All About Holly Hobbie and Friends

Who is Holly Hobbie?

This energetic 10-year-old is the great-granddaughter of our treasured and classic Holly Hobbie. She's keeping up the family tradition of wholesome values, country charm and big smiles -- but with a fresh style all her own! Check out what's going on in her world!

A chat with LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes shares her thoughts on how Holly Hobbie captures hearts with wholesome values, creativity, and a positive attitude! Click here to listen to her interview.

Twinkle in her Eye

Find out why Holly Hobbie has LeAnn Rimes singing. Listen to LeAnn Rimes sing the Holly Hobbie and Friends theme song!

Meet the real Holly Hobbie

Click here to listen to an interview with the original creator of Holly Hobbie!

Unlock Holly Hobbie's Family History

Classic Holly Hobbie began as a character design for greeting cards back in 1967 and is still warming hearts with her simple patchwork and country charm. Now, her great-granddaughter keeps up the family tradition with a fresh style all her own!

Meet the new Holly Hobbie!

She's bright, optimistic, super creative and, of course, all heart. The great-granddaughter of the original Holly, this Holly Hobbie is inspiring, artistic and always on the go. She embraces age ten fearlessly, is always well intentioned, but sometimes tends to overestimate her own abilities. When this happens, she ends up taking her two best friends on some pretty tricky adventures.

The Voice Behind Holly - ALYSON STONER biography