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Rainbow Heart Care Bear

Celebrating 35 years, this Rainbow Heart Care Bear is sprinkled with flecks of glitter for a touch of something extra special. From Care Bears.

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Seasonal & Celebration

Lionsgate - Mystery in Care‑a‑Lot

Join the Care Bears for a Halloween-themed adventure. The Bears show the power of caring and sharing as they transform bad dreams into sweet ones, solve the mystery of the legendary Scare Bear, and save Care-a-Lot from turning into Grump-a-Lot!

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Personalized Care Bears Greeting Cards

Everything's better with the crew from Care‑a‑lot, and at, you can send all kinds of customizable Care Bears cards. Those bears are there for one reason, and one reason only ‑ to make the recipient feel special. Better start sending!

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Care Bears costumes for Halloween, or just for FUN!

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