Anything is Possible Strawberry Shortcake Video

Meet Cherry Jam, Strawberry's newest friend, in this rockin' music video!

Better With You Strawberry Shortcake Videos

Better With You

Cherry Jam and Huckleberry Pie work on a new song!

Snowberry and the Seven Berrykins Strawberry Shortcake Videos

Snowberry and the Seven Berrykins

Can Plum Pudding save her play from becoming a disaster?

Beautiful Lovely Wonderful Day Strawberry Shortcake Videos

Beautiful Lovely Wonderful Day

Cherry, Strawberry and Orange welcome spring with a song!

The Berry Big Relay Race Strawberry Shortcake Videos

The Berry Big Relay Race

Can Cherry Jam and Cinnapup sail past Plum Pudding and Pitterpatch?

Prince Berry Charming Strawberry Shortcake Videos

Prince Berry Charming

Huck's the star of Plum's new show - but can he dance?

Meet Huckleberry Pie Strawberry Shortcake Videos

Meet Huckleberry Pie

Strawberry and friends greet a few new visitors!

House Guest Huckleberry Strawberry Shortcake Videos

House Guest Huckleberry

The puppies wreck Strawberry's guest room!

Fetch, Scouty! Strawberry Shortcake Videos

Fetch, Scouty!

Blueberry's puppy is quite a handful!

Invincible Strawberry Shortcake Videos


When Strawberry's with her friends, she can do anything!

Icy Skites Strawberry Shortcake Videos

Icy Skites

Blueberry's invention is a hit!

The Real Music In You Strawberry Shortcake Videos

The Real Music In You

Cherry and Strawberry know how to rock!

Sunshine Girls Strawberry Shortcake Videos

Sunshine Girls

The girls groove into summer!

Anything is Possible Strawberry Shortcake Videos

Anything is Possible

Meet Cherry Jam, Strawberry's newest friend, in this rockin' music video!

Home Sweet Home Strawberry Shortcake Music Videos

Home Sweet Home

Strawberry proves there's no place like home in this music video!

Little Miss Manners Strawberry Shortcake Video Clips

Little Miss Manners

Blueberry takes her lessons in manners just a bit too far!

Berry Bitty City Dancers Strawberry Shortcake Video Clips

Berry Bitty City Dancers

Plum and the Berrykins wow the crowd with their dancing!

The Berryfest Princess Strawberry Shortcake Video Clips

The Berryfest Princess

Who's going to be the new Berryfest Princess?

Pupcake & Custard's New Friend Strawberry Shortcake Video Clips

Pupcake & Custard's New Friend

Everyone worries when Pupcake and Custard are late for the party!

Never Say Never Strawberry Shortcake Music Videos

Never Say Never

Sing along to this positively positive music video!

True Friends Strawberry Shortcake Music Videos

True Friends

Strawberry spends the afternoon with her friends!

She's Berry Famous Strawberry Shortcake Video Clips

She's Berry Famous

Strawberry is interviewed on TV!

We're All Stars Strawberry Shortcake Music Videos

We're All Stars

Check out the Berryfest Princess Parade!