How To Discipline A Narcissistic Child? A Through Guide To Deal With It

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Updated: Mar 12, 2024


Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a disorder that refers to an individual’s extreme love for oneself, self-admiration, importance to own requirements, desires, and well-being How To Discipline A Narcissistic Child.

This can happen in both children and adults. In the case of children the scope of getting rid of it is much easier than in an adult.

Children having this desire usually consider themselves to be superior to others and feel that they deserve special treatment.

They usually have no regard for other people’s feelings. Although simple self-love or selfishness should never be equated to NPD.

If you too are looking for how to discipline a narcissistic child, we have all the answers to your questions!

What Causes Narcissism In Children?

About 6% of the total adult population is found to have narcissistic tendencies. This starts from their childhood.

The major reasons identified by psychologists and experts behind Narcissism or NPD are discussed here-

  • Negligent parenting is a primary cause of NPD
  • Codependent parenting and extreme over-protectiveness.
  • Excessive pampering from childhood.
  • Narcissistic parents can also trigger narcissistic tendencies in the child.
  • Excessive negative criticism and lack of appreciation.
  • Irrational expectations from the child.
  • These are a few reasons that are potential enough to trigger narcissistic tendencies in children.


What Can Be My Narcissistic Daughter’s Symptoms?

If you are wondering about how to discipline a narcissistic child the first step is to identify their symptoms of narcissism.

We have discussed a few symptoms that are displayed by narcissistic children-

  • An extreme level of self-importance.
  • Feeling of entitlement to demand whatever they want.
  • Gaze aversion
  • Separation anxiety
  • Pathologic play
  • Opportunistic behaviour display
  • Believe that they are superior to other kids
  • Arrogance
  • Exploitative nature
  • Envious of others’ achievements.
  • Inability to take constructive criticism
  • Blame others for their failures
  • Doesn’t consider anyone else’s feelings

    These are a few identified symptoms that your daughter or child suffering from NPD might exhibit.


Take The “Is My Child A Narcissist Quiz” To Find Out If Your Child Is A Narcissist!

These days multiple websites will provide you with several quiz links to identify whether your child is narcissistic or not.

They ask you a set of questions about your child’s behavioural pattern and based on your responses they determine the level of the narcissism of your child.

However, these quizzes are not accurate and might even mislead you.

Therefore, if you notice some narcissistic tendencies in your children make sure to consult a professional psychologist to determine the seriousness of the matter.


Know About The Best Ways To Deal With A Narcissist Daughter

You can always seek professional help to deal with your narcissistic daughter. However, you can use a few home remedies to deal with them, they are-

  • Try being firm with them, but don’t be violent.
  • Try and curb the extreme sense of entitlement.
  • Always have moderate conversations with them.
  • Ensure a balance of emotions in the relationship.
  • Provide them with unconditional love and lower your expectations from them.


Understand Narcissistic Son Relationships With Mother

Mothers are mostly the primary caregivers for most children in every society. A growing son picks up many traits displayed by their mother. Having a narcissistic mother can be very harmful and toxic for a son.

The sons of narcissistic mothers initially have a number of issues such as low self-esteem, trouble in forming social relationships and unable to regulate their emotions.

As a result even while growing up the sons also start picking up narcissistic traits from their mothers.

However, with professional help, this is also curable.

How To Discipline A Narcissistic Child


Get To Know More About The Childhood Narcissism Scale

Therapists and professionals use specially developed scientifically valid scales to measure the degree of various psychological conditions.

Similarly, the Childhood Narcissism Scale is a one-dimensional measure of stable individual differences in childhood narcissism with an extremely strong internal consistency reliability.

It is used to determine the level of narcissism in a child.


Don’t Know How To Set Boundaries With A Narcissistic Daughter? We Are Here To Help!

Setting some boundaries with your narcissistic daughter is very important to maintain a healthy relationship with them. Follow these steps-

  • Make it clear to them what you will tolerate and won’t tolerate.
  • Make sure to set and carry out the consequences of their actions.
  • Do not let violations go easy.
  • Don’t always respond to them in a hostile way.
  • At times ignore them if required and display a little indifference.
  • Make sure not to justify, explain or defend yourself at all times.
  • Sometimes you have to treat them like a toddler with care and love.
  • Leave an interaction when it starts getting toxic.


Be Careful About How Not To Raise A Narcissist In 9 Steps

If you are thinking about how to discipline a narcissistic child, then you must know what you shouldn’t be doing first.

Learn that in these 9 simple steps-

  • Say no to them when it becomes necessary.
  • Make sure to teach them basic manners.
  • Teach them how to manage their frustration.
  • Teach them how to be kind.
  • Travel with them to places.
  • Don’t let them confuse between love and approval.
  • Make sure to read them whenever you can.
  • Help them with regular errands.
  • Emphasize the concept of equality.


Complications Of Raising A Narcissistic Child

There might be some possible complications that can arise while raising a narcissistic child. A few of them are-

  • Getting involved in doing drugs and alcohol when they grow up
  • Facing severe relationship crisis with friends and family.
  • Difficult social relationships at school and peer groups.
  • Social awkwardness and lack of social circle.

    Some of the few complications that can arise.



1. How do I stop my child from being a narcissist?

You can try a few methods to restrict a child from being a narcissist-

  • make them work for things
  • don’t be too overprotective
  • learn to refuse their demands at times
  • Stop pampering them unnecessarily.
  • Maintain a boundary with them

2. What do I do if my child has narcissistic tendencies?

In such a case make sure to take professional advice from a therapist and follow their instructions in dealing with your child.

3 . How do you discipline a narcissist?

There are several ways to discipline a narcissist, but you must always seek professional advice before trying on anything.

Exhibiting your ways without proper consultation can prove to be harmful to the child.

4. What childhood trauma creates a narcissist?

Severe childhood trauma, abusive childhood and exploitative and toxic parents largely contribute to a child being a narcissist.


To Summarize

Narcissistic children tend to consider themselves superior to others and are extremely self-centred. They mostly blame other people for their failures and have no regard for someone’s feelings.

As they grow up this becomes even a bigger problem that even hampers their own social life and their other relationships.

However, Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) if diagnosed early can also be managed using psychotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and family education. Here we have given you all the solutions about how to discipline a narcissistic child!


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