the start of the morning and maybe frightened to go to sleep.

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