How To Deal With A Lying Manipulative Child? An Easy Guide

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Updated: Mar 12, 2024


Are your kids manipulative? Do they lie to you often? Being a little manipulative is a common part of a child’s behavior. But, if your kids lie to you frequently, it is a serious matter of concern. This will force you to think of how to deal with a lying manipulative child.

Especially, it is really hard to deal with a manipulative child after divorce. They become very insecure after they get detached from one of their parents. That is why it affects their psychology and they become manipulative by nature.

When you see your child being manipulative, you have to deal with him or her tactfully. As parents, you have to outsmart them without being aggressive to them. Kids are very tender and a wrong step can affect them badly.

So, we have gathered in this article some strategies by which you will be able to deal with a manipulative kid. We have also discussed here the symptoms of a manipulative child.

Let’s start.

What Are The Signs Of A Manipulative Child? – A Guide For The Parents

Kids acquire a manipulative nature at a very tender age. They learn quickly how to get what they want by manipulating their parents easily. So, at what age can a child manipulate?

They learn to manipulate at a very tender age, generally not before 15 months. Especially, kids from 2 years to 12 years have a huge chance that they are manipulating their parents for their own good.



Manipulative Child Behavior Symptoms

Are you tired of your child’s constant lies? Do you doubt that your child is manipulating you? Here are some of the common manipulative child behavior symptoms that you should know before dealing with them.

  • A manipulative kid will disrespect his or her parents.
  • He or she will say hurtful things.
  • The manipulative kids will start ignoring their elders suddenly.
  • They will make doubts in the minds of the parents.
  • They will lie to their parents constantly.
  • Sometimes, they can refuse to talk to you.
  • Certainly, they will blackmail you emotionally.
  • A manipulative kid will twist the truth often.

    If you see these signs in your child, it is a serious matter. Your child is manipulating you and you need to think of how to deal with a lying manipulative child

    But, what causes a child to be manipulative?

    According to child psychologists, a child’s manipulation comes from three common factors: fear, guilt, and obligation. Children can’t understand what is wrong and what is right.

    They fear that their parents might not give importance to them as they are very little. They want full attention from their elders. They want to hide their mistakes. So, it is more often their emotional needs that lead them to lie to you and manipulate you.

    Especially, a child after divorce should be taken care of seriously. They feel insecure and become manipulative easily.


How Do You Deal With A Child That Lies Constantly?
Now, it is not that easy to outsmart a child who lies to you constantly and manipulates you. You have to think a lot to deal with them. It is quite okay to get tired and frustrated while dealing with a manipulative child. No matter what the issue is, you have to act tactfully to outsmart your manipulative child.


How Do You Outsmart A Manipulator?

Here are some strategies that can be useful to how to deal with a lying manipulative child.

  • You must not react aggressively while dealing with your child. It will create an infinite conflict between you and your child.
  • You should respond to your manipulative child tactfully and smartly. You have to make them understand that you are aware of their manipulative behavior.
  • Never let yourself be emotionally blackmailed by your child. You should be strong on your point while talking to them.
  • You should stop negotiating with them. You have to set some strict and clear rules for your child.
  • You must point out the poor decisions made by your child. Hold him or her accountable for their manipulative nature.
  • Let them know that their manipulative nature has a bad consequence on them later.

    Note: if you feel that the situation is getting out of hand, you should consult a child psychologist as soon as possible.


How To Deal With A Manipulative Stepchild

If you have a stepchild you should be very careful while dealing with him or her.

  • At first, it is very important to treat him or her as your own child. Do not argue with them. It will affect both of you.
  • You must stay composed and calm even if you face manipulation by them.
  • Never ignore your stepchild. Make them feel that you love them as you love your own kids.
  • Take them to psychiatrists for special treatments.


Should You Punish Your Child For Lying?

Child psychologists never suggest you punish your child for lying. It will make them more stubborn than ever. Instead, you should try to make them understand with facts.



1. Is it normal for children to be manipulative?

A manipulative child is actually a reason to be concerned about. But, as for the kids who are at their tender age, being manipulative is a part of their character. They can use their manipulative nature to get what they want from their parents. Also, at a certain age, some manipulations by them are harmless and they seem cute to others.

2. How to talk to a manipulative person?

Well, if you have ever had to talk to a manipulative person, you should make him or her understood that you know their manipulations. You may get excited while you are talking to them, but do not express your feelings in front of them.

You should do some breathing exercises to cool down in this situation. Talk to them quietly. If possible, you should avoid the ‘I’ sentences while talking to them.

3. How do you deal with child manipulation?

There are ways by which you can deal with the manipulative child.

  • If you see a child being manipulative, you should respond carefully to him or her.
  • You must react aggressively to them.
  • Do not get emotionally fooled by them.
  • You must stop negotiating with him or her.
  • Try to make them understand.


To Sum It Up

If your child is manipulative, it is really a very bad habit for them. If they are not made correct by the elders of the family, this can affect them in their later lives.

So, it is the duty of the parents and the elders of the family to deal with the situation properly. The best they can do for their children is to take them to a counselor or psychiatrist if the situation is serious.


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