All About Maryoku Yummy

pronounced Mary-ō-koo Yum-ē

Ever wonder where wishes go until they come true? Maryoku Yummy answers that very question! Maryoku Yummy is about the whimsical world of the Yummy -- resident Wish-sitters of a magical place called Nozomu -- where children's Wishes go to be cared for and nurtured until they are granted!


When a child makes a wish, it comes to life and travels to the land of Nozomu. There, every Wish is cared for and given plenty of love and attention by the Yummy Wish sitters. Wishes come in many different shapes and sizes, and with all sorts of personalities. Since caring for Wishes is a full time job, each individual Wish needs a caretaker, or Wish-sitter, to nurture it and teach it life lessons. In many ways, Wishes are similar to children---each one is special and unique. Some need to learn a lesson before they can be granted; others might flourish with hugs. But regardless of the wish, there's no mistaking when one is truly ready to be granted: it happily shimmers and glows and begins to float.


Maryoku Yummy reinforces positive thinking with likable characters in a colorful, fantasy world. "Maryoku" means magical in Japanese, and the characters of Maryoku Yummy inhabit Nozomu, a colorful universe inspired by the Edo period of Japanese art.

Every episode of Maryoku Yummy presents a distinct lesson. As the Wishes grow in wisdom, so do the Yummy, who then pass it along to our audience. The educational content of this series deals with pro-social issues (friendship, trust, truth, responsibility, etc.). The tone is about relationships and getting along.

A nationally-recognized educator oversees all of the storylines to make sure our content provides young viewers with valuable, relatable lessons from which they can learn and grow from the fun and adventure that takes place in Nozomu.